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  • YammaYamer21

    In case you haven't been in the Card Creation threads since it was called Teammate Creation or haven't paid particular attention to the PvZW ideas channel, I've created many Cosmic ideas of all calibers. I swear I'm not obsessed with these things. Some of them can use the effect of other Cosmics, and as such it'd be preferable to have a list of them so one can properly assess what would happen if they were all added. Therefore, without further ado, I present a collection of all of my ideas! Enjoy!

    Although this might seem random, there are two main reasons this would be an improvement:

    A) In some cases, it can actually tell you information you'd otherwise have to analyze the Plant/Zombie to figure out if they've been Cosmic-made.

    B) It fulfills…

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  • YammaYamer21

    This is the list of player characters and allies in The Solar Droplet Reborn RPG thread.

    Plant Type: Coconut Cannon

    Gender: Male

    Personality/Bio: ​Frank is a really warm hearted plant, though he gets angered quickly, he really enjoys battling opponent's and is really valiant when fighting, though he dislikes a bit hurting his allies.

    Class: Spellshield

    Passive: Last Stand - Frank damage and debuff effects are increased by 30% when below 30% Health.


    • Shiplord's Bomb - Frank charges up for 1 turn, then deals 45 damage to a target, plus 20 splash damage on 2-3 other enemies.
    • Vulnerability Harpoon - Frank deals 15 to an enemy and leaves it bleeding, taking 10 damage, which increases by 25% per attack per turn for 2 turns.
    • Lava Body - Frank infuses Lava …

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  • YammaYamer21

    Here are where the stores and their selling items are. Feel free to suggest ideas for stores or items here. Just a note: Sharing money is fine, along with transporting items when outside an encounter.

    Turkey Dinner - Cost: 475

    Gives you and your allies a 20HP barrier and +1 armor for a turn.

    Plant/Brain Food Pie - Cost: 350

    Heals 15 HP, gives +3 attack for a turn, and has a 85% chance of granting a bonus attack.

    Sasquash Slider - Cost: 525

    When used, heals 75 health after a turn.

    ​//Note: For all weaponry, Please ask your local Yamma about which moves they applies to.

    Light Shield - Cost: 1150

    Grants the user a 35% chance to block attacks, granting +3 armor against them. Odds increase with the use of some attacks. Usable by Destroyers and Medics.


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  • YammaYamer21

    A good world is but a shadow of its true glory without a competent lore, so here is the story of my RPG's world!

    Many centuries ago, Zomboss sought out to create a machine so strong that he could surpass the power of the Lords of Time and Space and finally conquer the world for real. He sent teams with zombies that could single-handedly take out lawns to find the substances most manipulative of the space-time around it, the most world-bending computers, and the most powerful elemental beings. Although the acts are usually viewed down upon as villainy, their stories have been widely praised, especially the tale of their venture to capture Miss Vulcanus, the most powerful fire plant.

    ​They finally assembled all of the parts of the Great Zombot…

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  • YammaYamer21

    This list will contain all player characters, allies that have fought with the players, and other important NPCs in plot or other function throughout my Solar Droplet RPG.

    1) Neath​(PumpkinPro)

    Plant Species: Ghost Pepper

    Gender: Male

    Level: 2

    ​Class: Spellbinder

    • Nightmarish Curse - Deals 25 damage to all enemies at the price of hurting himself or one ally for 10(his choice).
    • Ghost Agility - Allows target ally to attack twice.
    • Ghoul Plague - Neath infects target enemy with a plague that makes them lose 5% of their health(max: 30) and heal Neath for the damage dealt. The target also loses 3 armor and 5 attack.
    • Spell: Mega-Haunt - Hits 3 enemies for 54 damage, but drain 15 health from all allies and Neath. Costs 35% of Neath's Solar Burst charge.

    Solar Burs…

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