Lily8763cp Lily8763cp 13 December 2020

Zombie Classifications

This is something I'm doing completely for fun. It's based on an idea Sapfling had but has decided to since delete for Plants. Is this going to be used at all? Probably not, though I did like the idea.

  • 1 What is a Classification?
  • 2 List of Classifications and Meaning
  • 3 Zombies
    • 3.1 Plants vs. Zombies
    • 3.2 Zombies in Chinese versions of Plants vs. Zombies
    • 3.3 Plants vs. Zombies Adventures

In this context, it's putting categories onto Zombies. These may be pre-existing from games in the series (Armored, Swarm etc) or a term made up just for this blog (Basic, Copy etc).

Attempted to be done in abc order, along with what game the term is from if it's from anywhere and definition.

  • Amphibious (term first from Heroes) - This zombie either appears only in the water…

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Lily8763cp Lily8763cp 9 September 2019

BFN Class Ideas

Knowing me, these are going to end up either too OP or too UP, but with Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville now out (in a way), might as come up with some class ideas because let's be real here, they will add more.

Not adding upgrade ideas because that's just another bag of worms to jump into.

  • 1 Plants
    • 1.1 Aspearagus
    • 1.2 Ketchup Mechanic
    • 1.3 Sportacus
    • 1.4 Berry Blaster
  • 2 Zombies
    • 2.1 Zookeeper
    • 2.2 Interdimensional Zombie
    • 2.3 Knight Zombie
    • 2.4 Robo-Zombie

  • Gimmick - They have two modes, a sniper mode made for very long range and a melee mode for short range. The modes have an animation between switching (unlike Cactus and Captain Deadbeard) and they suffer in even middle ranged fights.
  • Design - Based on the Aspearagus design from Adventures, however, they …

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Lily8763cp Lily8763cp 5 May 2019

Introducing - Treasure Hunt!

Happy 10th Anniversary to Plants vs. Zombies! We're celebrating by starting up a treasure hunt for everyone to join in on!

A few pages will have a secret code, and if you think you've figured it out, message IDontCareAboutHistory aka TCLP and tell what pages you found the code on.

Whoever figures it out first will get a special medal! Don't worry though, if you figure it out afterwards, you can still get a different medal. Happy hunting!

- Lily8763cp

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Lily8763cp Lily8763cp 18 February 2019

Zombie Journal 3 - The Meeting

It's been a while with these. Guess I just...lost interest in it. I can't say for sure this means the GW2 story will be finished, but I want to at least try.

  • 1 Entry 57
  • 2 Entry 58
  • 3 Entry 59
  • 4 Entry 60
  • 5 Trivia

It has been 3 days since we decided to try and work together. The problem started when their stupid leader and I started arguing. But I felt like I had to say something. Did she really think I'd just...AGREE to help the enemy? I mean...I guess I have, but that was because we were all stuck in that...strange place, all alone. And now those little things from that world are here, and if what I had discovered is true, they're now in control of that Traitor.

Our latest talk started the same as the last 3 times. I suggested some things they'd give b…

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Lily8763cp Lily8763cp 4 March 2018

Sorry (Again)

I was quiet all day yesterday and night time (in my time) two days ago because I randomly lost power. I'm ok now though, thankfully.

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