About time I jumped the heroes making ship. I would put this on the actual fan wiki, but I don't think the rules allow what I'm going to do.

Well, with the recent (yay for dating my blogs) discovery of comics that imply two more heroes (Beta Carrot and Huge-Gigantacus), I have decided to come up with my own ideas.

While some people have come up with new classes, and others have come up with three class heroes, I have simply come up with the idea of 2 class heroes (pretty much, semi reskins) but with different superpowers, at least, not the same three as the other hero had.

Edit - Due to the new heroes having special superpowers,} I have made two sets for the heroes' superpowers. One set being superpowers currently in the game and another set having only special superpowers. These can include tricks, fighters, and environments. This is a hidden spoiler. If you want to see it, please go here.
No springboards. No idea how those work so far.

I will probably never finish this I'm lazy, and might not come up with enough ideas. I got 20 to come up with, and I don't know if my lazy mind could handle it. but hey, might as well put a few that come to mind. Also wow, longest intro I've ever had.

Edit (same as the edit above) - Warning. There will be spoilers here, from new card types and traits to flat out mentioning new cards. Read at your own risk!

One more note. Heroes will be placed in the order their types appear on the PvZH Plant/Zombie template, not how their heroes are listed on the "Hero" part of said templates.

Sun/Brain costs only apply if said card is bounced. Just put them in front of the stats because it'd be easier.



  • Hero Form of - Explode-o-nut
  • Classes - PvZH Guardian IconGuardian/PvZH Kabloom IconKabloom
  • Superpowers -
  • Hero Description - While people say his name is unoriginal, he usually responds with a "What about the guy that used their kind's catchphrase as their name huh?"
  • Hero Superpower Description - "Boom boom! These plants will help those zombies feel all the explosive BOOM!"
  • Appearance - They look similar to their original Explode-o-nut form, but they wear devil horns and have an explosive symbol on their forehead. The L.E.A.F. is mixed into the explosive symbol.
  • Other Info -
    • All three of his "set 2" superpowers are based on other plants from the PvZ series, that Explode-o-nut was in. Giant Wall-Nut from Wall-Nut Bowling, Kiwibeast (in Kiwi Temperament) from PvZ2 (which was a premium), and Jalapeno from PvZ and PvZ2.
  • His Hero Description references Spudow.


  • Hero Form of - Beet/Beetboxer
  • Classes - PvZH Guardian IconGuardian/PvZH Mega-Grow IconMega-Grow
  • Superpowers -
    • Signature - Beet Around - Select a Plant and a Zombie, their stats with be swapped. Draw a card.
    • Other -
  • Hero Description - He's a little salty over not winning the gold necklace, but doesn't want to beat anyone over it.
  • Hero Superpower Description - Despite his name, he doesn't really like beating others up. He enjoys "beet"ing them up though.
  • Appearance - He looks similar to a Beetboxer, but has a stem visible instead of the red "coat". His boxer helmet also is brown instead of red, and has vines over it. His L.E.A.F. symbol is on a silver necklace on his stem.
  • Other -
  • Shamrock and Mega-Perk are from Plants vs. Zombies Adventures, where Beet also came from.
  • Beeter-Upper's name is a pun of "Beater-Upper"
  • Beater-Upper's classes, Guardian and Mega-Grow, are also the two classes beet-based plants are in.


  • Hero Form of - Guacodile
  • Classes - PvZH Guardian IconGuardian/PvZH Smarty IconSmarty
  • Superpowers -
    • Signature - Aquafy - All cards in your hand gain +2HeartPvZH and Amphibious
    • Other -
      • Set 1 -
      • Set 2-
        • Aquatic Barrier - Superpower environment - PvZH Guardian IconGuardian - When a plant is placed here, it gains +3HeartPvZH. If in an amphibious lane: bounce a zombie in this lane. Can be used on aquatic lanes.
        • Raging River - Superpower trick - PvZH Smarty IconSmarty - Select a lane - For the next three turns, that lane is an amphibious lane. Draw a card.
        • Tangle Kelp - Leafy Superpower fighter - PvZH Smarty IconSmarty - 2SunPvZH 1StrengthPvZH/4HeartPvZH with Amphibious. At the end of this turn - Destroy any zombies here.
  • Hero Description - He don't need that Peashooter Tube to swim, he just likes it.
  • Hero Superpower Description -
  • Appearance - Their head is like a Guacodile, though with the yellow eyes from PvZ2, and sharper teeth. Their body is like an actual alligator, with spikes on their tail. They're also wearing an "Peashooter tube" around their waist, with the L.E.A.F. symbol on one of the Peashooter's eyes.
  • Other -
  • The name is based off a name another user said Guacodile's name should be.
  • If a previously non amphibious plant enters an amphibious lane due to getting it from Aquafy, a Lily Pad will be seen under it.

