I know my Industrial Revolution world isn't fully finished, but still, 'cause I couldn't think of suitable stuffs for that world, and I thought some ideas were a bit too "futuristic" for that time (Boiler Zombie, Steam Car Zombie) while others sounded like rip-offs of existing zombies (Cannoner Zombie). Thus, I will put that world on hiatus, with the newcomer to my world ideas, *Deep breath* the Viking Shores!

World Stuff


Blizzards: Actually, these remind you of Frostbite Caves, don't they? Well, nopenopenope! Blizzards work entirely DIFFERENTLY. And there's two types.
  • Tailwinds: Tailwinds cause 1, 2 or 3 random plants (1 in the earlier levels, 2 and 3 in the later stages) to be flung 4 columns to the right.
  • Headwinds: Headwinds knock back 1 or 2 rows of plants back 1 tile, pushing any plant in the 1st column away from the level. In later levels, headwinds also cause Servant Imps to be shot onto the lawn at the 2nd, 3rd or 4th column.

Unsteady Ground: There are a few "glacier" tiles that cover a 3x3 in the lawn. When there is just 1 plant planted on it, nothing happens. However, what happens when we put in more weight? It sinks! However, soon after it sinks, instantly killing all plants and zombies on it (Except Gargantuars and Dragon Zombies, which just wade in the water and fly over it respectively), the glacier tile will rise up again after 5 seconds. Also, to make the glacier tiles seem more "realistic", zombies have different "weights" which affect how many of them are required to sink the glacier.

Okay, so let's say the Glacier can take up 6 Weight. As such...

  • A regular plant (Including Infi-nut, all Red Stinger forms and Endurian) is 1 Weight.
  • Defensive plants except for Infi-nut, a fully closed-up Red Stinger and Endurian are 1.5 Weight. (Infi-nut, Red Stinger and Endurian are 1 Weight. Note: Plant-fooded Endurians are 1.5 Weight.)
  • Plant-fooded Wall-nuts and Tall-nuts are 2 Weight.
  • An Extremely Light-weight Zombie is 0.5 Weight.
  • A Light-weight Zombie is 1 Weight.
  • A Medium-weight Zombie is 1.5 Weight.
  • A Heavy-weight Zombie is 2 Weight.
  • A Gargantuan-weight Zombie instantly sinks the glacier tile.

Now that we've finished talking about that system, it's time for the most time-taking portion. To sort out the zombie weight classes.

No Weight (Note: All zombies without weight are immune to glacier tiles falling.): Seagull Zombie, Jetpack ZombieDisco Jetpack ZombieDodo Rider Zombie (While flying), Bug Zombie (While flying)

Extremely Lightweight: Zombie ParrotZombie ChickenIce Weasel

Lightweight: Imp

Mediumweight: All other zombies not listed specifically and Runestone Zombie (Without any runestones)

Heavyweight: Pharaoh Zombie, Barrel Roller ZombieImp CannonPianist ZombieChicken Wrangler Zombie (With chickens), Robo-cone ZombieDisco-tron 3000Mecha-Football ZombieKnight ZombieZombie KingOcto ZombieBlockhead ZombieTroglobiteWeasel Hoarder (With weasels), Imp Porter, Zombie Dragon (immune to glacier tiles), Flailer Zombie, Runestone Zombie (With runestones)

Gargantuan-weight: Gargantuar (immune to glacier tiles)

Surprise Attack: The ambush / surprise attack of the world is "Village Pillaging!", in which hooks are thrown off-screen onto the lawn 3, 4 or 5 tiles in. The hook's head kills any plant that it lands on, and zombies then walk onto the lawn through the hooks with a +50% speed. To destroy the hooks, 25 NDS of damage must be done to it, in which then the hook quickly gets pushed back, causing all zombies currently on the hook rope to walk on normally on the ground. The hooks also get thrown back by itself after 20 seconds.

World Description: Feeling like you need a seaside vacation? Well, no worries! Head back to the Viking Shores in 902 for a relaxing time with totally no Viking Zombies trying to pillage towns during that time! Protect your plants, or surrender yer brains!

New items:

  • +32 Levels!
  • +6 new Plants!
  • +??? Upgrades!
  • +1 Endless Zone!
  • +1 Zomboss Battle!


Viking Zombie

Regular village-pillaging zombie.

Toughness: Average

Speed: Basic

First found in: Day 1

Viking Conehead

His spiked cone gives him protection from attacks.

