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Since there is no private messaging, I'm obliged to write this message here. I am concerned about vandalism in this wiki, especially recently, cause mainly the attacks have been more personal than at random. Not only pages have been vandalized, but also user profiles. We handle them by banning the IPS, but this is not effective at all, as I state Wikia's statement:

Some IP addresses change periodically, and may be shared by several users. If you are an anonymous user, you may create an account or log in to avoid future confusion with other anonymous users. Registering also hides your IP address. Why create an account? (How to create an account)

As you can see, today's vandal's IP might be different the next day. So by the end of the day, banning a “Wikia contributor” does absolutely nothing. Also there are several softwares that can easily change IPs to be a totally different one. These attacks, however, have something in common, they are personal and directed to certain people.

I am here to make an accusation, even if I risk to being banned or whatever. Nevertheless, this is getting ridiculous. This wikia is to inform people, created by strangers FOR strangers around the world , either registered or not. This is no place for competition or “who edited the most” or “Hey, you deleted my entry!”. If you disagree with something, then explain instead of screaming and insulting, which is what recently this wikia has been about. To be clear, making grammar or spelling mistakes, or confronting something you think is unfair, is not wrong. It all depends on how you deal with it, and Tee888 hasn't been doing the right approach.

Yes, all this is leading to Tee888. I might be a fairly new user, but all edits are saved in this Wikia, and I have had taken a look. I am not making accusations without certain information to back up my case. As some of us know, Tee888 has been harassing IGNATIUS , for “vandalizing” the wiki. You can go take a look at IGNATIUS Page, check the edit history and see for yourselves. Tee888 is kind of neurotic when it comes to his edits. Not only some of them are inaccurate, have bad grammar and spelling and might be speculations,


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* This mushroom is the biggest (and fatest) mushroom in the game, for now[[User:Tee888|...]”

but also he uses profanities when confronting the reason of why his entries were deleted.

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Tee888 (Talk | contribs)

(→Zombies That Fall On Their Back: new section)

== Zombies That Fall On Their Back ==



Tee888 09:04, November 22, 2010 (UTC) NOT YOUR MOMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This Wikia is suppose to be a community; having as a major goal to make this wiki filled with accurate information so other players can use it as a guide and have a better understanding of the game. It loses its purpose if one doesn't realize he/she's wrong. And also when it's all about “Oh, look, I did that” and when someone messes with it ( with a good reason (i.e. wrong information)) they go “WTFF! Why did you delete it!”. Then again, all the information we put into this Wiki is called a “contribution”, is not a competition. Tee888 believes it is, tho:

= Stop telling me what to do. ==

Will you stop telling me these messages!? I am editing on the iPad, don't blame me for grammar, and what is speculation???!!!

(P.S. I know your an admin, fine, don't.... Don't bother me, I'm dong my part n the wiki, trying to beat swampert rox.


Tee888 --Tee888 08:58, September 27, 2010 (UTC)

Yaoyao9's talk page

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Tee888 (Talk | contribs)

(→A lolwut: new section)

== A lolwut ==

Somehow, even though your younger than me, (In days of editing this wiki) your points are seriously high, how do you do it?

Tee888 has had the wrong approach since the beginning, but it surpassed the limit when he started vandalizing around. I am accusing Tee888 of vandalizing the Plants vs Zombies wikia and their users under different Ips.

One of the first times he did it, was on 12:27, September 28, 2010 (hist) under the IP of (Talk).

He did the following

Revision as of 12:27, September 28, 2010 (edit) (Talk)

(→Regular Plants)





In RandomguY 's profile

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0 O___________________



But... what makes me think it was Tee888?

The vandalism lasted from 12:27 to 12:39 (check on for further info)

Approx. 5 mins later, Tee888 posts this on Swampert rox page:

Revision as of 12:44, September 28, 2010 (edit) (undo)

== Someone's Vandalising... ==

The title says it all, after browse ring your page... Someone went to Vandalise Gallery of plants and Ducky Tube Zombie please erase those plz, if not, I'll do it... Wait, I should be doing it already... Lol, I want to be an Administrator pls? I'm good. I won't vandal or blah blah blah... Plz?


--Tee888 12:44, September 28, 2010 (UTC)

Also the phrases used, such as “ IMMAFIRINMAHLAZ0R” is from a community named /b/ - which I'll get into details later - of which Tee888 also seems fond of it too. He makes some references to this /b/ and.. guess what? Also the recent vandals.

Anyway, as you can see, what does this edit has to do with anything? I believe Tee888 vandalized the wiki himself so he can show Swampert rox – the administrator – he was doing good by removing the “vandalism” done. The Weird thing is? He asked to be an administrator before mending the edits, and the attack stopped as soon as he posted it, reverting the edits after.

