I know what you guys are thinking. You're thinking that just because there's a new game (soft) released, the wiki has to go ahead and start creating a crap ton of pages dedicated to Plants vs. Zombies 3. However, the reason why I'm writing this blog is because I this is all aimed at most of the regulars. What I want you to do, is JUST STOP CREATING PAGES! I can tell you guys are enthusiastic to get the pages out just because the game is now here (for some people), but what you guys are basically doing is just flat-out LAZY. If you're gonna create a PvZ3 page, I think you should take my advice, and actually add some things like templates and categories and stuff like that, instead of just adding a few words and that's IT!

To everyone who's creating the PvZ3 pages, JUST STOP DOING SO! Let the Staff deal with the pages because even I'm getting sicken' tired of the lazy effort you guys are doing with stuff like this. I will admit, when I started editing the pages myself, I don't really add that much stuff to them, but you have to give me credit; at least I add the Templates and Categories. With that said, I'm at least TRYING to add some stuff to the pages, but because of how I only have a bit of intelligence, I kinda having trouble doing so. Which is why I just do a few things and leave the rest to the Staff.

So you see, what I'm trying to say is, if you're gonna create PvZ3 pages, at least put in the effort to add some content to them next time... ):<

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