What is "World of Wickians"?

World of the Wickians is a collaborative project between several users that aims to tell a story of the Wiki itself using elements primarily inspired by both the Super Smash Bros. series and the War of the Wikians event on Discord. Many users have gathered on Discord to plan and write the entire tale, including the main authors GamesterD, GamerNerd_i, Marcia Aeris/Soaring Sprocket/Issa, and Murkrxw/Lord Helix990/Lapis. The work will be split into several blog posts, with each author publishing a section as it is finished.

We hope that you enjoy the product of our stupid little ideas.


This series of writings includes characters from based on actual users on this Wiki. While most of them have agreed to be apart of this and have approved the design of their character, a few have not. If you appear and were not asked for consent, please understand that we in no way intended to offend you. The authors of this project sincerely apologize for anything we do that may be interpreted as an insult, and would like to remind you that we're just trying to have a little bit of stupid fun.

Chapter 1: The Beginning of the End

This land was peaceful, once, a long time ago.

It is said that this world came into fruition through the labor of the Hand of Creation, Wckd. He came into being from the nothingness and shaped the land in an inspired flurry of activity. The first users arrived, building their settlements among the virgin world. Then, just as quickly as he had appeared, Wckd vanished, leaving behind him a relic known as the Ultimate Banhammer, a weapon of such force that it would banish even the most powerful trolls to a dark realm, another realm, a realm of desolate, chaotic darkness, of the pain of existing and not. The users were left without a leader for a time, fearful that it would fall into the wrong hands…Until one user took up the weapon, known now as the Hand of Change, Vectorgreg. He reigned, and the community thrived. Soon, though, he too vanished into the air, taking the Ultimate Banhammer with him. None of them—the hammer, Vectorgreg, or Wckd—have been seen since.

Nonetheless, the users lived in harmony, content with this world. As it created, it was catalogued by the users. Every plant, every undead being, every weird, random, wacky, wonderful item discovered in the world, forged by their hands, or purchased by a crazy man wearing a pot. Everything from the creators above, an act of passion. Everything from the users below, an act of love.

More would come into existence, and the users continued to make our notes and jot down our findings, some of them even creating their own beings, inspired by the wonders that they lived among. Soulless sprouts and even more soulless zombies evolved, developed independent thought and personality, cultivated by those known as the Game Masters. In time, two new branches formed in the boughs of this great Wiki: One, the domain of Fun and Games. The other, the realm of Roleplay.

Conflict was rare; if anyone saw trouble, they need only speak and the Staff would appear, wielding their mighty banhammers, exiling the malicious user to some unknown hole of isolation. These measures were more than enough to keep peace, for a time. However, unbeknownst to the denizens of the Wiki and the Staff themselves, these banished users sought revenge. And so, like the foul smell of a Chomper’s breath, their corruption from the shadows began...

They began with the branch of the Roleplayers, for by their very nature they were malleable. They could create entirely new personas for themselves within the blink of an eye, and shift between these states of existence like actors changing costume. Some invested in these personas so immensely that they became a separate part of the roleplayer, a being whose life force was bound inseparably from their creator.

However, not all of these characters reached their full potential. These personas, fabricated by a foul sect of Roleplayers and Fun and Gamers known as the Character Creators, found themselves reviled and rejected by their peers, just like their masters. Some said they were overpowered. Others denounced their unoriginality. None but their own declared them as “good”.

The horrors multiplied. Wickians began calling for a removal of the Character Creators. They soon got their wish. By the power of the Staff, the Character Creators and their abominations were banished to the forsaken realm of pain and nonexistence. In time, they shaped this forsaken place into their own: the PvZCC Wiki. Their bitterness festered as more and more creations rose, were forgotten, and fell. It left a gnawing feeling in their hearts, a hunger for power. Power which could be granted by users who shared a similar fate... ''This heart of darkness breeds unspeakable monstrosities... But for now, they remain largely irrelevant.

