• Unbroken10990

    Edit 10/26/2019: Finally got back to this! Entries updated for most IDs 49 and up, and added the following tutorial on how to change the seeds in your seed slots.

    To edit your seed bar, first enter a level. It's best if it is not a conveyor-belt level, and uses the default seed slot number. Pick which seed slot you want to edit, and find the ID of the plant in it. Enter it into the bar in Cheat Engine and press "First Scan". Then, restart the level or enter a different level, and pick a different plant in that seed slot. Enter in its ID, and press "Next Scan". If there is only one value in the box to the left, double-click on it to add it to the menu below. If there are multiple, continue to go back and forth between levels, picking differen…

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