Lately, it had been an ongoing trent on a number of people to qualify this wikia "going downhill" or "dying". Let me tell this strait, I completely disagree with that thesis. I've been called a "dreamer" or "pollyanna" for denying that arguement but I really think it's an overexaggerated way to look at things. In my opinion it is a very immature thing to do, to place a "corrupt" label on top of wiki. I'd say the best word that describes the Plants vs. Zombies Wikia's situation is "Changing". Change is a very natural process. The wikia is growing, it is evolving, and it is naturally having many growth pains, problems and mistakes. But it is unavoidable. Like it or not, if there is one thing that does not change in this world, it is the entity of change. Yes, lately a noticable number of people left the wiki. Not only by quantity but also by quality. But predicting "this wikia will be abandoned" would be a completely inaccurate anlysis of the status-quo. It is very easy to do the propaganda of negativity; just look at what's going wrong and there you have a negative thinker. It is true that there are countless problems, incompetency and erroneous situations going on. But on top of all, expecting an utopia is completely immature and something that only people without any understanding of "what life is" would do. And the second biggest immature fallacy is thinking that YOU know what's good and what's bad, thus only YOU and your solutions can "save this wiki", "there's no other way". Always bear in mind that your ideas are yours to think and decide, you have no legitimate right to implement or enforce them without coming to a consensus with the whole community. With everyone focusing on "what's wrong", noone is there to notice this is one of the best wikia databases on the internet; Of course there are countless stubs, countless unprofessionalism, countless mistakes in pages but if humans are involved with something, it's bound to be inperfect. Overall, if you look at the quality of flow of information, this wikia surpasses nearly every other wikia, even some Wikipedias that are in the NIWA cooperation. Of course it's very easy to miss this when you smoke your screen with everything going wrong. But at the end of the day, the final product is stupendous, let me tell you. Also, about the community; Some people have been uneasy about how a majority of threads, forums, blogs and the chat have been non-"flow of information management" related, in other words "fun"... I, for one, am not an active participent of roleplays, forum games etc. I had participated a maximum of five probably. But, rebuttling the arguement of "wikia is not about fun", I can tell these type of unoffical forum branches play an important role on bringing the community together and building connections between people. Despite all the agitations and blok formations time to time, this wiki easily has one of the most friendly environments among other wikias. And being connected, "having fun" here increases the productivity. The community is a very seductive mechanism on gaining and keeping editors. Personally, I'd prefer a gradually working and socializing pack of friendly people to hardworking emotionless robots. And that's the reason why all the dissagreements happen. Humans have emotions. There is nothing wrong in people getting saddened, angered, gloomy at times. People leaving may feel sad but on the big run, it's the sound of progress; they show that this society is active! The wiki is growing, it's in an ever-expanding process of change! Change is not a direct upward curve. in fact it's full of ups and downs, that's its nature. Note that someone, giving up on this wiki and "leaving" will have no other effect than losing his presence in the community. Everything will continue to work, the wikia will still continue to advance and change. Therefore, if you are leaving depending on your feelings, fine; that's the right thing to do, you're a part of the change process. But if you ever find yourself leaving because of "others", it's a clear sign of weakness. Because of all these reasons, I think this whole phenomenon of "Plants vs. Zombies Wikia's downfall" is an emotional, immature and overexaggerated reaction to change. Whereever humans are, wars, disagreements, clashes, arguements and disorder is bound to happen. If you can't handle the change, then you're a definate victim of natural selection. Also if you read this blog all from beggining to end, I congradulate you ma'am or sir, as you're a great reader and you have a great patience. These have been all my opinions on the question of decline, therefore they are not binding at all. But my point is this wikia is in the process of change, change should not be misunderstood as a decline. Do not fear the change, fear if there's no change, that's the prognostic of downfall. Even if you think there's a chaos disarray, autoriterian solutions are never the answer to anything. This wikia must be shaped with the collective cooperation of its wikians. Thank you for reading, this has been my stance on the subject of going downhill.

Sinanco (talk) 12:58, May 20, 2015 (UTC)