So it's been... around four months since my last edit. And before that I was already pretty inactive everywhere. So I basically disappeared without really saying anything about it, and I'll most likely just leave the community.

It's kind of depressing how the wiki's in such a... state right now - even while I was inactive I heard that there had been some drama and all. But then again, it's this very place that helped me better myself. I look back on what I did when I was underaged, and I cringe at it. And yet here I am, after three and a half years of a whole lot of entertainment and fun with the community.

But all good things must eventually come to an end, and I decided to slowly disappear from this place.


There's a multitude of reasons, honestly. But basically I had already lost my interest in the PvZ franchise ever since stuff like the second part of Modern Day came out, and school has also been quite a tiring, draining experience for me, so eventually I just silently left over the course of a day or so. I've matured much, and to be honest, I've just casted aside the entire joker persona I had in this community after I got tired of it.

I'll stay on the Discord though, so yeah - I'm not all gone, I suppose. Still, there won't be much of "The Zombie O.O" around, but I hope this community will continue to be a great place for the fans of the PvZ franchise, new or old.

Cheers, TZO.