Princess Kitty

aka just call me now, "CrazyPlantMae"

  • I live in Philippines
  • I was born on January 16
  • My occupation is Co-creator of "PopCap-Topia" fanseries
  • I am just a girl
  • Princess Kitty

    For other people who request me since March 2016:

    Here your request I made:

    BTW, Sorry for the rush... 'Cause, I have no time to do on these stuff...

    Sorry for this. Instead of digital drawing('cause, my eyes always tired when I look at my PC), I do on Paper.

    I hope you like it! :)

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  • Princess Kitty

    Sorry... I can't

    November 25, 2016 by Princess Kitty

    Hey Guys...

    I'm not sure I could finish your resquests since April. Why? 'Cause I can't reach to the internet. I don't have it at home... Instead, I just borrow one from my Aunt but she won't let me to plug my charger. My Laptop's Battery drains so fast. Today, I have my Uncle's but It's SO damn slow(it was a Pocket WiFi).

    This is the reason why I missed the fun on the internet. Even, I missed the Art Trades/Request from . I can't reach to the internet so early because I have hard chores to do at home every morning without school or any school works.

    Luckily, I have Data Connection on my phone but its Internet MB drains so quickly.

    I shouted at loud out of my frustration. I think my time on internet will be cancelled forever. Even, I'm going …

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  • Princess Kitty

    Hey Guys!

    I would to tell that there are some finished Artwork that you requested

    They're in my Page I created:

    Kitty/Art Requests 2016 User:Princess_Kitty/Art_Requests_2016

    But, they'renot finished yet...

    You guys can check my Page sometime, There are some changes soon.

    i need to finish all of your requests

    PrincessKittyMae (talk) 13:14, April 19, 2016 (UTC)

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  • Princess Kitty


    Requests are NOW CLOSED! No more asking. So, now I'm working on the list which all of you have requested. :D Please, be patient. Thank You! :)

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  • Princess Kitty

    (NOTE: READ before you comment. ALSO, You guys just make an idea for a dialog if you are NOT good at draw stuff. So, I'll make an Comic Illustrations! ;D)

    Hey Guys! :D

    Have you guys ever played other old PopCap Games besides PvZ? I guess they're actually way FUN! And They brings me back my memories! :D

    Also, Do you remember how PopCap made Comics? :) I'm very a huge fan of Them! :D They're really fun! And they save me from any bad Mood! :D See it here: and

    Well... I guess PopCap is now focusing Plants vs. Zombies because, PvZ is now a HUGE and Popular Franchise, and it has any stuff like Comics and Toys.

    I miss PopCap making other game…

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