This is a character poll for who you want to see in the game as somewhat significant characters. The visual novel/friendship sim/whatever this might be's target release date will be around the 9th Anniversary, so this poll will only be open for one, if not less than day.

If anyone wonders why it's being made this late, well, it's going to be a "short and sweet project" and it's not going to be THAT deep.

Oh yeah, this game is not 100% serious, keep that in mind.


  • Literally ANYONE in the wiki can be chosen in this poll except for Pinkgirl, because she's already confirmed to be in the game as a friendship option.
  • As much as possible, please try to vote in every category.
  • Once you've chosen someone for a certain role, you can't put them in another role at the same time.

Character roles

Friendship Option

Basically one of the dating options, except this is a friend simulator. 2-3 can be chosen, depending on your answer in the final question.

Questionnaire People

There are two people in the role section.

  • One person who is clearly rather experienced with his/her role while having a rather jolly personality (and kind of speaks like Santa Claus*). Can have a bit of a temper if things don't go his/her way.
  • His/her apprentice, who says things in an extremely dry and neutral fashion, while being judgmental in some of his/her remarks.


Basically someone who says a short speech before the party.

Possibly Mysterious

This... is just a proposed plan depending on how well things go... But who do you see in the wiki to be mysterious?

Final Question

Should we stick to 3 friendship options (including Pink) or have one more? I'm asking this because of time constraints, and while this game is not 100% serious, so writing should not be too much of an issue, it may take more time to get all the assets needed for the release.

Note: Anything with an asterisk is subject to change, as while the game's skeleton is already set, the current script is not final.

Thank you and have a good day!

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