Toughness: Protected

Speed: Basic

First found in: Day 1

Viking Buckethead

His horned loot bucket grants him high resistance to damage.

Toughness: Hardened

Speed: Basic

First found in: Day 1

Viking Flag Zombie

His flag marks an ice-cold "wave" of raiding zombies.

Toughness: Average

Speed: Basic

First found in: Day 1

Servant Imp

Is catapulted over your defenses, then strides on.

Toughness: Average

Speed: Hungry

First found in: Day 2

Chieftain Gargantuar

Titanical zombie whom leads the raid.

Toughness: Great

Speed: Hungry

First found in: Day 16

Siege Ladder Zombie

Uses his iron ladder to disable your defensive plants.

Toughness: Dense (28 NDS for Ladder, 16 NDS for Zombie)

Speed: Speedy, then Basic

First found in: Day 4

Siege Ladder Zombie is almost identical to the Ladder Zombie from the first game, except that Siege Ladder Zombie is slightly tougher than Ladder Zombie.

Berserker Zombie

Charges up far away from the plants, then destroys the frontmost two plants it meets.

Toughness: Protected (28 NDS)

Speed: Unmoving, then Flighty, then Stiff

First found in: Day 7

So, Berserker Zombie works in a way that he walks onto the lawn, stops right at the 9th column, charges power for 30 seconds (Or so, if it seems too short), then rushes forward and instantly kills the frontmost two plants it hits. Afterwards, he continues on like a slower zombie. Berserker Zombie has a weakness to flame plants, taking x1.5 damage from them, due to his (mostly) leather tunic and armor covering him.

Catapult Zombie

Fires rocks at the furthermost plant in his lane, and then moves on when running out of rocks.

Toughness: Dense (35 NDS)

Speed: Unmoving, then Hungry

First found in: Day 9

Catapult Zombie is just about the same as Ladder Zombie as well. No real differences, his projectiles are blocked by Umbrella Leaf, yadda-yadda.

Scribe Zombie

Recites sagas to boost the speed of nearby zombies.

Toughness: Solid (16 NDS)

Speed: Speedy

First found in: Day 14

Scribe Zombie boosts the speed of all zombies in a 3x3 area around him by 50%. However, he cannot boost himself, or any other Scribe Zombies. To balance him out, he walks faster than quite a lot of the speeded-up zombies, so that he doesn't increase their mobility for too long. Peppercrackers and fire plants also have a 25% chance to burn his saga when they attack him DIRECTLY. Once that happens, he rummages into his pocket for some seconds while moving at a Basic speed, and then after retrieving another saga, he continues on as a speedy zombie.

Flailer Zombie

Swings a flail around that damages plants in 8 directions, but it slows him down.

Toughness: Hardened (60 NDS for Flail, 12 NDS for Zombie)

Speed: Creeper, then Basic

First found in: Day 17

Flailer Zombie attacks all plants around him in a 3x3 area, but also walks INCREDIBLY slow. Oh yeah, the flail's made out of stone for some reason, so you can't steal it. Have fun facing an entire lane of them. But wait! What about the weaknesses? Well, he cannot attack unarmed Potato Mines, Spikeweeds and Spikerocks. Additionally, pult plants shoot over his flail, damaging the zombie himself.

Shaman Zombie

Throws a healing potion at the most damaged zombie every few moments.

Toughness: Protected (20 NDS)

Speed: Basic

First found in: Day 20

Shaman Zombies throw a healing potion at the most damaged zombie. That's right, most DAMAGED. Not least health, not slowest, not closest to your lawnmowers. For example, take a Gargantuar with 50 NDS of HP left and a Basic Zombie with 8 NDS of HP. The Shaman Zombie will heal the Gargantuar, as more percentage of his health is depleted. Shaman Zombie's potion heal zombies by 10 NDS, causing them to completely heal a Basic Zombie in one throw, but that is extremely unlikely. Oh yeah, if the target zombie for the potion throw is in the radius of an Umbrella Leaf, the Umbrella Leaf will cause the potion to bounce off harmlessly.

Runestone Zombie

Carries heavy runestones that summons zombies when dropped.

