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  • Happy-shroom


    March 3, 2018 by Happy-shroom

    Hello everyone, Happy-shroom here.

    PVZ has gotten really boring for me, especially with nothing new happening. I've sort of moved away from the franchise at the moment, and there's nothing really interesting to do here. So, I'm going to leave here for now, perhaps forever, maybe if a new game releases I will come back. 

    I just want to thank everyone here for giving me a wonderful time at this wiki. I've enjoyed discussing with y'all and being a discussion mod. Anyways, adios everyone, and good luck to this wikia!


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  • Happy-shroom

    5000 Articles!

    October 9, 2017 by Happy-shroom

    With the recent update of Colossal Fossils in Plants vs. Zombies Heroes, we have reached 5000 pages on this wiki!

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  • Happy-shroom

    A little inactivity

    August 18, 2017 by Happy-shroom

    Yeah. I've been on a bunch of breaks recently. But with the upcoming eclipse, I'm going to the US for that and a vacation, so I'll be inactive for about 2 weeks.

    See y'all later!

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  • Happy-shroom

    Ok, so here are some changes to PvZ Heroes that I want to see and would make the game much better. Aside from the obvious "fix the bugs" and "no rarity changes" rant, here are some other things that could change the game. 

    Infinite Quests

    So you know those quests where you get 3 every couple of hours, that give 10 gems each (sometimes more)? Yeah, I'm suggesting that we should get infinite of those. How many ways do we have to get gems currently? Ranking up, watching ads, and quests. Ads don't work for a lot of people, and when they do, are annoying and I really don't want to waste my time trying to watch ads for gems (I only watch them when I'm like 5 gems away from a pack). Plus, there's a limit. Yeah, ranking up, but what happens after yo…

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  • Happy-shroom


    July 19, 2017 by Happy-shroom

    Ok so I made a thread about this, but it was quickly closed down. But I still want people to see this message so I'm going to make a blog post about it.

    Moonwalker's description never mentions a gender. Nothing in the game mentions a gender about it. Yet, the entire Moonwalker page is filled with "she". Unless I'm missing something here, nothing ever referenced to the gender, so it shouldn't be assumed. It has already been changed back to "it" now.

    Some people think it's female because of the eyelashes. Some people just think it's male (I'm not sure the reasoning). But it could just be a very feminist guy or someone who made themselves look the opposite gender. Althought people might say it looks very feminine, some people also think it look…

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