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  • Iamarepeater

    So as the title says, I will let each of you know how to use each card well. As a ranked 50 Ultimate League player, I'm very reliable in terms of each card. I will start from Guardian and then go all the way down to Sneaky. I will also say what to use that card for and explain the terminology like a crash course (full info here) so that way, we're all speaking the same tune. I will also sort them according to what set they are and their rarity (though we only have 1 set right now).

    Incomplete at the moment

    Aggro = Quickly defeat your opponent by rushing them. (rarely used in the battles I fought at Taco league)

    Tempo = Try to play your cards as soon as you can play them (rarely used in the battles I fought at Taco league)

    Control = Ensure your…

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  • Iamarepeater

    Greetings my soon-to-be victims of getting sent to the Moon fellow wikians. You might have remembered this and this ? Well, I have decided that why not make one for 2017. Well, I am going to make a special tournament for this year. Details are below.

    EDIT: This blog has more comments than BF10's PVZH tournament sign-up blog.

    UPDATE: made this thread

    I am very creative.

    So what is this tournament about? Simple. It's where you will fight to determine who is the best among all of you guys. However, that would be boring. I'm going to add a twist to this: No tricks allowed except superpowers. Are you able to outwit your opponent purely on your teammates or are you a trick-dependent player? This tournament will determine among you guys who will be the…

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  • Iamarepeater

    Pvzo data update.

    July 21, 2016 by Iamarepeater

    So recently I followed the team behind on WeChat and got this.

    Basically, it's how you add one star to the plant's rarity.

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  • Iamarepeater

    For those who are wondering what this blog is about, it's the Chinese version of the Plants vs. Zombie 2 Player vs Player modes.

    With the 1.6.6 version giving out this mode, it's time for players to rekt other players and aim for the top. Zombie coins and other currencies you could earn (especially up to 50 gems daily, great for getting a guaranteed plant if you do this for 6 consecutive days)

    However, there are plants out there that want to ruin your big day (or rather, the players who plant them) and I'm here to tell you 5 of what I think are the worst plant combo you can ever face. This is my personal opinion (duh!) so if you  disagree with me, say it in the comments below.

    Now let's get started!

    Lightning reed (at least level 2) plus wall-…

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  • Iamarepeater

    I have created this song for Agent Andrew martins before on Plants Vs. Zombies Fanfiction Wiki in my blog. However, if you are too lazy to click this link to see it: The tasty link is here, then feel free to see the song below.

    See the first one here.

    This song will be about Agent Andrew martins's actions on Wikia. This was based on Bart Baker's Skrillex and Diplo - "Where Are You Now" with Justin Bieber PARODY

    Note: Normal text means speaking. Italics meaning singing. Bold means echoing.

    Warning: Contains swear words and some sexual referance.

    Agent Andrew martins (AAM)

    Drek'TharSuperSword (Drek)

    Iamarepeater (Peater)

    Pea Cannon (PC)

    Pinkgirl234 and WintahMhelon18


    Where did I go, I've been gone

    haven't made fanfics since so long

    have been blocked f…

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