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This series of writings includes characters from based on actual users on this Wiki. While most of them have agreed to be apart of this and have approved the design of their character, a few have not. If you appear and were not asked for consent, please understand that we in no way intended to offend you. The authors of this project sincerely apologize for anything we do that may be interpreted as an insult, and would like to remind you that we're just trying to have a little bit of stupid fun.

In short, it's not meant to be taken seriously, and is mainly just a joke fan fiction.

What is War of the Wickians?

From the previous blog...

World of the Wickians is a collaborative project between several users that aims to tell a story of the Wiki itself using elements primarily inspired by both the Super Smash Bros. series and the War of the Wikians event on Discord. Many users have gathered on Discord to plan and write the entire tale, including the main authors GamesterD, Gamernerd_i, Marcia Aeris/SoaringSprocket/Issa, and Murkrxw/LordHelix990/Lapis. The work will be split into several blog posts, with each author publishing a section as it is finished. We hope that you enjoy the product of our stupid little ideas.



One of the many areas in the town of the Wickians was Mainspace Street, once a hub of vibrant activity. This used to be where the town thrived. In its glory days, the community would often work together to build it into the town’s most prized district. The Staff, led them to success, guiding them on what was best for everyone. Whether the information be factual or heresy made by some asshole that inevitably gets banished, if one needed it, they would find it. While there would perhaps be an occasional quarrel here and there, it was generally peaceful.

As time passed, however, people began to lose interest. They felt as if there was nothing left to discover, catalogue, or anything to just care about. Whenever anything new had began to sprout, it’d have at least one, or two people come over just to write some half-baked article about, only to forget about it as the sands of time are blown by the wind.

What used to be an organized, booming metropolis was only a shadow of its former self. Structures were either struggling to withstand the tests of time, or had been completely wiped, with their colors fading away to form colors of dust. What was built with love, all the catalogues of information, all the notes, history, memorabilia, were essentially abandoned. What was left was being rummaged through by vandals, disrespectful scoundrels, and some plain newcomer idiots devaluing what was once the town’s pride.

Occasionally, however, there would be scavengers around the area. As people thought that there was almost nothing left to do within the ruins, passersby would be often be confused to find that there were still a person or two occasionally scouting the area. Many of those who passed by the area were either former contributors revisiting their past, or those who despised the Mainspace Street as a whole, thinking that existence was…to put it bluntly, “stupid” , or not as important as other ordeals.

And over time it would come to be forgotten by the Wickians. Where the users went, no one knows.

Chapter 2: The Socks on the Block

You probably won't care much about that block of text, so in short, here's just a bunch of ruins. This pile of diarrhea is Mainspace Street. For an esteemed name like that, you would think the users would actually care about it, but nah, almost everyone has since moved on. It used to be “the town’s most prized district,” but now it's just a pile of old archives and stuff no one cares about… Except a few nerds, hobos, and the occasional vandal.

One such user (qualifying as both a nerd and a hobo) was a tall fellow sporting a brown, porcupine-like haircut. He wore a long, silver lab gown, alongside a pair of glasses to complement his scientific aesthetic. The rest was nothing out of the ordinary, a pair of purple trousers and brown boots. He always carried a large backpack with him, perpetually an unorganized mess filled with lab equipment, history books about chemistry from every century, and journals. This man was none other than Drek’TharSuperSword, full name Derek Wonzst. But just call him Drek.

Drek was here specifically to check over the archives of both new and existing logs for any spelling mistakes or vandals. As nothing was really missing from the archives, per se, that was frankly the most he could really do right now. Or at least, what he was really there for, as even the smallest spelling errors could give him the urge to pull his hair out.

Suddenly, a younger, feminine voice interrupted his examinations. From the top of her “lungs,” she yelled out “HONEY, WHEN WILL YOU FINISH?!?!” Drek pulled out an amulet-like device and pushed a button from the top, revealing a hologram. This hologram, while looking like a very young (probably illegal) girl, was actually Drek's… “girlfriend.” (He asked us to put this in, I shit you not, so please endure this not-so-good cringe for, like, 9 paragraphs.)

This… brat over here was customized with some of the most unnatural looks possible. She had some of her rose gold, shoulder-length hair tied into two, ribboned pigtails—typical for girls who wanted a “cutesy” appearance; she also wore a light amount of makeup, both blush and mascara. Her color scheme primarily consisted of dark blues, pastel purples, and whites, with “cute” clothes handpicked by her master himself. Drek dubbed this hologram “Aelita Raquel Burke”—Lita for short—named after characters from both his previous stories containing his self-insert, and a character from an old TV show he used to watch, two sources that just scream “loner.”

