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  • Zambiealex

    yeah I bet no one remembers

    September 15, 2018 by Zambiealex

    its my birthday...


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  • Zambiealex


    January 25, 2018 by Zambiealex

    I remember when I first came to this wiki. It was fun. I got off on a shakey start but I eventually got respect from you all. I was a good Staff member back in those days, I cared for everyone and respected them. When I was a Chat Mod, I defended the chat rooms from Socks, day in and Day out. Now look what is has become, A Ghost Town. Believe me, I would like to get everything back but I cannot.

    I was a Discussion Mod that loved to voice my opinions and listen to other. I moved threads, cleaned and etc.

    I finally was a Content Mod, I took care of pages and etc.

    Everything was perfect, until that day...

    That day of controversy, conflict and canon-esque.

    I found a One Way Ticket around all of it, Fairly and yet all failed, because of someone. Not …

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  • Zambiealex

    My Last Blog

    September 4, 2017 by Zambiealex

    So here we are. You all did it, You actually defeated the one thing that this Wiki has hated so much. I am not a man of words or at least a few, but I loved this place, and I see myself that I must grow out of this Changeable World. It will be extremely obvious what you will do, you would party and celebrate The Death of Zambiealex. Oh sure, make it your wiki exclusive holiday because that is what this place does best. I tried my hardest to help you all yet you are crucifying me on a cross like Jesus. And let me tell you something, Jesus even forgave them all!

    When I was a user here on March 2015, this place was enjoyable, until that day.

    I remember the time when I battled 100s of Sockpuppets whilst I was the one doing the most to fend them …

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  • Zambiealex

    It is a wonderful day, isn't it! Well, not for me obviously. The reason why I have to write this is that, without this, I would have been forever alone in this place. I might as well since I was RUINED by someone who I am not going to mention at the last second of a finger snap which may or may not has ruined my reputation here. At that Time everything came to a big stop and then everything crashed. As you will see, I am bolding random words since I want it to form something special to express that I truly mean what I must say. After that disaster that could of not have been a disaster if that person did not whip out the ONE thing that could have ended me, I decided to leave that Rotten Discord Server for possibly forever since it was in connection as …

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  • Zambiealex

    Okay I want to start of by saying that I got the 365 Day badge and I am honored to cherish it in my memories here since I could not have done it without you guys so I would like to say thank you to all of these people who have been helping me.

    Most of this is copied from my userpage...

    • Iamareapeater: Great Friend and fun guy!
    • Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls: This guy is TOO HILARIOUS! Great Friend!
    • PrimalPotatoMine: Great Friend! Man he used to be a great Discussion Mod.
    • Nick Archer: Great Friend! Hogs all the Mainspace!
    • CharmandeRed: Great Friend! A Pokemon Lover like me as well.
    • Happy-Shroom: Great Friend! Always is nice and cheerful!
    • Snappy-Dragon: A Fun guy to hang out with.
    • Microphone DJ 125: Always Cheering me on!
    • Pinkgirl234: So adorable and cute…
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