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  • Mini-Golf Rumble Hill, Suburbia*

Wall-Knight: *Drawing a blue golf ball*Look guys, I made a cool drawing!*The drawing is burned to crisp by some blue flare*Hey!

Captain Combustible: Oops. Didn't mean to incinerate your "great" drawing.

Wall-Knight: Why are you so mean to me?

Captain Combustible: Being stuck in a box for a while does something to one's personality as if I wasn't strict enough. Being forced to fuel the golf's campfire doesn't help as well.*Camera reveals that Captain Combustible is in a campfire with Wall-Knight on a couch near it*

Wall-Knight: Isn't your job to help other plants?

Captain Combustible: *Glares at Wall-Knight and summons a giant blue flaming avatar of himself*DOES THIS LOOK LIKE THE FACE OF HELPING!!!

Wall-Knight: Umm...*A golf ball crashes through the window and activates Wall-Knight's armor*I dunno. I can't see you.

Captain Combustible: *Twitches his eye*WHAT IS WITH THIS WORLD!!!

  • The door of the cabin the two heroes are staying opens with Solar Flare coming out*

Solar Flare: Hey guys, have you seen my golf ball? I think it landed in here somewhere.

Captain Combustible: Consider it done.*Points with his feet at a black pile of ash*

Solar Flare: *Sighs*Well, there goes my perfect 18 streak.

Peashooter: *From outside*You weren't even on the 6th hole!

Captain Combustible: How long do I have to remain like this? I'm hating it more and more.

Solar Flare: Around the time the zombies come to golf.

Captain Combustible: And that is?

Solar Flare: Around 10 hours from now.

Captain Combustible: AUGHHHHH...*A brickwall seals him and Solar Flare and Wall-Knight apart*

Solar Flare: Ahh that's better. Now, what are you gonna do Wall-Knight?

Wall-Knight: Zzzzzzzzzzz...

Solar Flare: Great, he's asleep.

Peashooter: *Comes into the cabin*He does that a lot these days ever since we found Hibernating Beary. He'll wake up in time, don't worry.

Solar Flare: Alright.

  • 11 hours later...*
  • The zombies are in the golf course with many, many, many, loss arms*

Brain Freeze: Are you sure this is a good idea guys?

Impfinity: We're bored. And you need to recover after getting spit back from Crazy Waves.

The Smash: Me like pancakes.

Brain Freeze: That doesn't help much. I still don't see why we share this golf course with the plants.

Impfinity: I have no idea either. Ask Zomboss for that.

Brain Freeze: Well I'll be asking him first thing I...*Sees Wall-Knight sleeping*How...

Impfinity: Ohhh...I have a plan.

The Smash: Smash him?

Impfinity: No, even better.

  • 5 minutes later...*

Brain Freeze: *Putting Wall-Knight onto a golf top thing(I dunno what those are called)*Ya know, this ain't a bad idea.*Swings his golf club onto Wall-Knight and launches him high in the sky*I shot a four.

Impfinity: Hah! You suck! I still shooting in my hundreds.

Brain Freeze: Yeah about the points for golf...

The Smash: *Smashes the ground launching Wall-Knight even further into a hole*Me got perfect.

Impfinity:You can't be perfect! Only I can!

Brain Freeze: *Slaps his hand on his face*This is so great.*Picks up Wall-Knight from the hole but lays him down near the hole*Well the points of golfing are quite different guys. First off...

  • In Wall-Knight's imagination...*

Wall-Knight: *Imagining him and Green Shadow on a date*Aww, that's cute honey. No no, dinner's on me. Hang on, I'll get my wallet from the car.

Pecanolith: I'm not your car.*Fires a laser at the building Wall-Knight is in*

Wall-Knight: Oh gosh!!!*Begins running to dodge the fire*

  • In reality*

Baseball Zombie #75389745290: Gonna make the shot.*Putts a ball but Wall-Knight suddenly rushes in blocking it*HEY!!!

Wall-Knight: THE LASERS ARE COMING!*Crashes onto a building, bringing it down*

The Smash: *Notices the crashed down buildings*Hey, me didn't do that. Whoever did this must be smashed.

Brain Freeze: *Sighs*Alright Defensive End, I know it was you.

Defensive End: *In the fence obstacle*Wasn't me. Think it was that nut.