Wanting to both appease his Tamagotc—err… lover -- and deal with his OCD at the same time, Drek yiped, “L-Look, Lita, I really need to do some work on these articles...Can I have some time alone for this...?”

Not wanting to accept the fate of being relegated to a box, putting her hands on her hips, she retaliated. “Dear...I KNOW you are just going to just check the articles' grammar for the umpteen hundredth time! Can't you just stop your dumb nerd stuff and spend more time with me?!”

“It's not just that! We'll never know what's going to happen every time we come back here… C-Considering how almost no one ever comes here to check the archives, anything could happen behind our backs! I promise I'll spend more time with you later!” Drek fell pathetically onto his knees and desperately pleaded.

“Aww… Fine then. I understaaaaand.” Lita seemingly conceded. “It's not like you're going to lose interest me or anythin—”

“I heard that!”

“Hee hee! Just carry on, darling. I'll just enviously wait for you over here!” Lita then returned back to the amulet herself.

Drek sighed in relief. “Maybe I should reprogram her AI…” he admitted to himself.

That nonsense aside, Drek continued to venture through the ruins to search for the archives, but let’s be honest, you probably don’t care about this part.

Survived reading the past nine paragraphs? Good. Enjoy some slightly less cringy stuff. Maybe.

The loser then went on ahead and put on his earphones to sulk himself in some overrated drum and bass music.

A couple paces away, a figure appeared from out of nowhere and landed on the ground. It looked around slowly and carefully...ah, fuck being formal, I'm gonna say whatever the hell I want. Fmcki basically saw Drek and started to follow hi...wait, damnit, didn't mean to reveal the figure as Fmcki yet. Ah, whatever. Moving on with the plot, which obviously exists; I’m no literary barbarian...

Fmcki observed Drek, who was silently sulking in the ruins, listening to music that sounds like Smash Mouth's All Star and looking for archives nobody cared about. Drek continued to search until he found -- surprise, surprise -- nothing. He sighed in disappointment and turned around to leave. Just another day of absolutely nothing happening in the ruins of mainspace, per the norm.

At that moment, Fmcki raised his hand and around Drek popped out some figures; dark greenish yet cold monsters appear, zombies. Also they have jester hats for some reason, why, not even the writers know. But these zombies were totally here to give Drek some free cash, not to absolutely murder his ass.

“What on earth?!?” Drek screamed as he looks around to see he’s surrounded. He pulled out a chemical vial filled with some sort of acidic concoction. He thrust it at one of the monsters. It disintegrated without much issue, but a tiny bit of liquid landed on his arm however. Drek steeled his nerves and ignored the pain.

Nah, who am I kidding? The dude screeched “YAOOOUUUCHHHH!!!!” in his best effort at a Tom Cat impression. He grabbed another vial and poured it on the wound. His arm was no longer melting like a marshmallow, but that didn’t help with his predicament among the undead. Fmcki’s hideous visage then stepped out from the shadow and prepared for a classic villain monologue. He never got the chance, because Drek...

Literally just bolted. “FUCK THIS SHIT, I’M OUT!!!” he screeched as he ran the hell away through the opening in the horde and straight out of the archives.

Drek ran for the nearest exit and almost opened the door. But before he could lay a finger on the knob, the door slammed open right in front of him, bending his nose and stunning him with all the power of a meme somebody once told me about. In the doorway was a boy with a messy, jet black hairstyle, an orange tee, blue jeans, and a black jacket wrapped around his waist.

The boy looked behind the door to see a very dazed Drek struggling to keep his balance. He hurried to to help Drek keep his balance and preferably not throw up. Although considering Drek, he probably would.

“Woah, Drek! Are you alright?” the boy asked out of shock... totally unaware of the fact that he was the cause of Drek’s current state. “What the hell happened to you!?”

Drek groaned even louder than usual. “L-Look Ethan, Fmcki… He’s back somehow. I don’t know how, but he’s got some zombies here and I’m trying to…” His sentence was probably “trying to not throw up,” but he failed. Drek vomited near Ethan, but, sadly, not on him. Lucky bastard.

“Dude, take your mouth business somewhere else...” Ethan said, backing away in disgust. He took a moment to process the information. “Wait, did you sa...”

In what I'd call his downfall, Drek shouted for no reason in particular. “LISTEN, DOES IT LOOK LIKE I WANT THIS?!” Ethan tried to respond. “Do you think any—”


Drek ceased his mouth business, passed by Ethan, and bolted through the door.