At the current moment, things are as peaceful as they have been for years. Notable users, including Staff both current and retired, live in a land of modeled after the very early creations of Those Above. Every structure had been built faithfully, keeping a careful eye on the design of the original. Every detail was painstakingly recreated, every nuance accounted for. From the various apartments inspired by the cities of Garden Warfare, to a certain Squirrel’s Ancient Egyptian ruins, to the red-tiled roofs and checkered-blue pools of the original Suburbia. The product was a magnificent landscape amalgamated from the combined inspirations of many users, constructed from the love, sweat, and occasional tears of the one thing that united them all: a love of the series, whether only formerly or currently as well. ''The only section that seemed out of place is an area originally planned for Adventures, plans that crumbled with its downfall. Few cared for later updates too, leaving the landscape fairly outdated in terms of designs. Nonetheless, everything was good. Whether it would remain that way, only time would tell…

The town of New Suburbia was a humble town. Plants coexisted with humans here, occasionally defending against the frequent zombie attack(Though these attacks were very few and far in between; one did not occur in a very long time prior to these events). Many people living in this town settled in apartments.

In a room in one of the apartments, two boys could be seen, arguing about what appeared to be a very grave issue for both of them. Both were Asians, had dark hair, and had glasses though one of the boy’s glasses were more technological. That user wore a dark hoodie shirt with a pocket, a toolbelt on his waist, black shorts with neon green stripes. The boy was not putting on his hoodie and had a sheathed sword attached to his tool belt though there seems to be no intentions of drawing it...yet.

The other person sported a green jacket with silver highlights, a green and black striped polo shirt, and khaki cargo pants. Compared to his opponent, he wasn't nearly as armed; in fact, he had nothing on him but a pencil and notepad.

“Did you really have to bring this topic again, GamerNerd?!?! You already know what I'm going to say!!!” the boy with the blade screamed.

“And you know exactly what I’m going to say, Gamester,” GamerNerd replied calmly, despite the fact that Gamester could easily slice him at any given moment. “We've had this argument once before. Time didn’t change my opinion. Toadstool outclasses Chomper, and that’s that.” His nonchalant reply was laced with a hint of matter-of-factness.

Gamester's mouth cringed in a corner in somewhat defeat but still mouthed the retort "At least he hasn't been Cold Snapdragon'd, both sun wise and money wise."

While the two continued arguing, they failed to notice someone knocking the door, like, ten times.

GamerNerd shrugged. "No, he hasn’t, and personally that’s why I don’t mind using Toadstool. It doesn’t make me feel like a scumbag.”

“Well Chomper has other strengths as being able to 3-shot most zombot mec...wait f###, that got fixed. I meant Plant Food differences. The pushing mechanic can assist in some levels like Save our Seeds and whatnot.”

The doorbell rang. They didn’t reply.

“Here’s the thing,” GamerNerd began, pacing a little, “Comparing their Plant Food effects is like comparing apples to oranges. The only thing they have in common is Zombie removal. The range and effects aren’t the same.” He stops for a moment. “That being said, I will concede that Chomper’s Plant Food is generally preferable in most situations.”

Gamester's expression changed to a more lighter note. He smiled a bit, calmed down and satisfied with that small and probably insignificant victory. “Ah, at least I didn't defend this time with some design opinion like old times, eh.” He chuckled from the thought. “Watch the world be saved by a Chomper somehow.”

Just as Gamester finished his sentence, the doorbell rang once more, loud and clear. GamerNerd glanced at the door. “You should probably get that...Something tells me we’ve been a little too invested in this discussion. I should get back to transcribing our history in a little bit.”

Gamester hurried to the door and opened it. He was met by someone glaring at him.

“Can’t you guys shut the fuck up? I was trying to take a shower in peace and I could hear you from two floors down.”

It was one of the pair’s...uh, friends? Anyways, Allison Akiko lived directly under Gamester’s apartment, two floors down. She was a little shorter than him, and seemed to constantly be in a serious mood. She wore a black thermal shirt base layer under a dark blue T-shirt, and long black pants with black boots. Her blue hair went all the way down to her waist, and she had two black belts on her hips. On one of the belts was hooked what appeared to be a sheathed sword.

