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Light Bomber Light Bomber 28 July 2017

What should I improve? -Please read the Description-

Ahem, for starters, read the description REALLY carefully. Thanks.

So, I've been thinking, a lot of blogs of the kind "Give an opinion on my shelf pls" are... Somewhat meaningful, but they avoid being mentioning what to improve on oneself so... How about this? I mean, it benefits both parties so  to say!

Rules are simple:

1- You must have chatted with me at least enough to know, you know, something meaningful or a bit more personl about me

2- You must not include things like "Stop trying to remove F&G/RP branches!" or "Somehow undo the messy vote you did because you didn't leave it super obvious for non-readers"

3- Possible things, please, I can't just magically become rich, for example.

4- If you need to be harsh, so be it, just please follow t…

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Light Bomber Light Bomber 21 April 2017

Drawing Requests (Elemec)

Hey, i'm Elemec [s] yes i left the wikia now leave me alone bout that [/s]

I've been editting images a bit, making HDs, and decided to try and use this as some way to learn how to draw, even if just a bit.

So, i'm taking requests for drawing any zombie or plant card, prefferably Zombies. Take in mind, i'm doing only Card Images.

Images go here:

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Light Bomber Light Bomber 25 March 2017

Good News ^w^

I have more sparks now.

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Light Bomber Light Bomber 12 February 2017

Peant 3.0 The Repeant

Maybe not.

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Light Bomber Light Bomber 6 November 2016

Have you noticed

Almost all my blogs have an impair number of comments, and almost all of them are multiples of 3

Yeah that's it

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