The Zombie O.O

aka A reanimated homo sapien

  • I live in Zomboss Estate
  • I was born on February 12
  • My occupation is Zombie
  • I am Male
  • The Zombie O.O

    Hello, The Zombie O.O here. Well, everybody talks about how Kung-Fu World, which some people think its "awesome", is only for the Chinese? Yes, that IS unfair, but here is my theory of Kung-Fu World, if it gets to the international version of PvZ2!

    Well, this time, Kung-Fu World might be named "Ancient China", or "Chinese Times", and also, there will be one boss only, which will still be a ZOMBOT. Yes, you heard me right, goodbye pay-to-win Blade-wielding Hero, it's now turned into an easier zombot!

    Well, all Bronze Matrix levels have 0 flags, and zombies will keep on coming in waves until all the gargantuars die! What joy!

    Weapon Stands, as usual! However, the only weapon racks here will be:

    • Staff: Turns the zombie into a Staff Zombie.
    • Nunchak…

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  • The Zombie O.O

    (Cough) This HAD to be created. And since Wizard Zombie, Jester Zombie and Zombie King are added, well, it's time to list the MOST annoying zombies. 1 is the most, while 25 is the least. Note: This is based on my thinking. Also, all games. That's what i'll say. Don't rage on me, just for my opinions. Hey, you should have made yours then. Anyways... (Look down there.)

    25th: Ra Zombie: Quite a punk, for stealing sun. Too bad he doesn't steal infinite, and if he didn't drop sun when dying...he'd be placed quite high. Also, it's easy to trick him.

    24th: Ladder Zombie: Ladders. One word. xD However, several Survival: Endless strategies use Ladder Zombie's ladder to make plants invulnerable to Imps thrown.

    23rd: Hammer Zombie: Sigh...he doesn't spi…

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  • The Zombie O.O

    Well, after the last world in PvZ 2, i guess that there has to be minigames, and tons of extra stuff like in PvZ 1. So, time for suggestions!

    Probably located behind the areas that Zomboss is found at, and unlockable probably when you complete all worlds fully.

    Survival might have Easy and Hard like the first game. Easy might be surviving 10 flags, similar to PvZ 1 Hard, while Hard for PvZ 2 Survival might be to survive 15 flags (3 flags every wave)

    Huge length of text (and tables) incoming!

    Wave Difficulty Zombies Tombstones
    1 Easy Mummy Zombie, Conehead Mummy, Ra Zombie, Flag Mummy Zombie 5 (2 more appear every single wave)
    2 Easy Mummy Zombie, Conehead Mummy, Ra Zombie, Explorer Zombie, Flag Mummy Zombie Check above
    3 Easy Mummy Zombie, Conehe…

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  • The Zombie O.O

    After my "Quite bad" Deep Future world, i've thought up of something else, that started to industrialise the world. Where would Zomboni, Robo-cone Zombie, Mecha-Football Zombie, Disco-tron 3000, ZPGs, the Zombot and Gargantuar Prime come from? Of course, the Industrial Revolution. So, now to make an entire world revolved around it!

    This world has 5 lanes as usual, but some tiles have oil on it, not allowing plants to be planted on it. Only deep-rooted plants can be planted on those, so let's see...we only have Potato Mine it seems, so yeah, you can't plant on the oil tiles for the moment. The world also has 25 levels, and the Gargantuar fight is on Day 10.

    The minigame in this world is "Oil Leak", where a player will need to complete a level…

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  • The Zombie O.O

    Note: This idea is just for fun, do not take any weird part of it seriously and hurl "how-to-improve" statements at me.

    World Idea: The Deep Future

    The world is split into 2 parts, with 30 levels. Each part has 15 stages, and you fight 2 bosses.(1 is zomboss) Also, there is something special here: All of Far Future's zombies are encountered.

    Also, to unlock it, one must complete every single level of Far Future, and 3 other worlds (Complete all 25 levels) . The player must then click on the Far Future trophy thrice, and the Deep Future will be unlocked.

    Power Tiles, and the 3rd and 4th row has water that reaches to a certain tile (For example water from 1st column to 7th column), which several zombies can swim on.  Has 6 rows, like PvZ 1's Poo…

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