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  • Suburbia, Dave's House, Plant HQ*

Peashooter: We have a mission for you Peashooter #32973, Sunflower #59302, and Wall-Nut #23623

Peashooter #32973: What is it?

Sunflower: Some zombies have been spotted at Marvin Avenue. They don't have signs of hostility yet but check on them to be safe.

Wall-Nut #23623: But what happens if they attack?

Sunflower #59302: We fight them. Let's go!*The 3 plants go outside*

  • Surburbia, Marvin Avenue*

Peashooter #32973: You know, shouldn't those kids be handling this?

Sunflower #59302: They're doing something else now. Wall-Nut, you know she's got a point.

Wall-Nut #23623: I guess...wait,*looks at Peashooter #32973*You're a girl?

Peashooter #32973: Yes, not all plants are the same genders of their own. Anyway, I think the zombies is there.*Points at a zombies trying to scare humans*

Zombie: RA!*Scares some humans*This is fun. Is this what they do as a villain, maybe?*Gets shot by a pea*What the?

Peashooter #32973: In the name of Surburbia, stop this!*Shoots another pea*

Zombie: *Gets hit*Oww! That's it. *Charges in only to trip*

Sunflower #59302: Wow, that zombie is so stupid.

Zombie: Trust me, that wasn't me. Something else is movin...*The zombie and the plants get thrown back to Dave's House as something comes from the ground*

Peashooter #32973: Ugh...*Sees a giant robot*What the?*Looks up to see a zombie in a lab coat*Hey, isn't that zombie that commands all the zombies that our commanders keep talking about?

Wall-Nut #23623: I think so?


Zombie: Yes my master. Anytime.

Dr. Zomboss: AH HA HA HA HA!!!! PREPARE TO DIE PLANTS!!!*Shoots Zombie which turns him into a hero like state*

Zombie: Ah ha!*Punches Peashooter #32973 a lot*I'm so strong! I want a new name cause of my handsome looks!

Dr. Zomboss: Well, I guess you deserve one. I shall name you "Super Brainz".

Super Brainz: YES! Time to put these plants to justice.

Peashooter #32973: *Gasping*We need help.*Faints*

Wall-Nut #23623: PEASHOOTER!*Runs near her with Sunflower #59302*

Dr. Zomboss: HA HA HA! With this weapon, all my puny zombies will be heroes of zombiekind. DOMINATION WILL BE A PIECE OF CAKE!!!!!!!! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA...

  • Please Standbye*

Dr. Zomboss: ...HA HA HA HA!!!!!*Accidently presses a button* What the...*Sees it marked as "DO NOT PUSH!"*Oh crap.*The Hero-Tron 5000 explodes releasing energy knocking everyone unconscious*

  • Exactly 3 minutes and 21 seconds later...*

Peashooter #32973: *Wakes up groaning*Ugh...what just happened?

Sunflower #59302: *Wakes up as well*I dunno.*Notices what Peashooter #32973 looks like* might want to look at yourself.

Peashooter #32973: Huh?*Notices that she's wearing a Robin Hood like mask and cloak*That's nice?*Notices Wall-Nut #23623 and Sunflower #59302 looks*You look different as well*

Sunflower #59302 and Wall-Nut #23623: What?*Looks at themselves to see that Wall-Nut #23623 has a belt while Sunflower #59302 has goggles and a shirt with a leaf symbol*How...

Peashooter #32973: Maybe it's because due to that explosion. Now we can take those zombies on.

Dr. Zomboss: Dammit! Super Brainz, retreat. We must get more power. We cannot beat these plants to their deaths as much as I love to do that.

Super Brainz: Fine.*Flies away carrying Zomboss*

Peashooter #32973: We need to report this. NOW!

  • 5 minutes later...*

Sunflower #59302: *Whispers to Peashooter #32973*You lied.

Wall-nut:'re all basically heroes? Neat.

Peashooter: What's important is to give you new names. Saying a plant species #something is annoying plus now you're unique. For you Peashooter #32973, I dub you "Green Shadow".

Green Shadow: Cool. What about the others?

Sunflower: Well, for Sunflower #59302 I'll dub as Solar Flare. As of Wall-Nut #23623, he'll be known as Wall-Knight.

Solar Flare: So what powers do we have?*Puts on her goggles to literally turn on fire. Notices everyone gasping*What?

Wall-Knight: You're literally on fire.

Solar Flare: Oh...AWESOME!!!*Begins flying around like crazy*

Wall-Knight: Wonder what I got...*Random rocket comes at him*OH NO!!!*Gets hit only to find himself protected by armor*COOL!

