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For this mini-game in Plants vs. Zombies 2, see Vasebreaker (PvZ2).
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Buying the Vasebreaker pack

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Template:ProfilePic2 Vasebreaker is one of the series in the Puzzle Mode levels in Plants vs. Zombies. It involves using mallets to break open vases to obtain plants and kill zombies. The focus of this puzzle is to stimulate the player's ability to think critically and to formulate their own strategy, as randomly breaking vases will increase the chances of the player's brain being eaten. Each vase will either have a plant or zombie in it, except for the green vases with leaves printed on them, which will always contain plants. Vasebreaker offers a unique variation on the basic gameplay by allowing the player to control the speed at which the new plants or zombies arrive.

Vasebreaker Endless, much like Survival: Endless, offers a chance to hone your skills against ever increasing difficulty. After every ten streaks of Vasebreaker Endless, a present, chocolate, a bag with gold coins, or a bag with a diamond will be dropped.


The sound when a vase is cracked broken.

Vase breaking




There are ten Vasebreaker levels, each one progressing in difficulty from the last.


Plants vs Zombies VaseBreaker 1-10

Plants vs Zombies VaseBreaker 1-10

As the Tree of Wisdom states, Vasebreaker is easier if you break right side first, then progress to the left. If you get a Squash, look for a Buckethead Zombie or other tough zombies that need killing, or simply use it to kill all zombies in a whole lane by breaking a vase when a zombie from the right side reach it. Another good idea is breaking the green vases first since they always have plants in them. Put them in separately and THEN break the right most vases on the now protected lanes. 

Gargantuars can help the player, as they break open the vases for them. Jack-in-the-Box Zombies also help, as their explosion can smash vases as well.

Planterns can reveal the insides of vases in a 3x3 area; they should be planted in the middle of a large group of vases. Place the two Threepeaters in rows 2 and 4 to cover all rows quickly.

Only use Cherry Bomb if extremely necessary, because this will likely use up most of your sun and has a slow recharge.



  • It appears to be possible for a Gargantuar to fit in a single small vase although it is the biggest zombie in the game (excluding Dr. Zomboss).
    • However, other zombies are too big for the vase too, like the Giga-Football Zombie.
  • In the iPad version of Plants vs. Zombies, Vasebreaker is part of the mini-games with only three rounds.
  • In the web version of Plants vs. Zombies, there are no Jack-in-the-Box Zombies, they have been replaced with dynamite. This also happens to Gargantuar, which is replaced by the Giga-Football Zombie which has about the same health as it but behaves differently.
    • This is because it only goes up to only half of the Night stage, and thus Jack-in-the-Box Zombie nor Gargantuar doesn't appear in-game.
  • The mallet used to break the vases in this game mode is the same as the one used in Whack a Zombie and Last Stand (iOS versions only).
  • When the last zombie (except for Gargantuars) is killed in a streak in Vasebreaker Endless, only its head will fall down and its body will disappear. This also happens when a zombie is killed by a Lawn Mower.
  • In the PC version of Plants vs. Zombies, if the last zombie dies, any hypnotized zombies on-screen will suddenly disappear.
  • If the player buys a Garden Rake and no zombies are killed by it, it will disappear in the second level in Vasebreaker Endless.
  • Level 4-5 is a Vasebreaker level on the Night stage (front yard), even though 4-x levels are on the Fog stage (backyard).
  • According to the Lawn Strings, the Vasebreaker series was originally going to be called Scary Potter. This happens to be one of the levels of the mode.
    • The name is a reference to Harry Potter.
  • There were supposed to be three kind of vases due to the other version of Plants vs. Zombies (with "images" folder), two of them are already added (Mystery vase and Plants vase), and an unreleased Zombie vase that was gray in color and had a Zombie's face sign.
    • This may have inspired the Vase Gargantuar's vase in Plants vs. Zombies 2.
    • The zombie vase was eventually used in the sequel, Plants vs. Zombies 2. However, it uses a different design and color, and always contain Vase Gargantuars.
  • The name may be a reference to the cartoony boxing game Facebreaker. There is a canceled level named "Vasebreaker Facebreaker" according to the Lawn Strings file.
    • Facebreaker is mentioned in Crazy Dave's dialogue in the sequel when the player unlocks Vasebreaker.
  • Vasebreaker is available for iPhone and iPod Touch. The first level is free, while the other eight and Endless are purchased through Crazy Dave's Twiddydinkies for 150,000 coins.
  • In the iOS and Android versions of Plants vs. Zombies, there is a mini-game of Vasebreaker based on the mini-game in level 4-5.
  • If the player times it correctly, it is possible to use Squash to kill Jack-in-the-Box Zombie. However, it would also requires the use of a Snow Pea to slow down the Jack-in-the-Box Zombie so as to prevent it from exploding.
    • It's also possible to use a Magnet-shroom to steal the Jack-in-the-Box to prevent him from exploding. If the player does this, the zombie will walk forward and eat plants like normal.
  • In the PC version of Plants vs. Zombies, if paused, hovering the mouse cursor over a vase will still light up the vase.
  • In the iOS version of Plants vs. Zombies, it says Vase Breaker instead of Vasebreaker.
  • Vasebreaker is the only puzzle that appears in Adventure Mode.
  • In the iPhone and Android versions' icons, the vase is mistakenly colored a vibrant red, instead of a dull brown. It's unknown if this was intentional or an oversight.
  • If you plant a left-facing Repeater, it will face right for a split-second, then immediately face left.

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