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  • ShroomstagramUser


    June 17, 2018 by ShroomstagramUser

    This might come as a shock to maybe none of you, but in midst of the fact that I've started gaining a life, I've decided to retire as a wiki administrator. I enjoyed my time here. I'm going to be an owner of discord full time, now. I thank you all for 3 years of "magic."

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  • ShroomstagramUser


    January 1, 2018 by ShroomstagramUser

    As an administator, this year was one of the worst for the wiki.

    I am disappointed in all of you, and you all know exactly why.

    I'm not gonna leave like a dog with its tail in betweeen its legs, however. Some good users are still here, and they can help make this place great again.

    My disappointment will still linger, with all of the rogue staff, toxic users, derailed discussions, harassment, and what not, but I'm still gonna keep my head held up high for next year.

    And all staff should do the same.

    EDIT: This is not directed towards anyone, personally.  Just the wiki in general. Something I wanted to clear up.

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  • ShroomstagramUser

    About activity

    August 16, 2017 by ShroomstagramUser just returned

    Yeah yeah, and I'm staying, but my activity will suffer, due to me being in my school's military program, JROTC. No, I was not kidding when I said this.  Discord staff is well aware, so I'm making wiki staff aware of this in case activity starts going south again, which it probably will.  I won't leave anytime soon, however.  I'm staying put on this wiki.  If you have questions, comment below. Thank you for your time. 

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  • ShroomstagramUser

    Here's a different kind of blog.  I make a name for you in olde english.  Comment below for one.

    Here's mine: User of Shroomstagram

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  • ShroomstagramUser

    I decided to make a fan set for PvZ Heroes.  The theme for this set is memes and animation, just because.  It will be set up exactly like Galactic Gardens: 3 uncommons, 2 rares, 3 super-rares, 2 legendaries.

    New trait: Fusion. These cards can be played on top of cards of a specific tribe or trait for combined abilities.

    UPDATE: Smarty is completed. Feel free to add ideas. I might edit this to accommodate set 3 mechanics.

    The Nutshack

    • Cost: 3
    • Tribes: Nut Environment
    • Ability: Plants here conjure From Paper to Screen cards when played.
    • Description: At some point in a nut's life, it owns a shack of its very own.

    Weed, Weedd, and Weedy

    • Cost: 4
    • Tribes: Leafy Flower Plant
    • Stats: 3/3
    • Traits: Team-Up; Fusion
    • Ability: When played: Zombie heroes lose 2 brains this turn…

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