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  • LegendofNickson

    Hello guys. Nick Archer's here. I'm here to explain about my inactivity last month. I know it's a little unacceptable of being inactive for almost a month, but...I already lost my passion on this wiki.

    Despite many things have passed with my absences, I find it out that the wiki is still similar, judging from the wiki activity and users' activities. While you might disagree with this, I don't have the interest to know everything about the wiki like the days past years ago.

    I don't care if one calls me a bad admin or stuffs related to that, I don't have much tendency to be an admin from days to another. But still, I will try my best to manage the wiki activities if I have the right time, depending on a circumstance or life issues I'm experien…

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  • LegendofNickson

    Activity update

    August 14, 2017 by LegendofNickson

    In these days, I just realized that my activity has been dropped days to another. While you might think I'm a little crazy about my personalities, but I don't want to have a huge gap between my latest edit and previous edit, as it fades my quality of being active and useful here from time to time.

    The main reason why my activity's dropping is because that I need to revise for the monthly exam, which is now this week. It somewhat makes be feel stressed, as well as increasing my tensions ever since the previous week. Otherwise, I may end up having poor results, or arguments that provokes me. Therefore, I will most likely not be here for 2 weeks. But if I'm having the best/good time, I will still come to the wiki with similar circumstances wee…

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  • LegendofNickson


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  • LegendofNickson

    To the users who knows this blog, my apologies. I had decided not to temporarily leave the wiki anymore, though I'm now on a partial inactivity.

    Why I decided not to temporarily leave the wiki now?

    I realized I was too sentimental on leaving the wiki that day. Not only I was stressed, I feel demotivated on contributing the wiki like what I had done last time. Thus, those factors are my thoughts of leaving the wiki.

    But however, I feel that I'm pushing myself too far on this topic, even my heart and souls couldn't concentrate my life properly. In fact, I also think I'm too harsh on populating this topic via the link above.

    To end this problematic issue, I had decided to create this blog to inform everyone that I will not make a du…

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  • LegendofNickson

    Do any of you guys notice I'm here for the past week? No. I'm unable to contribute more nowadays because my upcoming exam is in the next week which I do need to pass all the exams with good marks.

    Plus, another thing that I'm not here is that I'm not feeling interested of contributing the wiki anymore, which makes me think whether I should leave this wiki or not.

    In short words, answer my question whether I should leave the wiki or not.

    Signing out,
    Domination of the Avenger (talk) 06:46, April 30, 2017 (UTC)

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