“I can hear you two arguing about Chompers and Toadstools all the way down there. Who even cares about a frog you have to waste some money on.”

Gamester shrugged and replied “It’s an old feud.”

“Yeah, I know it’s an old ‘feud’. No, I don’t like to constantly hear you two argue about it. It’s gotten a bit old and frankly it’s a bit obvious which one is better.”

“Obviously the Piranha Plant wannabe.” Gamester said half-sarcastically, half-serious.

Allison walked off to a wall, slammed her face on it in half-frustration, half-grief, then walked back to Gamester.

“What, that part was a joke. We could stop if you want...yeah, you probably do.” Gamester said, somewhat fearful but not too much.

“Please do.” She shifted her weight onto one hip and looked off at the wall, disinterested. She’d kind of gotten used to his frequent arguments with GamerNerd, but it would always be nice for them to just stop for once.

An explosion rocked the room. Someone from the adjacent apartment yelled in a panic. GamerNerd exhaled loudly.

“Lord have mercy. I swear on my life, this is the tenth time…” He sighed and began making his way out of the room. “A moment, if you would. You’d think that giving them their own place connected via portal would prevent these incidents, but no...” He hurried down the hall, calling out names and swearing in frustration, before disappearing into his now-smoking room.

Allison turned to watch him go. “The fuck’s he talking about?”

Gamester casually answered “It's probably his OC's, Aidan, Nadia, etc doing some….stuff. I don't know too much but that's my guess.”

“Oh, I’ve heard of them...They’re...weird.”

“Everything is weird in this place, we literally have plants that can kill a goddamn mechanical machine for Christ sakes.”

Someone stumbled out of GamerNerd’s room, coughing. He looked almost identical to the person who went in, but is wearing a pretty different set of clothes, most particularly a long, white and gold cloak. He approached the pair with an embarrassed look on his face.

“Hey guys, uh… In case you were wondering, that explosion was my fault. With something like alchemy, chemicals can’t be relied on to remain stable while crossing dimensions, apparently. Boss told me to get out and take a walk, so… I’ll do that now.” The GamerNerd doppelganger hurried down the stairs, presumably out to the sidewalk.

“N-nani?” Allison didn’t know what to say.

Gamester, unfazed by the events that occured, simply nodded and said “Chemistry can be a mess, Aidan. Drek is an example of that.”

Allison started to open her mouth to protest, but decided it would be better to just shut up. She had no idea she’d end up seeing much weirder things later...

Down at the sidewalk, Aidan was indeed taking a walk. As he was walking, he bumped into a figure...a dark figure that stank. A lot.

He slowed his walk to glance at the passing stranger. Smells like the Butcher’s meat house…Probably just a zombie. He kept walking for a while before stopping. Zombies shouldn’t be in this area, though…

Aidan looked upward and noticed something that in normal cases would be terrifying; a mass of hungry and undead zombies with tie coats and browncoats...but in this case, Aidan wasn’t helpless enough to plant plants to defend himself for some reason.

“Damn it all…” He scrambled for his phone and dialed GamerNerd. “Hey, GN… There’s an issue here on the streets.”

“You’re more than capable of handling yourself, and you know that.” He was still frustrated. “I’m still trying to clean this mess up. What is this?”

“There’s a ton of Zombies out here.”

On the other end, something sounded like it dropped. “What? You’re kidding.”

“Not this time.”

Aidan heard cursing and some yelling. “I’ll send Nadia down and tell the other residents. You know what to do.”

Aidan nodded and pocketed his phone. He held out his hand, and a scythe formed. “Me and N fighting zombies… Just like old times.” With a blur, the hack and slash began.

Back upstairs, a blonde girl in denims dashed down the same hall that Gamester and Allison stood in. “‘Scuse me, pardon me, that caudex downstairs requires my assistance. Again.” The pair didn’t even need to move as she ran right up the wall like something out of a parkour video.

