aka Snapper (SnappyDragon stole Snappy).

  • I live in That shall remain undisclosed.
  • My occupation is I don't have one, I'm a dragon.
  • I am Obviously male.
  • Snapdragon717

    If you are looking at this you're probably either:

    • Wondering what the heck Snego is
    • Knows what Snego is and wants to look at what I'm doing
    • Randomly clicked this.

    Anywho, here are pictures to commemorate Snego.

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  • Snapdragon717

    Well chat inspired me to do this.

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  • Snapdragon717

    If you don't go on chat, you will not get why I'm doing this.

    But for the thyme being, here's Plants vs. Zombies 2: It's About Thyme! (or as Electric Pants calls it, Ded Chat: It's About Thyme)

    Thyme's House:

    Plymes (Plants):

    shooter: Shoots Thyme towards the zombies.
    flower: Produces sunthyme.
    nut: Blocks zombies with a thyme flavor taste.
    mine: Explodes in thyme when zombies get near.

    Thymebies (Zombies):

    Basic  : Just your average Thymebie

    Conehead  : His cone gives him twice the normal damage as a regular Thymebie.

    Buckethead  : His bucket provides great protection from damage than regular Thymebies.

    mp: Is thrown into defenses, then walks onwards with a Thymey scent.
    gantuar: Big Thymebie who crushes Plymes


    (I don't have long thymes to do…

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  • Snapdragon717

    I made a thing.

    February 29, 2016 by Snapdragon717

    I made a drawing. It's a Peashooter looking awkwardly at a Potato Mine with its costume on while an Explorer Zombie comes out of a portal, about to burn them alive!!! (Potato Mine will kill it anyway...)

    There's a Sunflower there too.

    Also, It may be blurry, but I took this with a computer camera, with the camera facing the person and you can't change it, so...

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  • Snapdragon717

    Highway to the Danger Room is notorius for its brutal difficulty, or its very quick difficulty curve. This is specifically by the portals that spawn. These portals appear closer as levels progress, and bring in more difficult zombies later on as well. In this list, I will be talking about the dangerous zombies you should be wary about in this endless zone. 

    Disclaimer: Balloon Zombie, Newspaper Zombie, All-Star Zombie, etc. Are not accounted for. Gargantuars would certainly be high, as well as All-Star and Newspaper, while Balloon is moderate, and both Imps are harmless, same with the trio.

    The entries will be listed based on their ability, toughness (health), speed, what levels they start to appear, and how threatening they are from certain…

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