Ethan sighed and chased after him. “Dammit, I’d like to kill these zombies wherever the hell they’re coming from, but Drek needs help, I guess...”

Not that Drek needing help was anything new, but this time it seemed like it was actually important… Hopefully. Then again, you'd never really know with him.

Three figures appeared in different areas of Mainspace Street. A girl stepped out of a portal in the middle of the street, wearing a short, tux-like white coat with black trims and a dress shirt underneath. She also wore a cravat (look it up), black shorts, and a pair of opaque black tights and short black boots. Her hair was black and wavy and she had a golden pair of spectacles. Don’t care for details? It’s a princess in a business suit.

She even spoke like a princess. “Curses! Mainspace Street AGAIN?! Bloody hell, it’s not like anything even happens here anymore!” she said, very soon to be proven wrong. Oh, I wish she was right.

In another place, a young man with brown hair, a hoodie, white skin, and grey eyes happened to walk by the commotion and passes by some of the monsters though neither he nor they notice each other. On his back and belt are a shotgun, a grey metallic hilt, and a samurai sword… Not that you’d think he could do any damage. He looks so frail that even your average Joe could break his hand with one karate chop.

Finally, the third new figure was riding a car. Where in Hell he got a car in this wasteland is beyond me. Anyways, this person was an American boy with black, rugged hair, a simple T-shirt and jeans, grey eyes, and pretty much your everyday school boy. I mean, other than the fact that his car was basically made to absolutely flex on everyone. Its red and yellow paint job was as flashy as the fact that it had all the fancy stuff that looks cool but no one needs. It didn’t even have a maker’s mark, as if to say, “I don’t even need the logo to flex on you.” The boy and his vehicle were slowly driving down the street in complete silence. The boy turns his head, surveying his surroundings.

Obviously, he spots nothing. He then checks a couple of papers apparently taken from the archives but shakes his head and yeets it away like the highly informative litter it is. The boy sighs in disappointment lays his head on the seat.

“Dammit, there’s nothing left here,” he mumbles, stating the obvious. “And I thought all this stuff Gamester told me about would help get home… Well, I guess I’ll go drive to his place.”

Before he could go full speed ahead, he heard a girly scream from a distance. Curious, he checked the pathway to see which way was the fastest route to that area and drove on through.

Elsewhere, the girl and other boy notice the commotion as well and head over there. What they would find is the start of a new e—anyway you guys don’t give a shit about this part, moving on, next scene.

The source of the girly scream should be obvious but to anybody who, for all those people out there with a Weenie Beanie-sized brain, it was from Drek. The re-reliving jester hat corpses, having caught up to him and Ethan and had the pair surrounded and were ready to do… Whatever they’re gonna do. Probably kill them, because honestly anything else that might happen in this situation wouldn’t really be suitable for these audiences. Ethan could have dealt with those guys himself… but *sighs*, Drek just had to be here.

Speaking of him, Drek panicked and probably shitting bricks, screamed “Oh god, oh god, oh God, we're doomed, doomed, doomed..”

Ethan KNOWS Drek can do… at least even a fraction of a thing. He tries to wake him up. “Shut your mouth Drek and fight like a man you big wuss.” replied Ethan.

...Oh boy, did that definitely go nowhere.

“I'm not strong at all—”

“Sure, sure. Just shut up and don’t be useless.”

Drek was fed up. With a pathetic look on his face, he shouts at Ethan. “NO U”

He wasn't afraid of him, however. He smacked Drek’s face in frustration and spouted out. “I don't care how much you just want to run away, but now is NOT the time to say that!”

One of the monsters got too close to Ethan, who dropkicks it. Unlike Drek, Ethan isn't as much of a wuss physically and the monster gets sent flying. Ethan gets up and dusts his pants before returning to a combat position. Unfortunately, he and Drek are still surrounded, but honestly, Ethan doesn't seem to mind. On the flip side… Drek was wailing like the little 6 year old girl in his pocket as he always does.

As a couple of zombies attempts to devour Drek, from a corner is a shadow like figure, arms crossed except with a blade in hand. When the undead beings attempts to snack on the poor fool, the mysterious figure bisects the group without a problem, rainbow colors of light following the blade, and casually walks out like a boss. When the body collapse, Drek sees the princess business girl from a couple scenes back.

Trying to stand up, Drek responds, gratefully yet confused. “I-I’m sorry, in fact I should thank you, I guess... But who are you?”