Toughness: Hardened (30 NDS for each Runestone [2], 12 NDS for Zombie)

Speed: Creeper, then Stiff (Losing one runestone), then Basic (Losing both runestones)

First found in: Day 23

Runestone Zombie drops his two runestones whenever he walks past the 3rd and 6th tile in the lane, or when he meets a plant. Everytime he drops a runestone, his speed increases, but his health decreases by a maximum of 30 NDS if the runestone was not damaged. The runestones themselves take the same amount of damage they sustained while being held by the Runestone Zombie, and when put on the lawn, summons Viking Zombies, Viking Coneheads, Viking Bucketheads or Servant Imps in a random tile in a 3x3 area around it. The runestone CANNOT spawn the zombies onto a tile with a plant on it, and it can be destroyed by a Grave Buster.

If the zombie is killed with pult plants, which fly above the runestones, then he will drop the runestones on the nearest tile he died on, and the tile left to it. (Unless he died on the 1st column, in which he drops only 1 runestone. Also, if one of the runestones are already destroyed, he only drops one on the tile he died on.)

Zombie Dragon

Shoots a destructible fireball that razes a lane of plants, or destroys a 3x3 area.

Toughness: Machined (90 NDS)

Speed: Creeper

First found in: Day 27

Zombie Dragons walk quite slowly, and they fire a fireball every time they walk 2 tiles. The fireball itself travels at a Speedy speed, and absorbs 16 NDS. The fireball takes x2 damage from ice attacks, and the Dragon itself takes 1.5 tiles of space, and thus it has extended reach.

Using a Spikeweed or Spikerock on a Zombie Dragon will cause the dragon to yelp in pain, causing it to stop moving, hover above the Spikeweed / Spikerock and destroy it with a indestructible variant of the usual fireball (Which takes up a 3x3 area) that can destroy Spikeweeds, Spikerocks and unarmed Potato Mines as well. (The normal fireball cannot destroy the plants listed earlier.) Thus, using those plants is not recommended, and it also allows the Dragon to not be a sitting duck for them.

Dragon Rider Imp

Hops off dead Zombie Dragons, then calls in another if ignored for a while.

Toughness: Weak (8 NDS)

First found in: Day 27

Self-explanatory. It just remains where it is, standing, until another Zombie Dragon flies by.

Zombot Titanical Longship

The terror-striking "cruise" of the Viking Ages.

Toughness: Undying (1425 NDS)

Speed: Hungry

Special: Throws an anchor at a row of plants, pulling them to the Zombot.

Damage: Launches flaming rocks at a 3x3 area of plants, killing them and burning the tiles hit.

First found in: Day 32



Dustards spew zombie-damaging and slowing dust in a 3x3 area around it when eaten.

Sun Cost: 75

RECHARGE: Mediocore

RANGE: 3x3


Usage: Instant

Unlocked: After Day 1

Plant Food: Lobs 3 mustard seeds at the 3 strongest zombies, dealing 30 NDS and stunning them for 5 seconds.

Costume: 3 pairs of sunglasses on it and a stack of hats, similar to DJ Zom-B.


Peppercrackers launch sparks that deal more damage the further they travel.

Sun Cost: 150


RANGE:: Lane

DAMAGE: Low - Heavy

Unlocked: After Day 5

Plant Food: A firecracker appears from Peppercracker's back. It then speeds past the lane with the most zombies, dealing 20 - 40 NDS to every zombie in it.

Costume: Gains a rocket-like hat on its head, and one on its back.


Coilianders trap zombies with its coils, damaging and stalling them for a period of time.

Sun Cost: 250

RECHARGE: Sluggish


RANGE: Anywhere on Lawn

DAMAGE: Moderate

Usage: Tap on the Coiliander and then a zombie for the Coiliander to target and attack.

Unlocked: After Day 8

Plant Food: Swings its coil around like a flail. The player then has to tap the screen to make a line, which the Coiliander will attack and cause any zombies with toughnesses below "Hardened" to be flung out, while others take 20 NDS. (Upon placing Plant Food on Coiliander, the player has 2 seconds to make the line.)

Costume: Tribal headdress

Umbrella Leaf

Umbrella Leaves block projectiles shot at any plant nearby it.

Sun Cost: 100


RANGE: 3x3

Unlocked: After Day 12

Plant Food: Umbrella Leaf covers a 5x5 area permanently till it is eaten.

Costume: Knight helmet


Wheats flamethrower zombies 4 tiles in front of it, dealing damage over time.

Sun Cost: 125

RECHARGE: Sluggish

RANGE: 1x5


Usage: Instant

Unlocked: After Day 18

Bitter Gale

Par-snip (Gemium)