Marcia Aeris

aka Issa

  • I live in Las Pinas City, Philippines
  • I was born on August 19
  • My occupation is 12th Grade SBCA Student
  • I am a complete girly girl and a tokusatsu hero wannabe
  • Marcia Aeris

    If you missed the previous chapter, the link is here. Yes, we alternate who posts the chapters. While the different characters are used in this chapter, you may want to check that out to get the gist. The reason it came out too late was because of many different complications relating to school, but here we are today.

    This series of writings includes characters from based on actual users on this Wiki. While most of them have agreed to be apart of this and have approved the design of their character, a few have not. If you appear and were not asked for consent, please understand that we in no way intended to offend you. The authors of this project sincerely apologize for anything we do that may be interpreted as an insult, and would like to …

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  • Marcia Aeris

    This is a character poll for who you want to see in the game as somewhat significant characters. The visual novel/friendship sim/whatever this might be's target release date will be around the 9th Anniversary, so this poll will only be open for one, if not less than day.

    If anyone wonders why it's being made this late, well, it's going to be a "short and sweet project" and it's not going to be THAT deep.

    Oh yeah, this game is not 100% serious, keep that in mind.

    • Literally ANYONE in the wiki can be chosen in this poll except for Pinkgirl, because she's already confirmed to be in the game as a friendship option.
    • As much as possible, please try to vote in every category.
    • Once you've chosen someone for a certain role, you can't put them in another role…

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  • Marcia Aeris

    This blog is probably one of the most unexpected things to really put here, but I think I really do need to let this out. This has been really one of the things I've been wanting to let out too, but most of the time, thoughts come when I'm extremely close to going to sleep.

    It's also... very disorganized too, so please bear with me for that. Also... These feelings may or may not be controversial, so I apologize if anything... troubles you.

    It may or may not be expanded upon when I feel like it, as it's more of a ramble than anything. Thoughts come and go, life is hard to control, but things do come and go eventually.

    Life is something to hard to explain itself. People can comprehend it with words, feelings, actions, other things, but it's jus…

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  • Marcia Aeris

    This idea has came to me while thinking of making something for the anniversary. The 75 user drawings will have to be delayed due to stress, but I will try and finish it towards the end of the year, as technically, this is still the 9th anniversary year of the wiki.

    This, I feel like is very appropriate to ask too as I have seen people grow up in the wiki. I have been here since 2014 and while some people have stayed themselves (albeit older and with a few differences), many others have grown up to become different people. And it only becomes more apparent from here because time will forever be marching forward, no matter where the road takes us.

    Now, here is something that I'd like to ask the entire wiki.

    With the 9th Anniversary for the Pla…
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  • Marcia Aeris

    Love Letters United

    February 8, 2018 by Marcia Aeris

    Take two of the previous blog from last year, because this time, Valentine's Day is near!

    Leave letters for literally ANYTHING here, and this time I'll allow letters of indifference or letters of hate! You can either say or don't say who's it for, so it's no longer strictly anonymous!

    Just... don't go guessing anonymous letters in the comments for common courtesy.

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