• SpongeBob IdiotPants

    PvZ Garden Warfare: The Epic Battles of the Lawn: Garden Ops

      • Characters:
    • Me
    • Crazy Dave
    • Penny
    • The Plants
    • The Zombies
    • Dr. Zomboss


    • [story begins in an unknown place] Crazy Dave: I'M OFF TO THE FUTURE! Plant a Garden! [Sunflower prepares the garden] It smells like zombies. Protect it!
    • [waves begin, with siren sounds] Zombies: The zombies... are coming...
    • [10 waves defended later time card appears] Narrator: 10 waves defended later...
    • Crazy Dave: WHHHHHOOOOOOOAAAAAAA!!! Eating a block of cheese. Will be there shortly! [Team Plants managed to form in the landing zone, and 5 minutes later time card appears] Narrator: 5 minutes later...
    • [words "ALL PLANTS ESCAPED" appears, ending the level]


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