Future Cactus

  • Hero Form of - Cactus (sort of)
  • Classes - PvZH Guardian IconGuardian/PvZH Solar IconSolar
  • Superpowers -
  • Hero Description - She's from 20 years in the future. Oh, typo. 2,000 years.
  • Hero Superpower Description - She's mastered health-to-strength technology.
  • Appearance - Same as Future Cactus in the Garden Warfare series, though there's a badge with the L.E.A.F. symbol of their coat.
  • Other Info -
    • If this was added, it'd be the only plant variant from (only) Garden Warfare/Garden Warfare 2 to appear in Heroes.
  • Drone Factory's "animation" has a Garlic Drone and Artichoke Drone come out of the sides and flying around the environment.
  • All of Future Cactus' abilities are a reference to Cactus' abilities in the Garden Warfare series (Iron Maiden is based off the actual Iron Maiden, Minefield is based off the Potato Mine abilities, and Drone Factory is based off the Garlic Drone and Artichoke Drone.)


  • Hero Form of - Poison Ivy
  • Classes - PvZH Kabloom IconKabloom/PvZH Mega-Grow IconMega-Grow
  • Superpowers -
  • Hero Description - Loves anti-heroes more than anything.
  • Hero Superpower Description - While she doesn't "hate" the zombie Heroes, it doesn't mean she can't make her troops hate them.
  • Appearance - They look similar to Poison Ivy, but without the "berries" near their middle, with legs instead, with perked up toes at the end of it. Their leaves also have claws, and each wears a spiked bracelet. Their top part is shaped a bit like a skull, with the L.E.A.F. symbol painted onto it.
  • Other -
    • Their name is a pun of Toxicity and Ivy.
    • Rushcus's name is a pun of Rush and the plant Ruscus.
      • Rushcus looks like a Ruscus plant, but with two berries on two of its leaves near the top, these blink at times, showing them as the eyes. They also have some roots unrooted which help them "run" and has a headband on their very top, tied around the top.

Masnap Dragon

  • Hero Form of - Snapdragon/Cold Snapdragon
  • Classes - PvZH Kabloom IconKabloom/PvZH Smarty IconSmarty
  • Superpowers -
  • Hero Description - Wind, Water, Fire, Ice, he's mastered them all. Well, except for Earth, that's not his thing.
  • Hero Superpower Description - Fire and Ice, they aren't not so nice.
  • Appearance - He looks similar to a normal Snapdragon, with a few differences. One of his wings are covered in ice, and another is dripping water. A wind storm is surrounding him, and he has the "fur" Cold Snapdragon has covering one of his eyes. His leaves are different colors, one being red, one being white, and another being blue. His horns are a mix of green and blue.
  • Other -
    • His name is a "pun" of Master and Snap(dragon).
    • He can be considered both a Snapdragon and Cold Snapdragon hero, due to sharing traits from both.

Jack O' Wisp

  • Hero Form of - Jack O' Lantern
  • Classes - PvZH Kabloom IconKabloom/PvZH Solar IconSolar
  • Superpowers -
    • Signature - Protection of the Wisps - All plants on the field now have the "Revenge" 1 trait (when hurt, one extra damage will be dealt to the zombie that attacked it.) Draw a card.
    • Other -
  • Hero Description - He's not a necromancer, but he's close to it.
  • Hero Superpower Description - Jack O' Wisp respects the afterlife, as long as they don't cause trouble, so the wisps are fine to him.
  • Appearance - They are based off the Jack O' Lantern's design. He has floating fire arms, one with a wand/torch mix being held. His fire forms a crown, and a cape made of fire is attached to their back. There's fake teeth in his mouth that look like candy corn, and their stem/body looks a little browner than a normal Jack O' Lantern.
  • Other -
    • The Fire Wisp fighter is based off the "wisps" Jack O' Lantern created when given Plant Food.
      • Said wisps can be seen when they used their signature superpower, surrounding the plant fighters before turning invisible.
    • Ghost Pepper is based off the one in PvZ2. Them dealing damage to themselves is based on how they were only able to be on the field for a limited time, before blowing up.

