There are many changes recently that I feel like one of this should be made for the minor changes before the next monthly update blog.

  • Plants vs. Zombies Wiki:Requests for user rights is currently under construction. This is currently decided to be our current draft, and important rules may change over time (yeah some already have, like that one where staff can instantly demote anyone without any thread at all, unlike promotion), so be aware.
  • New scripts have been added to the wiki, such as the "Rename & Update" feature, which renames and updates all the links to have the new name (ofc to prevent broken links, so from now on, use Rename & Update instead of the normal Rename plz), and some new tools in the My Tools tab, such as Batch Delete, which lets you delete a bunch of pages at once (sounds nice right? go try it)
  • There was broken link error, leading you to the plant page with the wrong game, occurred in plant deck templates and S templates. It is now fixed.
  • PvZ2C level pages now have the chance to continue being made, except for no images cuz I lost my profile, like, BOTH of them. So if anyone can, add the images, both Normal and Hard mode. Shouldn't be a hard task.
  • Draggon753 is demoted due to lack of activity.
  • The hub of Challenge of the Day now has challenges up to the 250th. Be sure to check out the 250th special challenge this time if anyone cares.

Aside from that, good luck editing!

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