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    Today I went to one of those pop-up carnivals/conventions and came across an unofficial Plants vs. Zombies-themed shoot-the-target stand called "Zombies Attack!"

    It was $10 for 10 shots with a Nerf gun, and you had to hit as many zombies in the head as possible. The zombies were sorted in to five rows, and there were five different zombies (from top to bottom); Pirate Captain Zombie, Pirate Zombie, Poncho Zombie, Buckethead Mummy, and Pharaoh Zombie. I hit six and won a subpar penguin plush (and I was one off from getting a big prize).

    But the thing that made me sure it was unofficial was the use of fan art. These two pieces of fan art below decorated the stand.

    I was actually surprised that someone actually went through with creating an unof…

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  • Plant Protecter

    My 19th fanfiction. As always, feedback is appreciated and I accept requests. Merry Feastivus everyone.

    A chain reaction, started by Sweet Potato, manages to topple the large fir tree the town uses for Feastivus celebrations.

    • [The scene starts in the town square, where a gigantic fir tree decorated with festive lights is seen. Many plants and zombies (who are wearing winter clothing) are seen celebrating Feastivus and generally having fun with the snow. Most of the main characters are seen walking towards the town square.]

    Glitter Zombie: (elated) "Isn't Feastivus just the best holidays of the year? The festivities, the snow, and most importantly, spending time with your friends and family."

    Fishy Imp: "Says you and your Feastivus outfit. The pr…

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  • Plant Protecter

    My 18th fanfiction. As always, feedback is appreciated and I accept requests.

    Before the fanfiction starts, I'd like to say three things:

    1. Due to feedback, the old writing style will be used.

    2. This fanfiction contains spoilers (the title itself is a spoiler).

    3. This fanfiction is dedicated to my late grandmother, who just passed less than a week ago.

    After learning about the legends of the Mustache Monuments, Neptuna invades Hollow Earth on her quest to become unstoppable.

    • [On the streets of Zomburbia, Neptuna and Octo Zombie are strolling around (with Octo Zombie pushing Neptuna's fishbowl). Near them, Impunk and Greaser Imp look at the two, and Impunk giggles mischievously. He puts an octopus plush on his head, holds a fork, and gets in a…

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  • Plant Protecter

    My 17th fanfiction. As always, I appreciate feedback and accept requests.

    Now before the fanfiction starts, I'm going to say that I have tried a new writing style (as suggested by ). It may work, it may not. But I have left a poll at the blog's end, so you can choose which style you prefer the most.

    The Lawn of Doom holiday has descended upon Suburbia and Zomburbia, and the locals are celebrating with candy and all sorts of spooky things. But some people are getting TOO into the Lawn of Doom spirit...

    October 31st. Many people know it has Halloween. But in Suburbia and Zomburbia, it goes by "Lawn of Doom." There are many lawns in these two suburbs.

    Now, the thing is, these suburbs (and the surrounding areas) are always a bit spooky. One suburb…

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  • Plant Protecter

    My 16th fanfiction. As always, I appreciate feedback and accept requests.

    Special thanks to for suggesting this.

    NOTE: This fanfiction is centred around the Colossal Fossils and Triassic Triumph sets. Characters from these sets will be featured.

    Sweet Potato and Parasol Zombie convince the others to visit Hollow Earth, a recently discovered area lost in time, filled with prehistoric characters and dinosaurs.

    • [Outside the Earth's atmosphere, Huge-Ginganticus is resting on Meteor Z, talking to Dr. Zomboss on his videophone.]

    Huge-Gigantacus: "You want me to what?"

    Dr. Zomboss: "Bring Meteor Z down to my base. I want to study it, to see if I can harvest its extraterrestrial energy."

    Huge-Gigantacus: "Will do, Zomboss."

    • [He gets on his Terror-Former 1…

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