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  • Moon Snail

    Heya everyone! I know I've retired from the wiki a few months ago, but I just wanted to post this one thing I thought about. It's a method to get the highest-priced card possible in the game.

    Okay, so the plant hero needs to be Nightcap. He needs at least:

    • Three Imitaters
    • Three Pear Paradises
    • And three Dark Matter Dragonfruit.

    The Zombie hero, on the other hand, needs to be Z-Mech. He needs:

    • Gargantuar Feast (The candidate for the experiment)
    • Sumo Wrestler or Rodeo Garg
    • Interplanetary Guardian
    • Zombot Battlecruiser (You'll see why it can't be Zombie Coach later)
    • Exploding Imp (Cheapest 6-strength Z-Mech can use)
    • And one Terrify.

    Additionally, Nightcap and Z-Mech should have a bunch of one-health minions to quickly keep the deck prepared if they don't h…

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  • Moon Snail

    Screw it, I'm going too.

    November 24, 2017 by Moon Snail

    Okay, not fully leaving, but for the most part, I'm leaving. For a number of reasons:

    1. I'm starting to lose interest in PvZ. PvZ2 isn't being actively updated, I can't play either Garden Warfare games, and Heroes is terrible, and only going downhill. I still like to play the series (PvZ1 and PvZ2 at least), but I can't consider myself an active fan when EA's probably leaving the franchise to rot in the sun.
    2. I barely do anything around here. I can't think of any proper edits or make any good images, due to my lack of good image tools.
    3. Overall lack of interest in Wikia. Tell me, when was the last good update to Wikia? From the change of name to the terrible "Fandom", to the addition of discussions, and to the terrible layout changes, Wikia just …
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  • Moon Snail

    Heya! So, I've seen a few youtube videos in this style, so what if I made a blog about this? Here's a list of all 31 premium plants, from the virtually unusable to the gods of all plants. Also, quick note, but I won't be including Gemiums in this list, just the premiums. If people like this, I might do one on gemiums. Anyway, no more thyme wasting, let's rock!

    These are the easy ones. These two plants are the bottom of the Barrel of Deadbeards in terms of premiums. They only kill one zombie at a time, which is nearly useless when the biggest threat in the game is huge packs of zombies. Sure, they can kill some high-health threats like Pharaohs and materialhead zombies, but with the mass of instakill and high-damage plants, that barely matte…

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  • Moon Snail

    Just a bunch of joke card ideas I thought of. Let's start!

    1. About to Nut

    Guardian, Nut Trick, 1 sun

    Shuffle 69 Small-nuts into your deck. Turn all plants on the field into Small-nuts.

    2.Growing Tricks

    Mega-Grow, Leafy trick, 5 sun

    All Mega-grow tricks that deal damage now deal 2 extra damage.

    3.Hyper Zombie

    Beastly, Monster Zombie, 1 brain, 335/335

    When played: Make Binary Stars with Amphibious in all other lanes. The plant hero conjures a Great Zucchini that costs 9 sun less.

    Cannot be played on the Tricks phase.

    4. Salt Pepper

    Smarty, Pepper Plant, 9 sun, 6/66

    Untrickable, Strikethrough, Double-strike

    When played: Freeze every zombie. This is destroyed if the opponent throws their device at a wall.

    5. Win

    Brainy, Trick, 1 brain

    Deal 70 Bullseye damage …

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  • Moon Snail

    This is based off of TheO's blog. I'm genuinely curious on how people feel about me. I promise I won't argue against any opinions (Though I may ask for elaborations). In fact, if you state a negative opinion, I'll try to improve on myself.

    (I'm not expecting any positive opinions.)

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