Hello there!

I just like to share a series of strips of what happens on the chat sometimes when I'm online.

Due note that this is a JOKE and for ENTERTAINMENT purposes only and are not meant to take it seriously.

Remember, I can only make this if there is something significantly absurd or funny happening during the chat.


Users Featured: Magicwaterz, Vebros, Mage General Chrysalis (now Marcia Aeris), IMCR8Z, and Darytyg The Furry Darryn

Desperados and Shipping

Users Featured: Magicwaterz, RdHeaven, Mage General Chrysalis (now Marcia Aeris), Lolwutburger, The Zombie O.O, AWikiBoy521, Reapeageddon, Insert Your Name Here, IMCR8Z, Pinkgirl234 (imagination), WintahMhelon18 (imagination), PuffyMuffins (imagination), Princess Kitty, Nitromian Poptropica, Coolyoyo33, MyNameIsMyName, ErnestoAM, Corn Cannon,  A plant (imagination),  Darytyg The Furry Darryn (imagination), and Ilikeduck! (now Pretty Lightning Reed)

A Short Pun War

Coming Soon...