Ahem, for starters, read the description REALLY carefully. Thanks.

So, I've been thinking, a lot of blogs of the kind "Give an opinion on my shelf pls" are... Somewhat meaningful, but they avoid being mentioning what to improve on oneself so... How about this? I mean, it benefits both parties so  to say!

Rules are simple:

1- You must have chatted with me at least enough to know, you know, something meaningful or a bit more personl about me

2- You must not include things like "Stop trying to remove F&G/RP branches!" or "Somehow undo the messy vote you did because you didn't leave it super obvious for non-readers"

3- Possible things, please, I can't just magically become rich, for example.

4- If you need to be harsh, so be it, just please follow the other rules.

5- Don't let my "jokish" side fool you, at my core I'm not trying to be a member of the Smarty class, I simply get too carried away with jokes and may come off as that.

Please if you just skipped to this last part, read everything you skipped, please.

This is it, remember, you can tell me more than one thing, just follow the rules to avoid "reluctant" feedback and/or you simply not being someone that knows me outside of the wiki enough to help.

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