... Let's just get to the point.

  • Wiki theme changed for the first time since Valenbrainz 2018 lmao
  • Fun and games branch now has its own rules. Follow the rules for your sake, it should be under EVERY OPENING F&G THREAD now.
  • The NDS system is about to be completely removed from the wiki. Man, it's gonna be some work. Other than that, do not use NDS on mainspace articles. Why? Because it's not official of course, and we can't just show both units all the time.
  • Bearjedi has been promoted to content moderator.
  • 7 GRAND UMP has been demoted.
  • The former staff page is now called "The Hall of Honor."
    • It is currently under construction by TCLP.
  • Talk page rules completely removed and replaced with message wall rules.
  • The next part of the limited-time "A Twist in Time" event for Challenge of the Day is currently on, if you care, that is.

Once again, happy Birthdayz to PvZ and upcoming Birthdayz to PvZ Wiki!

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