This idea has came to me while thinking of making something for the anniversary. The 75 user drawings will have to be delayed due to stress, but I will try and finish it towards the end of the year, as technically, this is still the 9th anniversary year of the wiki.

This, I feel like is very appropriate to ask too as I have seen people grow up in the wiki. I have been here since 2014 and while some people have stayed themselves (albeit older and with a few differences), many others have grown up to become different people. And it only becomes more apparent from here because time will forever be marching forward, no matter where the road takes us.

Now, here is something that I'd like to ask the entire wiki.

With the 9th Anniversary for the Plants vs. Zombies Wiki coming in a few weeks, what is something that you'd like to wish for the future? It doesn't have to be Plants vs. Zombies Wiki specific. It can be for you, for anyone, the world, anything really.

I am curious to see how people would answer this as this is probably more personal to you than the previous questions were. It doesn't matter who you are, either people who have joined from 2011 or people who have joined just now.

Answer away.
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