The Zombie O.O

aka A reanimated homo sapien

  • I live in Zomboss Estate
  • I was born on February 12
  • My occupation is Zombie
  • I am Male
  • The Zombie O.O

    Alright, even I am beginning to do this, like some other people. The almighty Tecku is one I will state. Okay, so I shall now make a more..."proper" blog, unlike my previous one. There will be some information about the zombies I will put here.

    • The zombie must be unique. (Basic Zombie, Conehead, Buckethead not included)
    • Variants of zombies are not counted, for example Explorer Zombie and Torch Monk Zombie.
    • When I put a zombie in the list, it doesn't mean that they are just my favourite by some bland reason. I could even put Wizard Zombie, Zomboni or Giga-gargantuar in this list, even though I hate them. The reason I add zombies to both lists is because of their speciality, their toughness, their abilities, and their uniqueness.

    We begin this l…

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  • The Zombie O.O

    dem derp art

    December 28, 2014 by The Zombie O.O

    M8 get rekt The Zombie O.O now making derpy sketches

    btw this aint offense to anybody, so no deb8

    Reapeageddon: Sketch

    Iamarepeater: Sketch

    Buzzy Buzz (original made by Reap, I edited it): Sketch

    LilGrei / MasterNinja321: Sketch

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  • The Zombie O.O

    Nighttime: The world happens during nighttime, but sunlight STILL falls, but less oftenly.

    Smog: Similar to fog, it covers tiles up to a column, where it stops. The column where it cannot rise anymore is indicated by a stick with a sign saying "WARNING" on it. Can be blown off by Blover temporarily, or Plantern can remove some of it.

    Oil: Any plant that is not deep-rooted which is planted on it will die. Also, it pops out from random places at random times. Also, it speeds up zombies, but also causes them to slip sometimes. The surprise attack for the world is OIL RUSH!, where oil rushes 2-4 squares into the lawn, and Imps slide from them.

    Smoke Attack: The brain buster of this world. Smog will cover the entire lawn, and will occasionally com…

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  • The Zombie O.O

    The ambush for Stone Age is ERUPTION!, where a volcano in the background will erupt, sending flaming rocks down on random squares, killing any plants or zombies on that space. Cannot hit endangered plants.

    The lawn is set in Day, on a mountainous area with  zombie drawings, some ice and snow, and also some vegetation. What's special about the lawn is that rocks appear on random tiles on the lawn, and only deep-rooted plants can be planted on them. Also, there are Carved Tiles, which give either 100 Sun, 1 Plant Food or 150 Gold when a plant is planted on it for 50 seconds. Ice totally takes up the first space of the lawn.

    The minigame for this world is Snowstorm, where zombies will come in suddenly through snowstorms, which are identical to A…

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  • The Zombie O.O

    So, hello there. After random surfing of the internet, i found some website to design and print your own pokemon cards. Anyways, i'm not a huge fan of pokemon, but since it can be hilarious sometimes, i have decided to make an entire collection of PvZ Wiki Pokemon Cards! So let's begin.

    Cabbage pult 74 

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