E.M. Peach: *Runs towards the group*Sorry, a rocket malfunctioned.*Notices the hero plants*Who are they?

Peashooter: A new dawn of heroes. Green Shadow, you said that the robot blew up and turned you to heroes right?

Green Shadow: Yea, so?

Wall-nut: We kinda have a problem about Potato Mine #38492.

Green Shadow: How bad?*32 seconds later*Oh...

Potato Mine #38492: *Looks like a sumo wrestling potato with a Potato Mine head*What? Did I eat a donut?

Potato Mine: I don't even...

Peashooter: Umm...quick dub. Potato Mine #38492, you shall now be known as Spudow.

Spudow: Like the name. So what?*Looks down to see his body*Man, I knew I shouldn't have ate that donut.

Green Shadow: It's not because of a donut.

E.M. Peach: You know...I might be able to find some other heroes.

Peashooter: Great! Do that. We need more plants. Who knows if the ray affected the zombies too.

  • Some zombie infested place, Z-Tech HQ*

Dr. Zomboss: *Comes in the lab*DRAT! DRAT! DRAT! Not only did my ray self implode, it effected the plants! THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE! I only got to turn one stupid useless minion into an amazing zombie savior.

Super Brainz: So...I'm not a slave anymore?

Dr. Zomboss: No, err I mean yes, you're no longer my servant. But anyways there's go to be some positive consequence for this.*A television is almost tossed at him though he dodges*What the...*Sees a strange imp*An Imp?*Sees an exact copy of the same Imp somewhere else*What the...

Super Brainz: I have no idea what's going on either.

Dr. Zomboss: *Pushes his way towards an Imp on a chair*Are you one of my minions?

???: For a while, but now I'M CRAZY!*Presses a button on his belt making more of him*

Super Brainz: I got this.*Defeats all the imps except for the one in the chair*

???: Ah man. Good thing I can make more of me!

Dr. Zomboss: Hold it, you must've been hit by that explosion. YES, I knew some of my zombies could still be heroes. Tell you what, you'll be known as "Impfinity" and you'll get free candy each day.

Impfinity: That's nice, but we also have a mutated Garagantar that does wrestling better than anyone and a dancer that literally brings a shock.

Dr. Zomboss: Hmm...Super Brainz, Impfinity, get them.

Super Brainz and Impfinity: Yes sir!*Goes out and back with a giant Gargantuar and a electrified dancer*

???: What are we doing here?

Dr. Zomboss: For arrangements for being super buffed.

???: I don't like you. I want to smash you.

Dr. Zomboss: First, names. You dancer will be "Electric Boogaloo". While you Gargantuar shall be called...umm...*Hero-fied Garagntuar cracks his knuckles at him*The Smash!

The Smash: The Smash? I like that. I like you.

Electric Boogaloo: Guess that makes sense.

Super Brainz: We're now 4 heroes!

Dr. Zomboss: Yes and I intend to find more. *Insert Maniacal Laugh here*

  • Back at Dave's House*

E.M. Peach: I have located at least 4 heroes. But there's some bad news.

Green Shadow: What is it.

E.M. Peach: It appears there are 9 zombie heroes affected.

Wall-Nut: Shoot, we need to get of the heroes fast. Who's the closest hero we can find.

E.M. Peach: It appears to be Bonk Choy #49322. Let's dub him Grass Knuckles.

Spudow: Where's his current location?

E.M. Peach: In an amusement park.

Sunflower: It's settled now. Green Shadow and Solar Flare will go to that park while Spudow and Wall-Knight will stay incase we find more in their locations.

Solar Flare: We'll be on our way. Let's fly.

Green Shadow: But I can't fl...*Solar Flare goes into fire mode, grabs Green Shadow, and flies away.

Spudow: That was interesting?

Wall-Knight: And so is this!*"Points at a strange pink thing expanding*

Peashooter: What is this?

  • The pink thing expands and expands than suddenly disappears leaving a plant that's levitating and holding a wand.

Sunflower: *Starring at the wand*It can't be...

Stay tuned for Issue 2. Will Green Shadow and Solar Flare find Grass Knuckles, what problems will they face, what is that mysterious plant, and why does Super Brainz have an amazing hairstyle(OK, maybe not that one)? We'll see in Issue 2.


  • This was completed the day PvZ Heroes was released.
  • Issue # is to match comic book listing.
  • This saga series are made by a cooperation of me and Lily8763cp. I make the stories cause I do it more frequently.
  • Guess what wand the mystery plant is holding.
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