The girl turns towards Drek, slashing another zombie down while not looking and responds, “I am Micaiah Kirschfield. I heard some girl scream in this direction so I had to go help. Who was it?

“I.. Umm…. Errrr...” Drek struggles to not lie but it’s absolutely pathetic, even a deaf and blind person can detect it.

Micaiah sighs and says, “...Never mind, let’s just get these zombies over and done with so I can get out of here. Are you with anybody else?”

“Ethan and well…” Drek looks to see Ethan suplexing a zombie on top of three others somehow. “...I think he’ll be fine for now.”

“Good, now we’ll just have to find out who’s making this mes—.”

Micaiah is interrupted as Fmcki returns from...wherever he’s been. He runs into the middle of the battlefield, knocking away some of his own minions and slides and stops in front of the group in style though nobody really cares.

Ethan looks at the monster, arms crossed, and just stares at him. After a while at looking at the thing, he shakes his head with a smug smile on his face, remarking “Well’s been a while.”

“F-Fmcki!?!?” Drek expresses his shock. “I thought Shroom banned his ass since last year...”

Fmcki then speaks and the voice that follows is horrifying.

“Now’s not the time to wonder why, now is a time to die. You have banished me to the darkness, but I have returned with vengeance. A—”

Micaiah groans to the monologue and covers her ears exclaiming, “God, make this thing stop!!!”

Fmcki’s cringy speech was interrupted as a shotgun is fired from a distance, missing him miserably. From where the shot was heard is the whimpy boy but holding a shotgun because let’s face it, he needs it.

Drek, staring at how he, Ethan, and Micaiah were spared by a really overlong speech, yells…

“Jack, what the hell are you doing here?!?!”

“What do you think I’m doing, helping you taking care of this fooligan!” the boy named Jack yelled back as he continues to shoot and miss the oversized target.

Micaiah just looks at the failed shots and taps Ethan on the shoulder as he fly kicks a zombie’s hat off, plus a bonus for decapitation.

“Hey umm...who is that bloke?” she asks.

“That’s Jackninja or just Jack. He’s one of the most powerful people in this land but he doesn’t exactly get along with others. He has his own ideals. Sometimes they match with ours and sometimes they don’t.” Ethan replies.

That “most powerful” part gets called into question as Jack attempts to get closer to Fmcki. Somehow his aim is even worse up close despite the fact that shotguns tend to be better point blank. A couple shots get dangerously near Drek, but through the power of plot armor, he is miraculously unharmed. Jack, understandably frustrated, puts away the shotgun, draws a samurai sword, and charges at Fmcki.

“For Christ's sake, is he insane?!?!” Micaiah screams as she swings at the decreasing amount of zombies.

“Eh, I'd say I'd do the same.” Ethan replies.

“Why would you?!?!”

“Hmmph, because that's just my style, lass!”

To prove his point, Ethan also charges at Fmcki with Jack at his side. Drek, mustering a sliver of courage, tries to punch a nearby zombie but ends up hurting his weak-ass arm. Micaiah sighs and starts to carry his weak-ass by slaughtering the zombies with elegant slashes with colors weaving into a spiral of flame.

“I’ll distract him, get on top and stab him in the head!” Ethan tells Jack. He increases his speed and runs straight at Fmcki.

“Alright, your plan I guess.” Jack says as he puts away his weapon only to pull out a samurai sword instead. Fmcki cackled and twirled a hat on his finger. “You would challenge the Costume Vandal? I fight that so well you can’t hold a candle!” The hat stopped spinning as he put it on. The group sees that it looks like a jester’s four-pointed hat. As it slides into place, Fmcki’s movements become erratic and tipsy, and his face contorted into an even more horrifying expression of insanity.

“Wheee hee hee!” A completely different voice cackled, now balancing on a ball and juggling several explosives. “It’s playtime!”

Understandably, our heroes’ reactions turn to “what the fuck” before Fmcki begins spinning around and throwing a multitude of bombs at them. Jack and Ethan are forced to veer to the side to avoid them.

“Huh, that’s new. Gotta plan for this Jack?” Ethan asks.

“Nope. You just got to get in there and hit that sucker a lot.” Jack replies. He then charges at the monster, towards more explosives. Ethan shrugs his shoulders and mutters “That's what I like about ya.” before going to do the same thing.

Jack bats the explosives away with the flat of his blade as Ethan struggles to get in close. The stray bombs get lobbed into Fmcki’s forces, exploding sizable groups of zombies.

