• Rsamsl103

    For me, Plants vs. Zombies 2 is an evolving game. If an update is released, it can be followed up by another update. Version 1.7 no longer had stars, along with Gargantuar battles. But after completing Day 24, it would turn out to be a dead end. This was followed up by Version 1.9, which introduced Day 25 in Ancient Egypt with the Zombot Sphinx-inator.
    If you ever want to oppose Plants vs. Zombies 2's updates, first think about these questions:

    • What day would Dr. Zomboss appear on in Version 1.1?
    • Do you like how Stars have been removed and you can play levels at your will (with no challenges)?

    Remember, stop looking for things you don't like and look for things you do like.

    Update 2: Starfruit wasn't even in PvZ2 until Far Future update!

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