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aka Manager of Battles

  • I live in Neon Mixtape Tour
  • I was born on December 5
  • My occupation is Making this wiki a better place
  • I am Male
  • Microphone DJ 125

    Hi, when I sort of came back yesterday (20 July) to visit and linger around the wiki, many people greeted me welcome back. It feels nice to be warmly welcomed and I have missed you all. I will likely be active over the next few weeks so you can expect me around, since it's summer and you know, I'm all relaxed and stuff. I probably won't re run as a discussion mod during this time I'm active, though. 

    I will only get the battles running if more than 5 users want to join. 

    I may think of a new short game series to run while I'm here. Probably a charades of some sort...? I don't know. 

    Anyway, see you around! 

    Microphone DJ

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  • Microphone DJ 125

    Update on Activity

    December 17, 2016 by Microphone DJ 125

    You may be wondering why I'm less active recently. It is because 

    1) I'm in Japan, relaxing from my tests earlier this month. 

    2) As 2017 rolls in, I have to choose my GCSE subjects to take for the coming years, and I'm gonna have a few mock exams. 

    3) I hate to say this, but I'm not really into PvZ anymore, and I'm leaning more towards the side of Pokemon Go, Clash Royale, Hill Climb Racing 2 and other games. 

    Elaborating on Point 3, it may mean that

    1) I may not be doing the admin attempt thread I planned to do in March. 

    2) The BOTU series may be coming to an end, and may only continue when I'm very free. No one plays it anymore anyways. 

    3) I may want my discussion moderator rights removed when I request so. All I do now is post in threads ra…

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  • Microphone DJ 125

    Perhaps inspired by BP, this is my 3rd blog this week, following the Thailand blog and the username change blog. A few things I would like to clarify: 

    - Username: Will not change, not until Easter next year at the least. 

    - Activity next week: I will have no wifi or very poor wifi, so yep that does mean my streak will be resetted. 

    And those two things to clarify. Now, I'll dig deep into my activity schedule: 

    Oct 22 - Nov 1: I should be very active here as my school is having a mid-term break. 

    Nov 1 - middle of Nov: My activity will go down slightly, like how it is now. 

    Middle of Nov - End of Nov: My activity will be quite low because the science tests will roll in. 

    Start of Dec - Middle of Dec: My activity, honestly, will be a variety. For …

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  • Microphone DJ 125

    Username change

    October 10, 2016 by Microphone DJ 125

    Sorry I'm making a fuss about this, but I want to know your opinions. I'm considering a username change, so what'd you recommend if

    - I like reptiles

    - I like TV shows and movies that include action, crime, mystery and comedy. 

    I've come up with "Detective Iguana" and "Detective Reptile" with Snappy, but I would like more opinions.

    I hope this doesn't bother you guys. Thanks. 

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  • Microphone DJ 125

    Alright, so due to a school camp, I'll be in Thailand for 16-22 october which is next week. I will try my best to access the wiki via mobile, but if not, well.... I'll be inactive for a week. Just a mini heads up. After that vacation, I may still not be as active as I am now because I'll have a lot of performances and competitions, despite the exams being over this week. So yeah. You ask me when I'll be "extremely active" again, well, I'd say mid november. However, I'll only be "very active" for 2 weeks, because in December, some tests will return. However, I will be here for my birthday Dec 5. 

    Yes, I'm quite depressed having to have hard access to the wiki, but hey. It's not like I'm inactive/gonna have hard access to the wiki forever. An…

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