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  • TheSleepingFallen

    So, to not make the post too long, all players and their descriptions and attacks shall be listed here. Will there be a thing called obese threads? Please don't

    Pumpkin Pro:

    Name: Cifer Kin (Commonly called Cifer instead of his full name.)

    Plant Type: Zorrose

    Class: Knight


    Curselash: Cifer casts a curse upon his blade, and uses it to cut through the skin of his target lightly. This attack will deal 6 damage, but the curse will kick in for the next 2-3 Turns. The curse will deal 23 amount of damage to whoever got hit, before they make their move during their turn.

    Lost Honor: Cifer channels on witchcraft upon a target enemy, this will deal a 28 amount of damage, in exchange for 40 of his HP.

    Fear's Incarnation Cifer will channel fear from all of t…

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  • TheSleepingFallen

    I have been thinking about it, but I am not realy sure. Anybody have ideas?

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