• I live in France
  • I was born on June 11
  • My occupation is some stuff, like KILLING THE WHOLE WORLD?!
  • I am something pretty weird.
  • Supershadow30

    Well, here, you post a comment with a pun game... Very simple, but try to find GOOD pun games!!

    /Supershadow30, another game what who use blog and comments...

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  • Supershadow30

    This is a puzzle, try to find answers!!

    1) What Can I Do?

    The Zombies just catched you!! But they wanna play, so, they say you:

    "Wi wana plaaayyy. Sey zomthing, if it'z tru, we will zonbifi yoo, but if it'z fasl, we will eat yoor Braaaiiinzzz... If you zey notin, wi'll kill yu..."

    You don't want to die, so, you need to say something. But what?

    The question is:

    A) What can you say for still alive?

    Hint: Something false and you lose a brain... Something true and you die... Not so cool, huh? Try to say something "false and true" (Who change at certain times...)!!!

    The answer was:

    A) You say "You will eat my braaaiiinzzz!!". It's faulse, so they will eat your brain. Then, it become true!! So, they will zombify you. BUT now, this become faulse!!! The zo…

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  • Supershadow30

    WARNING!! This blog game is a finished PUZZLE! All answers where founded!!!

    1) How Many Nuts? (H.M.N.?)

    Crazy Dave come and say you: "I've got specials wall-nuts!! All my Wall-nuts are regular Wall-nuts except two. All my Wall-nuts are Explode-o-nuts except two. All my wall-nuts are Giant Wall-nuts exect two. Why I say this? Because I'm CRAAAAAAAAAZY!!!! Find how many Wall-nuts I have!!"

    The questions are:

    A) How many total Wall-nuts have got Crazy Dave?

    B) How many of them are regular Wall-nuts?

    C) How many of them are Explode-o-nuts?

    D) How many of them are Giant Wall-nuts?

    Hint: The answers are more simple than you can think!

    The answer were:

    A) He's got three Wall-nuts. (Answered by ProcastinatorMan)

    B) One is a regular Wall-nut. (Answered by Procast…

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  • Supershadow30

    So... In this game (W.S.T.?(Who Say This?)), I say something, then, someone try to answer who say the written setences by quoting....

    1) Black Doom said: "The funniest thing is I gave you the life, and now, I retake it back!!" (Answered by Milesprower2.)

    Hint: Real "Sonicfan" can find this answer. An alien who gave the life with his blood... Hmm...

    2) Bowser Jr. said: "I trap your friends in "?" blocs! Try to find'em!!" (Answered by MeVsZombiesMeWin.)

    Hint: Do you ever play New Super Mario Bros. Wii??

    3) "Louie! Go in mission on this planet now!!"

    Hint: What is on this planet? Animals, humanoides or plants?? Or perhaps, the mix...

    4) The Comte Niark said: "My minions... My dear minions..." (Answered by Lilgrei.)

    Hint: The wedding of a great king with a …

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  • Supershadow30

    Why me?? Why?

    March 28, 2013 by Supershadow30

    So, one hour after I come here, someone block me and I don't know why...

    So, I wanna ask someone: "Why me?? Why block me?? Why 1 hour after I come?? And why did nobody answer me????". Please... HELP!!!!!!!!

    P.S.: Be mature when you post comments... No troll, spam, insult, etc.. thanks.

    P.P.S.: It's not a joke!!! I was really blocked!!! For 1 ENTIRE WEEK!!! (it was the 13/03/2013 at 14:30)

    Thanks for answers...

    /Supershadow30, the only one who know "Pikmin"!!

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