Tallie Beanie

  • Hero Form of - Weenie Beanie
  • Classes - PvZH Mega-Grow IconMega-Grow/PvZH Smarty IconSmarty
  • Superpowers -
  • Hero Description - She chose to join the battle to answer a very important question - "Are beans too powerful?"
  • Hero Superpower Description - Learnt this spell from Rose, though she changed the results "slightly".
  • Appearance - While Weenie Beanies are short, Tallie Beanie is tall, but thinner than most Weenie Beanies. She has glasses one like a Bean Counter and has floating hands, one holding a book (one of the animations has her reading it, showing it's a book on beans), and the other one being empty. There are visible eyelashes on her, though her glasses cover them sometimes.
  • Other -
    • She is Mega-Grow as well as Smarty due to Moonbean, a Mega-Grow bean plant, being able to draw Magic Beanstalks, a Smarty bean plant.
    • Her hero description's question is based off a "question" from the news section of PvZH, "Is Weenie Beanie too powerful?"
    • Rose is mentioned in her Superpower Description though everyone can see that, right?

Spiritual Glory

  • Hero Form of - Morning Glory
  • Classes - PvZH Mega-Grow IconMega-Grow/PvZH Solar IconSolar
  • Superpowers -
  • Hero Description - It takes a long time to master spiritual energy. Unless you magically get those powers by a ray.
  • Hero Superpower Description - "You zombies thought a sun hurt you zombies? Just wait until you see this!"
  • Appearance - Like a normal Morning Glory, they are short, though there are two vines holding them up to look taller. Two other vines are used as hands, with one holding an orb. The petals on their head glow, and change from purple, to red, to orange, to yellow, to green, to blue, and back to purple. Their eyes are yellow, instead of the "usual" black.
  • Other -
    • Originally this was going to be called "Spiritual Lily" and was going to be a Lily of the Valley hero. However, due to a lack of "height related" superpower ideas, this was changed to a Morning Glory hero.
      • This is also why they are a Mega-Grow/Solar hero.
    • Sunflora looks like a Sunflower from GW (aka, having the "wings" and "legs") with a sun sticker on their stem.

M.D. Melon

  • Hero Form of - Melon-pult
  • Classes - PvZH Smarty IconSmarty/PvZH Solar IconSolar
  • Superpowers -
  • Hero Description - He's not the best doctor there is, but he's trying.
  • Hero Superpower Description - Despite his attempts to be a doctor, he feels it's nice to go back to the roots sometimes.
  • Appearance - They look like a normal Melon-pult, though they have a doctor's hat on their head. They also are holding a box full of medical supplies (and open it by placing it on the ground and opening it with their pult when using a superpower) on their pult. Their pult also has a few medals on the pult, with one of them having the L.E.A.F. symbol.
  • Other -
    • The reason why I made this hero the hero form of a Melon-pult instead of a hero form of a Pepper M.D. was because I wanted a set 2 plant for at least one of these heroes, and making it Pepper M.D. would've been too easy.



  • Hero Form of - Cyborg Zombie
  • Classes - PvZH Beastly IconBeastly/PvZH Brainy IconBrainy
  • Superpowers -
  • Hero Description - He's not fully used to be a robot zombie yet.
  • Hero Superpower Description - If there's one thing they truly understand, it's what is truly an "upgrade".
  • Appearance - He looks a bit like a Cyborg Zombie and a Vengeful Cyborg. They have a red eye like Vengeful Cyborg, and a blue eye that's similar to how Cyborg Zombie's eyes look. They wear a shirt like the two cyborgs, but is more ribbed, showing more metal on them, and also wears a cape, that's tattered on the sides. One sleeve is ripped, to show it's all metal, while the other is also ripped, to show flesh. They also have spiked hair instead of pompadour hair/toupee.
  • Other -
    • For Copy Program, you select the zombie who will copy first, then choose the zombie they will copy.
    • I.M.P. looks like a normal Imp but as a full robot. There is a few "zombie" fingers, but otherwise has metal "skin". They also have on blue eye and one red eye, like Z.O.M.B.I.E.