Makes me ponder: so a random stranger enters a random wikia to vandalize it for 12 minutes with 4 edits, of which, somehow, took the time to look for the user “RandomguY” and vandalize his profile? This makes me think the vandal already knew RandomguY and had something against him. Well, Tee888 had something against him 2 hours before the attack:

Revision as of 10:07, September 28, 2010 (edit) (undo)

Tee888 (Talk | contribs)

(→I, Zombie levels, WHY NOT MAKE THOSE PAGES!?!?: new section)

== I, Zombie levels, WHY NOT MAKE THOSE PAGES!?!? ==

Why can't we make I, Zombie levels?!?! I already made ZomBoogie!!! This wiki a needs to EXPAND not DELETE what sort of admin are yah, a deleting one? I, Zombie levels are to help players know the Strategy

(What you might reply)

I, Zombie pages are too short to be considered a full page, thus, a piece of junk. So it needs to be deleted to save space


WT&$&@?! Y... Your just gonna live with it BUB!

One mayor on-going vandalizing situation is the one with IGNATIUS and Tee888. Go to history for more details.

Eventually, Tee888 got banned, but it didn't stop there. Coincidentally, an unknown user started vandalizing IGNATIUS profile:

Why would a random “Wikia contributor” vandalize a rather specific profile? Unless he has something against him... let's say like.. Tee888? All near same day, by the way. (December 21).

much more before that, another vandalizing accident happened in November, near the Tee888 – IGNATIUS accident.

As usual, IGNATIUS was the victim, eventually ending in Shadythecat banning him.

“Gues what! You've won the ultimate prize for editing others' user pages inapropriately!!!!!!! You're going on vacation (from the wiki) for a year!! That means that you're blocked. Meow Meow Meow-[ [Shadythecat] ] 15:31, November 18, 2010 (UTC) “

Tee888, enraged that Shadythecat had banned once another attempt at vandalizing, he proceeded to vandalize Shadythecat's page:

the weird thing is... on the first lines, it says

album name

Super Meat Boy! Soundtrack

but.. where has that been seen before? Let's take a look.

“My version of Plants vs. Zombies

Regular PC (No Steam) Iphone, Ipad, XBLA and pre-ordering Nintendo DS.

==Other games I play==

I play a variety of different games, here are my favorite

*Super Meat Boy *

  • http// Games

I dunno what else.... “

Tee888 notices this, and tries to hide evidence by deleting the word “Super Meat Boy” from his own page still disgused as “Vandalizer of the century”

Here we see how the “Vandalizer of the century” deletes *Super Meat Boy.

Regarding the most recent attack, with the user

it all comes to what happened earlier that day:

Alas, we move on

All men by nature desire knowledge. ~Aristole

Alas, this wiki isn't progressing much further. PvZ is only a single game, how can it be possible to create 500+ pages on something that not gonna update soon. Besides, the DS has only the new miniganes to talk about, you can't make 50+ pages just about THAT can you? Like you said, no I, zombie pages. So, I've decided, why not create a NEW wiki!?

lolumad ~IGNATIUS

I may be mad, but, wikis are for knowledge, I've seen other wikis during my ban, and by far the most successful ones have multiple topics, like Harry potter (I AM NOT A FAN OF IT)

So, why don't we start to an entire "Popcap" wiki, I know several addicts to other games, and by far I love bejeweled twist and 3 a lot.

I'm not forcing you. I'm just saying my facts. Several wikis, originally here, have moved to start anew, we can copy the most important pages and paste it onto the new wiki. I'm wanting you to be the berucat (bad spelling) and leader of it... Eh?

A few more questionsEdit

A bit more questioning here.

*who started this wiki? *

  • Does Popcap know about this wiki?
  • 'Is IGNATIUS gonna die very soon?
  • when did you heard of this wiki?

That's all to ask.

Best regard and happy new year. Press the Button--> O <--PRESS IT! 14:01, January 5, 2011 (UTC)

and what happens 26 minutes later? All this:

Here's the reason why:

As stated up above, Tee888 was done with this wiki:

“this wiki isn't progressing much further.”

“ So, I've decided, why not create a NEW wiki!? “.

“So, why don't we start to an entire "Popcap" wiki, I know several addicts to other games, and by far I love bejeweled twist and 3 a lot. “

This is enough reason and motivation to start deleting/vandalizing entries. He's starting a new wiki, why not eliminate competition? He doesn't care about it anymore. Further proof is that he hasn't contributed much , near at all towards this Wikia.

While he was editing, and saw that I kept undoing all efforts of vandalism, he turned on me and started editing on my Profile. I personally didn't mind, I had nothing on it. But then started messing with IGNATIUS profile again (coincidence?). He also edited his own profile (Tee888) and added me, HellPikachu, to his list of “Enemies”. Eventually, he gave up and disappeared for a while. He was banned afterwards.

The weird thing is, Tee888 didn't remove me from his “Enemies” list, even thought never interacted with him in anyway.

He also states he “partially” agreed with the vandal. So that means he was on his side? Or more like, he IS the vandal. Obviously I'm the vandal's enemy.

My point is, Tee888 should be banned. He brings nothing positive to this community, and even if it won't stop the attacks, it would sure dis encourage him from doing it for long.

I would add further information as I find time, If needed at all.