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Vampweed is an alternate ability for the Chomper's Spikeweed in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2. When a zombie walks onto it, it will heal the Chomper by 40 health. However, the Vampweed will not damage the zombie whenever a zombie walked onto it.


Its name is a portmanteau of the words "vampire," referring to its ability and appearance, and "Spikeweed," referring to the type of plant it is based on.

Stickerbook description

When a zombie stumbles into a Vampweed, you get a helpful health boost! The zombie isn't hurt, but he probably feels a bit silly falling into your trap.


A Vampweed has less than or equal to 120 health.



Because of the nature of this spikeweed, it is more suitable for an offensive use than a defensive one. Use it to deactive abilities from zombies such as Captain Deadbeard and Engineer. Another good strategy would be to use this on a gooped zombie before swallowing them to survive longer. Using this strategy with Count Chompula is very effective because you can regain 90 health with each zombie swallowed. It is not recommended to use the Vampweeds as a defensive tactic because it will not help the teammates other than snaring the zombies and its colors make it hard to blend with the environment.


Try to counter this like a regular spikeweed. Do not let the Chompers get close to you and watch out for the Vampweeds if you are using an ability.



  • If the player looks at it from the top, they can see its eyes.
  • It makes sounds similar to a bat screeching.

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