Sky Trooper

  • Hero Form of - Foot Soldier (and technically themselves
  • Classes - PvZH Beastly IconBeastly/PvZH Crazy IconCrazy
  • Superpowers - Super Scope - All zombies get Weird unused PvZH iconOvershoot 2.
  • Hero Description - Yes, the spikes hurt, but he's trying to take after his idol Ra-Ven.
  • Hero Superpower Description - Even if they have enemies in the way, the enemy is always in clear shot.
  • Appearance - They look like the normal Sky Trooper, with some changes. To fit with the Beastly theme, they have fake bird wings on their jetpack, and horns on their helmet. Their paintball gun is also "missing", and instead, a telescope is used in their place. There's also spikes on their shoulder pads, and arms.
  • Other -
    • Smoke Cloud is based off the Zombie Stink Cloud ability in the GW series.
    • The ZPG is based off the ability of the same name, however, it deals damage to both plants and zombies, while it only deals damage to plants in the GW series.
    • If a plant is played in Caution Canyon when a zombie has gained the stat boost, the stat boost will revert, and Overshoot will take its place (aka, it works similar to Anti-Hero.) When all plants are destroyed there, the Overshoot will go away, and be replaced with the stat boost.


  • Hero Form of - Zombie Bobsled Team (Member)
  • Classes - PvZH Beastly IconBeastly/PvZH Hearty IconHearty
  • Superpowers -
  • Hero Description - Nobody knows much about them, except that they nickname their sled "Pinky".
  • Hero Superpower Description - Most zombies don't know how to Team-Up, but Redsled has it as a priority.
  • Appearance - While similar to the design of the Zombie Bobsled Team, there are a few changes. They instead wear a helmet with googles (and during animations where it's removed, it reveals long yellow hair) and wears a huge bulky winter coat. This is a hidden spoiler. If you want to see it, please go here.

This is because in reality, they are a female.

  • Other -
    • Their sled (The Sled) is pink instead of red. Of course that's why its nickname is Pinky.
    • Both Pole Vaulter and Baseball Catapult are based off zombies of similar name

Grave Raiser

  • Hero Form of - Tomb Raiser Zombie
  • Classes - PvZH Beastly IconBeastly/PvZH Sneaky IconSneaky
  • Superpowers -
    • Signature - Grave Crazy (summon 2 gravestones that costs x brains (depends on what turn you use the signature superpower) or less in random empty lanes.)
    • Other -
  • Hero Description - Has a hidden collection of bones.
  • Hero Superpower Description - Loves chasing Dog Walker's dog.
  • Appearance - Similar to a normal Tomb Raiser Zombie, but has their Anubis mask covering their eyes, though their mouth is still exposed (similar to Ra-Ven). Has fake claws on their hands, and a fake tail on their backside. Has a collar on with the skull emblem on it.
  • Other Info -
    • I'll just admit I can't think of a good name for this hero.
    • Grave Raiser mostly "stands" on all fours, except for their 4+ damage animation, where they'll get on two feet and clap.


Fanmade Ra-Ven Hero Concept
  • Hero Form of - Ra Zombie
  • Classes - PvZH Brainy IconBrainy/PvZH Hearty IconHearty
  • Superpowers -
    • Signature - Sun Drain (for the next three turns, the plant hero loses 1 sun, the zombie hero gains 1 brains. History superpower trick)
    • Other -
  • Hero Description - He knows Ra was a falcon, but the raven joke was there.
  • Hero Superpower Description - He's a big believer in solar brain power.
  • Other Info-
    • Their name is a pun of "Ra" and "Raven".
    • When using their signature superpower (or their signature superpower is using its effect), they would raise their arms and make themselves look like a sun.
    • Ancient Temple gives the same trait to every fighter on the lane. For example, if "Double Strike" was chosen, both plants and zombies get Double Strike, despite it usually being a plant only trait.


Random Notes

  • I'll probably not draw many of my hero ideas, it's just that I had the idea of a Ra Zombie hero imprinted in my brain (for the most part) that I decided to try it.
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