• Snowttail

    My Strategies

    May 3, 2012 by Snowttail

    My strategy in ZomBotany2 got majorly misinterpeted, so I decided to post my photos here so you can try them out. Notice that these don't use so many Sunflowers.

    Here is my strategy for Survival:Day. Notice that it plays itself out like a normal Day level, except far longer.

    And now Survival:Night. This is divided into two parts. The Wall-nut in part 2 is the result of me forgetting my Garlics, and the crater was me being impatient. The Sun-shrooms not-in-the-first-column were preparing for a major problem with the Garlics, but apart from that I sufficed.

    Now we continue onto Survival:Pool. And before you call my strategy unreliable because of the Kernel-pults, let me remind you that there were Snow Peas and Melon-pults behind, and if you pre…

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  • Snowttail

    Almanac Quiz

    April 30, 2012 by Snowttail


    What does Peashooter eat for breakfast?

    Who got this one most correctly?

    Remember, NO PEEKING!

    More coming soon...

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  • Snowttail

    PvZ Continuation

    April 29, 2012 by Snowttail

    As said in my profile page(or Snow), I am gathering ideas for a PvZ Continuation. When an area is finished, I will post the plants and zombies here, and announce who suggested it. Leave messages on my talk page(or Ttail). What I need is on the PvZ Continuaton section on my Profile.

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  • Snowttail

    Game Mistakes

    April 25, 2012 by Snowttail

    I was looking through the acheivements today, and noticed that some are not specific enough. For example, take Pyromaniac. It says only using explosives to kill zombies, so technically you should be able to use Hypno-shrooms, as those hypnotise zombies and not kill them.

    Also, you could list some times in the game when someone's just stupid.

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  • Snowttail

    Deleted Categories

    April 23, 2012 by Snowttail

    Sorry to add to the ever-growing number of categories blog posts, but this is about a slightly different topic.

    After looking through pages and pages if deleted/marked for deletion categories, I decided to make the point that there are still pages in these categories, and pages are still being added by "contributors". Just deleting categories isn't good enough:you have to erase the category from every page that has it. And that's every page, not just one. I've seen many users fixing a flaw that's on a lot of pages, but only on one page. Other users aren't machines you can show what they should do, then expect them to do it many more times. Please. Stop being lazy. Get up from that Vasebreaker:Endless game, and help the wiki instead. If you want …

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