This isn't much. I wanted to try a different story style, with more of a "first person" perspective. Maybe "MS" will like this one more.

I had this idea for a while now, but I had no idea how to make it "fit", though a certain event happened yesterday, and I can fit it in. Though this will be long.



One of the main zombie HQs got destroyed yesterday. I don't know how to describe the wreckage. The boss seems furious. I'll probably get in trouble. He already arranged a meeting with Scientist. He's going to mention me of course. Mention how I was asked to help, but I didn't. I couldn't! I tried, I sent troops out, but then...that man showed up...I...I don't even know who he is, but his hair was like Scientist's, he had goggles, and this weird...thing. I think it was a weapon, I couldn't tell.

Anyways, I guess I should thank him, maybe. I, I don't know. They did something. I don't know if they meant to, but when they threw me off that high tower, my helmet fell off when I was falling down, and I hit my hit. It felt awful. Like a hundred Cactus spikes just rained down on my head. I think I fainted after the blow. When I woke up, I was in bed. Scientist was looking at me. He didn't look mad, he looked concerned. He asked if I was ok. How would I respond? I felt fine, but I didn't feel great either. I just shook my head yes. It hurt though. I think he could tell, because he said he'd fetch me a pillow.

Then, my head began to hurt again. Even worse than before. At first, I thought it was just normal pains, then I began thinking things. Things I never thought of before. They weren't questions or answers. Not opinions. They, they seemed to be memories. But, I didn't do these things, did I? I'll try to describe these...memories, in detail. I think this entry will be longer than most. I want to remember this, no matter how strange it is.

I was in a building, looked like a laboratory, but a ton of things were destroyed. Tables without legs, broken glass, and tons of ripped sheets. I was holding a gun like normal, but it was...different. It didn't have paintballs, it was black, and had these odd shaped things in them. I think they're called bullets. The strangest thing was my heads. They were like a human's. I think for some reason, I was human. As I looked around, I was pulled back by someone. I turned around, and it was someone who looked like Tank Commander. Well, they had his clothes on. He tapped on me and asked if I was scared. He also mentioned cousin. "!" I replied. I sounded nervous.

The Tank Commander-like man, I think I'll call him Tank Commander too, just to be simpler, but either way, he looked at me, and what seemed to be eight other humans. He started to talk. "Troops. You know why we were sent here. It seems some odd "zombie outbreak" has occurred. Like those exist. Probably just crazy gang. Anyways, you got your weapons. If they try to fight back, shoot them. Otherwise, just try to round them up. Got it?" Then, everyone saluted and responded with a good old fashioned "Yes sir!"

I began walking away from the others. We were splitting up, I guess. Not a good idea. But, I guess it was "Tank Commander"'s orders? Weird. Anyways, as I was walking, I heard a voice. It wasn't Tank Commander's. I recognized it. Looking back I mean. The me then had no idea who it is. But I knew. It was Scientist. I have no idea why he was there. But I guess it was an abandoned laboratory. He loves those kind of places.

But "past" me was worried. He started looking around, and starting saying these names. I guess they were other troops? But then, he turned around to see Scientist grinning. He already had his Goo Blaster I noticed. But I guess present me's first concern was the green skin he had. He took out water. I guess he assumed Tank Commander's "gang theory" was correct. He splashed it on Scientist, and he just stared at him back. I'm surprised he didn't flat out shoot him. Instead, he smirked bigger, then, began laughing. I guess it was funny to him.

He then started asking questions to past me. "Are you that stupid?" was his first one, no surprise, he asks stuff like that to us all the time, followed with "I'm a zombie, it's not like that's going to work." Past me must've connected the pieces real fast, as he started to pack up and fire out of that gun he had. Hit Scientist right in the chest every time. Scientist looked like he was harmed a little, but didn't pay too much attention to it. He simply looked down at his chest and saw the bullet holes. "Oh look. You ruined this lab coat." That was all he said. He said it so calm. I didn't expect it. Both past me and present me.

Past me's plan changed really quickly. He didn't drop his gun, he wasn't that dumb, but he started running down the halls, turning back to shoot at Scientist every once in a while. But he wasn't running back towards Tank Commander! He was running the other way! I guess fear makes everyone an idiot sometimes.

But past me turned around. Scientist was walking away. At least, looking back on it, I was confused. Then I realized. He was hunting the other troops, wasn't he? But past me must've not had that thought, he just did a sigh of relief and walked away. He was looking at some substances the lab had, and put some gloves on. I think he was trying to put the substances on his bullets, like that'd work. As if.