Brain Freeze: Oh him.*Quckly spins in a 360 and finds Wall-Knight in the debree*You're dead.*Quickly creates an icicle and throws it at Wall-Knight only for the icicle to break instantly*Oh...that armor.

Impfinity: Fight?

Brain Freeze: Nope, this is impossible. And it has nothing to do with Imps...except for you Impfinity.

The Smash: What do you mean "impopible"?

Brain Freeze: *Slaps his face*That's another thing. He's impossible to beat as far as I know.

The Smash: Me will beat him!*Charges at Wall-Knight and slams at him as hard as possible only for his fist to rebound right to himself*Ouchie!!! What is this?!!?

Brain Freeze: That's his armor. As far I know and the others knowledge, it's inpenetrable to pretty much anything.

Impfinity: We'll crack it!*Clones himself a thousand times*Hya!!!*All the clones fire lasers at Wall-Knight. It does abosolutely nothing*

Brain Freeze: See, good luck trying to break that shell.*Raises his hands*I'll melt it.*Summons an acid rain that pours down the entire golf course*

Tennis Champ #68340: *Walks up to Brain Freeze*Umm...sir, you're kinda destroying the entire golf course. And that ain't going to melt the armor you know.

Brain Freeze: *Fires a icy blast at the Tennis Champ*It'll melt, don't worry. Besides, this acid isn't that powerful.*Camera reveals that half of the course has been melted*

Wall-Knight: Zzzzz, John Green had a green thumb, zzzzzzz...

The Smash: Me don't think that'll do anything.

Brain Freeze: *Stops the acid and turns around to reveal that his eyes have been melted off but he hasn't notcied due to freezing his eyeballs as well*I think it worked.

The Smash: Umm...well, me think me got an idea.

Impfinity: Really?

The Smash: No, me manager got it.

Brain Freeze: You have a manager?

The Smash's Manager: *Pops out from The Smash's back*Hoi there!

Impfinity: How did we not notice?

The Smash's Manager: Explain how Captain Deadbeard can pull out a cannon and barrel out of nowhere.

Impfinity: Point taken. Anyway, what's you're plan?

The Smash's Manager: Get cloning.

  • 2 minutes later...*

The Smash's Manager: *Looking at a ton a Impfinity clones frozen together to form an ginormous icy golf club*Alright, that's good.

Impfinity: *A clone brings him some hot chocolate and he sips from it*Always nice to drink stuff.

Brain Freeze: *Freezes the same clone that brought the beverage by accident*I'm doing this right, right?

The Smash's Manager: Umm...yeah. Hey Smash, hold this thing we made.

The Smash: Sure thing.*Grabs the club and aims itn at Wall-Knight*Ready.

The Smash's Manager: Alright, swing.

Wall-Knight: *Wakes up*Hey guys, what's...*Realises that he's surrounded by zombies*hey, what happened?

The Smash: FORE!!!*Swings his club at Wall-Knight sending him sky high*

Wall-Knight: Holy Macaroni!!!*Crashes onto a building with the sign saying  "Galactic Gourmet Factory"*

Cheese Cutter: *Running away from Chompzilla*Please spare me, I just wanted some cheese.

Chompzilla: Go make your own bastard.*Swings her arms at the zombie but Wall-Knight rips through her vine and crushes the zombie*What the...*Pulls out Wall-Knight from the destruction*What happened?

Wall-Knight: The zombies invaded the golf course when they weren't supposed to.

Chompzilla: Nah, it's their time to golf.

Wall-Knight: Check on them anyway.

Chompzilla: Ugh...fine.*Pulls her neck up and looks at the golf course*Umm...why does it look like Freddy Kruger's face?

Wall-Knight: Dunno.

Chompzilla: I see three heroes, looks like one of them is saying that Zomboss is sending some of their heroes to a university. Looks like we have some info.

Wall-Knight: Really...I mean, of course I knew.

Chompzilla: You don't have to lie. Here, I'll give you some cheese.

Wall-Knight: Thanks ma...*Remebers Chompzilla is a female*...m.

The End.


  • Most of the heroes featured in the saga are from the comic strips or the battles the only exception being Chompzilla.
  • Combustible uses a meme(I think) to attempt to scare Wall-Knight.
  • What is that golf top thingy I mentioned?
  • This confirms that Wall-Knight likes Green Shadow. For some reason, that part was scribbled out in blue crayon along with this to the eyes of peas.
  • The Smash makes a BTD reference being "Impoppable".
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