“H-Hey... Um... Maybe let him stay like that for a while?” Drek suggested, chucking a flask of acid at a nearby Zombie after realizing that he has absolutely nothing in terms of physical strength. “He’s actually doing us a solid here.”

“Shut up, Drek, you’re not the one fighting him!” Ethan retorted. With one smooth movement, he managed to run off a wall and flip over Fmcki, grabbing the one thing that spun in place — his jester hat. Fmcki tumbled to the ground, his ball and juggling bombs unfortunately vanishing into the air.

“You still haven’t fallen?” He says in confusion. “No matter; I can hear your defeat calling!” He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a pink bow as Jack attempts to finish him. Fmcki places the bow on his head delicately. Jack slashes, but Fmcki stops his blade with a dainty little teacup — pinky raised. Jacks face contorts in confusion. “You wouldn’t hurt a lady, would you?” Fmcki now sounds like even more of a little girl than Drek. He begins prancing around Jack, rainbows following at his heels. Jack’s eyes dart around as he recognizes the pattern and procures his Banhammer. Ethan is dying from the slowness of Jack’s counter.

“Oh my god, that’s gay as shit!” Ethan exclaims. “Kill him, now, please!”


A conveniently-timed shot rang out, but it wasn’t from Jack’s gun. He had a bullet through his skull. He fell down, dropping the banhammer, facing flat, butt up, very very dead. His lifeless corpse slumped to the ground, still holding his samurai sword on his other hand.

Fmcki was slightly luckier. He too had gained a headache, but one that wasn’t lethal. His bow fell to the ground from the well-placed shot. He screamed in pain and collapsed, barely moving but grasping his wounded area in a vain attempt to relieve the pain.

With all the enemies defeated (We didn't bother including most of the jester hat zombie fight because it's generic), Drek, Ethan, and Micaiah looked towards where the shot was fired. The flexing kid from earlier stood there with the Spyglass Shot in his hand and a concerned look on his face.

“I hope that guy,” the boy said, pointing to Jack’s no longer living body, “is fine from that bullet wound. I’ve seen things that can take a hit but I didn’t mean to shoot him”

Drek, further confused by what had just happened, asked, “I’m sorry… But who the hell are you?!”

The boy didn’t look too pleased about his somewhat ludicrous question being ignored, but answered Drek anyway. “Damason Bracer, an acquaintance of Gamester who you may or may not know. Now, about that guy?”

Ethan rushed past Damason and gunned straight toward Fmcki instead. Damason sighed in frustration.

“Oh why does my life have to suck every day?” he asked himself before approaching Fmcki as well. Micaiah, who hasn’t said a word, followed. Drek remained flabbergasted on what just occurred, despite the fact he lives in a world where cherries explode and argue about what sound effect they want to make while doing it.

Fmcki writhed in circles, unaware of the others around him. Ethan looked at the Banhammer and pondered a bit. “Hmm….maybe I can use it?” He began to reach for it, before Drek finally stopped babbling.

“ETHAN, STOP THAT!” he cried. “...I have my own.” He then pulled out his own Banhammer and walked towards Fmcki slowly and timidly.

“What is with that hammer?” Both Damason and Micaiah asked in unison.

“It’s a tool that only a few are given that ban people like….him,” Ethan responded. He pointed to Fmcki, who was still flopping around like a fish out of water. “Still, we’ve already done that to him, so I don’t get why he’s here now. Oh well. Drek, ban his ass.”

Drek ran up and took a swing. And by swing, I mean a tiny tap more akin to a carpenter’s precision than a warrior’s blow. Regardless of the force, Fmcki was suddenly enveloped with light before vanishing. The letters “BANNED” appeared in his place, accompanied by a faint voice pronouncing it. Y’know, so that probably helps the imagination.

Drek then approached Damason and Micaiah and stared at them. “Now what are you people doing here...?” he demanded. “Gamester told me this place might help me get home,” Damason replied. “I'm from the future and trying to get back home and he's helping me for the better. Nothing here though….”

“And you?” Drek asked Micaiah.

“...Let's just say that my appearance here was an unfortunate... accident. I didn't want to be involved with this asinine mess at all.” Micaiah responds. She quietly muttered her true intentions to herself, but let's be completely honest, no one really cares about them.

“Well then…”

Suddenly, everyone was earraped by a ringtone screaming “FIRE EMBLEM, HEROES!!!” The soundwave scrambled up Damason’s arm as he quickly tapped his Deadbeard pistol, causing it to morph into a simple cell phone. The noise ended when he answered the call and put the phone to his ear.

