Dragon King of the East Sea Zombot (龙王僵尸; pinyin: lóng wáng jiāng shī) was a Zombot encountered in The Dragon's Palace. He is very similar to Zombot Dark Dragon


  • It will create portals, similar to blue portals in Portal Combat, but spawning zombies from Underwater World instead of teleporting them
  • It will sneeze and create bubbles, which will carry away three random plants
  • It will create tornado, which acts similar to Zombot's ice- and fireballs, but cannot be stopped and don't destroy lawn mower's
  • It will smash the nearest plants on two lines by his claws
  • When it arrives, it will stomp on the rightmost ground column and open crack in ground, destroying all plants there and 
    preventing the player from planting another plants there. Later he can repeat that, taking away the player's space
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