“Who’s she?” Allison asked.

Gamester with one eye open slightly, answered “That’s Nadia, Aidan’s partner and umm…future wife.”

“Ugh, I really have to know my ‘neighbors’ better.”

“Now’s not the time, unfortunately,” GamerNerd said, appearing behind Allison suddenly. “We’ve got a horde incoming. We need to warn everyone, now.”

“Uh...horde of what exactly?” Gamester asked, clearly wanting more information.

“Probably some dumb ants. I had a problem with some ants yesterday.”

“Zombies, if my…Friend…Is telling me the truth.” He seemed uneasy. “I’ve no reason to believe he’s lying.

“Oh, boo hoo, Zombies.”

GN glared. “Don’t count your chickens before they’re hatched. I’m going to take a look to make sure it’s worth raising the alarm. You can come and see for yourself if you’re as courageous as you make yourself sound.”

“I'll check out the window,” Gamester replied as he does to do exactly that. He looked down at the scene below. Inside of him built nervousness, but also mischief.

“Well, Aidan wasn't kidding and there are tons of them. But...these are basic browncoats and…” a zombie head bounced next to him, splatting on the building wall before falling.

“I think he's fine for now. But just in case…” Gamester proceeds to jump out the window and presses a button on his hoodie. Suddenly, it is replaced with a black suit with red plattings and blue knuckles. Gamester, battle ready, axe kicks downward and lands on a poor zombie next to Aidan and gets up perfectly fine somehow. He unsheathes his sword, the blade’s 3 blue gems on the hilt glowing radiantly as the wielder gets ready for combat.

Back at the apartment, a small light grey colored cat with Impfinity’s goggles, belt, and light bulb on the head arrived at the scene, confused with all the commotion.

“What on earth is going on out here you guys?” the cat said.

Allison looked around, then focused on the cat. “Hell.”

“Bummer, I was gonna go out and kick the living shit out of some fun and ga—” the cat was cut off by a zombie’s dislodged arm before he could finish his sentence.

“So...didn’t they say there would be zombies? Where are they?” Allison’s hand flew to her sheathed sword.

A zombie head flew through Gamester’s still open window and rolled towards the group, mouth and eyes open but very dead...again. The cat put his feet on the head and looked at it.

“Well, this hasn’t happened in a long time. And coincidently, I was going to destroy some fools and it appears to be going toward this zombie horde you’ve been talking about,” stated the feline.

The cat, named DreamyImpy or Dreamy for short, ran towards the window and jumped off it, landing perfectly like a cat...because, well, he is a cat, and pressed a button on his belt. Suddenly, multiple Dreamies appeared and began punching all the zombies left. They were at the mercy of his clones, Aidan Nadia’s teamwork, and Gamester’s feet, fists, and blade.

GN watches Gamester and Dreamy go, almost enviously. He looks up and down the street. “They’ve got things under control. Just call if you need me, I’m gonna finish cleaning up this mess.”

He pats Allison on the back before returning to his still-smoking apartment.

Allison sighed. “Oh, why am I even here?” She looked away and tried to think about just how she got into this mess, and, unknowingly, an even bigger one in the future...

End of Chapter 1


  • The beginning argument of Gamester and GamerNerd arguing about Toadstool was a real incident that can still be seen in the comment section of Toadstool though unlike in this argument, the IRL version was heavily favored to GamerNerd due to Gamester being a complete idiot at the time. To see the argument, go to this page and head to the 2nd page of the comments section.
  • Despite Allison's constant use of uncensored swearing, Gamester's swearing is(and will) be censored due to his tendencies to censor in almost any occasion despite it being aloud.
  • Allison is the avatar of Lapis in this story.
  • Expect a ton of Fire Emblem references in the future. Too many to be exact.
  • The title is misspelled "Wikians" instead of "Wickians" because Gamester is still an idiot.
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