“Sorry, didn’t know what kind of ringer I had!” Damason cried.

Drek, more shocked about the morphing than his severely damaged eardrums, stuttered, “What the fuck, did your gun turn into a phone?!?!”

“I second him, that should not happen under normal circumstances,” Micaiah noted with intrigue while recovering from the noise.

“Is this a normal circumstance?” Damason replied. He returned to his call, every response to his queries muffled to the rest of the group.

“Hello and why now? Gamester? Found anything here? I found jackshit here except some science guy, a girl with a sword, some black-haired brawler, and a probably dead corpse. What do you mean there are dead corpses in your place? Oh, zombie attack? Strange, we just got attacked by zombies with jester hats along with some sort of monster with yellow eyes…”

Ethan shoved Damason out the way, grabbing his phone and taking the call for himself.

“It’s Fmcki, he’s back for some reason,” he said to the user on the other end.

There was silence for a minute. People bicker in the background until they reach a consensus.

“...alright, we’ll meet you guys there.” Ethan cut the call and tossed the phone back to its owner. “We’re going to the apartments, people. Gamester told us to.”

“How are we even gonna do that?!?!” Drek stammered. “We’re way far off to get there on foot!”

“I can create portals… However, the last time I used them, I got to this mess.” Micaiah suggested, “So I'd say they're too unreliable for them to be used effectively.”

“Well how the fuck are we gonna get there besides walking with our feet till they rot?!?!” Drek sobbed hopelessly.

“Your feet will rot, the rest of us will be fine,” Ethan corrected.

“Shut up!!!”

Damason tapped his phone. “I got it covered guys. Stand back!” he exclaimed as he tossed the device to the ground. It transformed into that really cool car he was in before. Now he’s really flexing on people.

Drek’s jaw dropped to the zombie-gutted floor in sheer awe and confusion, because this single thing in a world of scientific impossibilities should not be scientifically possible. Micaiah and Ethan simply whistled in approval and hopped in.

“Come on… Ermm… Your name?” Damason asked as he takes to the driver seat, Micaiah riding shotgun and Ethan staying at the back.

“Drek. And I will, but you have to explain to me what that phone is.” Drek admired the car but deadass tripped over Jack's dead ass and whatever else was connected to it. “Oh right, him... Could you please open the trunk?”

“Why? Is he still alive like I was trying to ask you for a while?” Damason said, only slightly miffed.

“No, he’s dead.”

Damason was shocked by this revelation and spoke with genuine guilt for once in this chapter. “Wait, then what have I done…”

“He'll be fine!!!” Drek insisted.

Damason stared. “But… He's dea-”

“HE'S FINE!!!” Drek screeched, halting all further argument.

Drek managed to stuff Jack's frail, dead body (which was somehow even more physically pathetic than Drek) into the trunk and close it. He sat in the back with Ethan and the car blasted off down the road. While Damason and Micaiah kept their eyes on the road, Drek turned toward Ethan and asked a key question. “Ethan, these people. Do you think they're …”

“Yeah, haven't seen them before, so it's gotta be. But why and how did Fmcki return?””

“That's something we gotta find out…” Drek muttered, heavily concerned.

The group drove out of the ruins of Mainspace Street and into the sunset…

I mean, as long as the sunset implies adventure and enduring mind-breaking events that both they and you will have to deal with as you keep reading, but what’s the difference?

To be continued.


  • Mainspace Street is a physical area that based on....well...the Mainspace.
  • Like said before, Drek requested to put in his girlfriend in this story. Unfortunately, he wasn't too specific, so a certain troublemaker was the one to write her traits.
    • The decision to make Drek's girlfriend a Tamagotchi was made by Issa so it wouldn't be that hard on how to categorize her in future literary works. It also makes her annoying self more fitting, too.
  • Smash Mouth's All Star music was played to foreshadow Drek being hit by a door from Ethan.
  • Fmcki (OrFmcki14), was known to put jester costumes on articles which got him banned.
  • Damason and Micaiah are OCs of GamesterD and Issa/Marcia/SoaringSprocket respectively.
  • Fmcki's attack style is based on Mr. Hat.
  • Jack will be fine by the next Chapter... hopefully.
  • The earrape that occurs is a semi common thing that has happened in real life.
  • Micaiah was sort of based on how Issa thought people saw her as before.. except a bit more... "refined." And probably ruder.
  • Ethan's necklace has some mechanic that turns into a longbow. That would probably be useful for later.
  • I did not write any of the swear words here. The other people mainly working on the document did.
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