Then, present me had the realization. This wasn't just some random memory. This was how I died, wasn't it? At the end of this memory...thing, I'd be dead, wouldn't I? There's those substances, but it seems past me was careful, and only one zombie. One zombie, who's name was Scientist...was he the one? Was he the one killed me?

I shouldn't think too much about it. But...I guess I should keep that thought in the journal. I guess I can look at it later, even laughing at how wrong I was, or with some other emotion, realizing I was right.

Ugh. Anyways. I guess past me had enough confidence now. I heard glee in his voice. A giggle. He must've thought he got the "ultimate weapon" or something. Bullets covered in what seemed to be altered olive oil. When he arrived back where he left from, he looked around again. I assume he was expecting "Tank Commander" or something? But when he looked behind him, Scientist had Tank Commander's Mega Cannon, and he was loading it up. Past me seemed to have been in horror. His first shout was "What did you do to my cousin?" Scientist didn't have a single emotion on his face. He had multiple. Most of them, madly happy emotions.

"I borrowed some things. His weapons, his clothes...his body." was Scientist's reply. Yep. He probably killed him. No wonder he looked so familiar. But back on what was happening. Past me started shaking. I felt tears running down his face. His cousin must've been close to him. I heard cousins are close. Then, past me started raising his gun. I knew why. He wanted to avenge his cousin's death. Past me lost all train of thought then. He just fired away, not even paying attention. Scientist avoided a good amount of the shots, getting shot in a few places, but he's dead, I don't think they hurt that bad.

Tears were blocking his view. He keep shooting, but at what? He couldn't tell, but he kept firing. Until he ran out of bullets that is. He realized pretty fast that the bullets were gone. He looked at it, then tapped on it. He then quickly avoided the Mega Cannon, that Scientist decided to throw at him, deeming it useless.

Past me was scared again. Scared and sad. He didn't know what to do. To him, he was fighting a psychopathic monster. One that killed his cousin. One that did, who knows what else, to whoever was here, and the other troops. He started kneeling down. He...he was begging. Begging for Scientist to let him leave, and he'd cause no harm to him. Not even mention his existence. Also asked him to have his cousin's body, so he could give it a proper burial. Like I expected he would, Scientist just laughed at the remark.

He then started counting "1...2...3..." and looked back at past me. "Once I reach 20, I come to find you, and then you can see your brother again, beyond the grave!" he told them, and past me quickly ran away. He saw a door, and opened it up. It was a closet. He was hiding in a closet. Then "20!" Scientist finished his counting. Past me noticed some lab coats in a pile. They were smelly, but hey, he needed to hide badly, so he jumped in.

Scientist was humming a tune to himself. It sounded scary. Then, past me sneezed. Somehow, that blew his cover. Scientist waled over and blasted the door open with his weapon. He then walked over and took all the dirty lab coats off him. He then quickly grabbed past me by the neck, and slammed them against the wall. "How do you want to go? Choking, or my fancy new weapon?" Past me then made probably the dumbest choice I've seen yet. "Try that weapon on me. If I live, which I think I will, you will let me leave." Scientist lost it. He laughed so hard, he let past me go. "Well ok then! But you underestimate this!"

Scientist put his weapon right against past me. Past me seemed...confident. I didn't feel any fear. He actually thought he'd live. He even said so right then and there. He replied with a simple "Go ahead. Use it." Then, Scientist smirked and pulled the trigger.

Blank. Nothing else. I guess I was right. Scientist did do it. He was the one who did it. I don't know if he's the one who brought me back, but...he was the one who killed me. I guess it was his job but, I...I still don't know how to feel. did I even come back to life? How did I forget my memories in the process? It can't be because I lost my brain, because I just remembered everything.

I...I don't know how to feel anymore. I'm going to just lie down and try to sleep my confusion away.

This is Zombie Trooper #405032 - Current Name - Foot Soldier, "signing off"

  • end*


  • As I mentioned at the start, this story was partly made to try a different writing style. If it's good or not is up to you.
  • If Tank Commander being Foot Soldier's cousin seems confusing, it's because part of Tank Commander's stickerbook entry states "The Tank Commander is a distant cousin of the Soldier Zombie." I just assume this "Soldier Zombie" and Foot Soldier are the same guy.
  • This "story", as mentioned in the beginning, takes place a day after the events of part 16 of the GW Saga.

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