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  • The Forrest, Suburbia*

Immorticia: *Walking in the woods with The Smash and Rustbolt*I must say, this forrest is in excellent condition. I may use it as a source to use my potions.

Rustbolt: *Weed Spraying a ton of trees*What?

The Smash: *Hiding a ton of smashed trees behind his back*Me not know what lady said.

Immorticia: *Slaps her face*Great. You'll also be removing our cover from the plants.

Rustbolt: *Hides his Weed Spray*Yay. We need to sneak into the plant base without being seen. Why did we bring The Smash though.

Immorticia: We needed a heavy. And Super Brainz is so freakishly loud.

The Smash: SMASH!!!

Rustbolt: Uh uh. Yeah. *Notices a Zapricot, Smoosh-shroom, and Vanilla*We got company.

Vanilla #90: F...f....freeze heroes!

Zapricot #77: Yeah. We'll stop you!*The Smash comes charging right at them*Oh gods.

The Smash: SMASH!!!*Knocks away Vanilla and Zapricot leaving the Smoosh-shroom alone.

Smoosh-shroom #45: Oh no. *Get's a bell*SOUND THE ALARM!!!*Begins hammering on a bell*

Rustbolt: Shoot!*Get's his Shrink Ray and shrinks Smoosh-shroom, than smooshes him*We need to get outta here.

Immorticia: Yep. Let's go.*All 3 heroes run away not noticing a black figure running towards them*

The Smash: Did me do good?

Immorticia: Somewhat.

Rustbolt: Let's talk later. We could be followed.*The black figure stands in their path*Or ambushed.

???: ...I see the big guy is here.

The Smash: Hey! Who are you?

???: I'm nobody.

The Smash: What?

Immorticia: It's that trick. Just get outta of our way.*Summons some acid and sends it towards the black figure who dodges it easily*

???: Foolish.*Summons a tornado that blasts Immorticia away from the forrest*

The Smash: Time to smash!*Charges at the black figure and crushes it*Me win!

???: Look again.

The Smash: Huh?*Looks at what he smashed being a dummy then turns around just in time to see the black figure kick him to the air*

???: Dumb as ever.*Looks at Rustbolt*

Rustbolt: *Backs away slowly while also raising a white flag in his armor*How about a truce.

???: Pathetic.*Rains some water on Rustbolt*

Rustbolt: Oh god, water!*Flies away towards where The Smash and Immorticia went*

???: Good. They were close where I live. Nobody shoud know where my I live. Only my friends know.*Jumps into the trees and jumps away unaware a Sunflower was behind him*

Sunflower: So, this is the last hero we need to recruit. Seems like he'll make an excellent addition.

  • Zombie HQ, Z-Tech Factory*

Professor Brainstorm: So...are you saying that you guys failed to infiltrate because of one hero?

Rustbolt: It wasn't anything I faced before. It was fast and powerful at the same time.

Professor Brainstorm: Hmm...I have faced him before. So has Super Brainz and Impfinity. We'll take care of the situation.

Rustbolt: Isn't Super Brainz on a mission on the planets? I don't think he'll be able to...*The ceiling suddenly breaks with Super Brainz coming through the hole in the ceiling*


Professor Brainstorm: Wait here. I'll contact Impfinity.

  • Heroez Special Baze, Z-Tech Factory*

Electric Boogaloo: *Looking at the face screen contacting with Professor Brainstorm*So Impfinity is going on another mission?

Impfinity: Yeah! Another mission!

Professor Brainstorm: Absolutely. We'll be leaving now.

Electric Boogaloo: *Thinking to himself*I never got a chance to get to action. I need some action. Maybe, just maybe...*Boogaloo turns around and zaps Impfinity with some electricity*

Impfinity: YOW!!!*Faints*

Professor Brainstorm: What just happened Boogaloo?

Electric Boogaloo: Oh, some plants attacked us. Fended them off, but my electricity zapped off Impfinity by accident. He's in no shape to comply to duty. I'll take his place though.

Professor Brainstorm: I suppose...very well. Let's go.

  • The Secret Dojo, The Forrest*

???: *Takes his scarf off and puts it on a branch*Gosh that was annoying. I really need to keep this dojo safe from anyone. Can't have anyone know my true identity.

Sunflower: *Climbs on top of the dojo*Well, the hero has taken his scarf off. *Takes out a recorder and a walkie talkie*You getting this?

Green Shadow: *From the walkie talkie*I reply. Me and Wall-Knight are coming to your location at once.

Sunflower: Great. Just need to get off this roof.*The black figure suddenly grabs her in the air*Uh oh.

???: And what are you doing here?

Sunflower: Just trying to find a place to record someone?

???: And who is that someone?

Sunflower: Oh, maybe you know someone the name of Scaredy-shroom #65.

???: *Looks stunned at first but recovers quickly*Sunflower...there's a lot I must talk about though you must not tell anyone.

Sunflower: Yes?

  • Exactly 7 yards away*

Professor Brainstorm: *Looking through a mini telescope attatched to his glasses*So they engimatic hero lives here eh. Well let's tear it down!

Electric Boogaloo: So, I forgot how we got here in the first place.

Super Brainz: Do not ask questions side mate. Let's do this.

Professor Brainstorm: *Grabs a ray gun from the air*Remember Boogaloo, this is your first mission. You'll have to give a good first impression to be able to serve in more missions.

Electric Boogaloo: *Cracks his hand causing electricity to spark from his hands*I got it. It's about time I've been sent into action.

Professor Brainstorm: Brilliant. Now, we'll have to think carefully. This hero we have little info about except he's powerful and fast. We can't just charge in recklessly and...

Super Brainz: HEROIC KICK!*Kicks through the dojo doors*

Professor Brainstorm: that. Well, perfect. Absolutely mind blowing.

Electric Boogaloo: Let's just get to the fighting.

???: And so we shall.

  • All the zombies look up to see the mysterious figure on the roof. Sunflower is nowhere to be seen*

Professor Brainstorm: *Aims his ray gun at the figure*I've been waiting to exact revenge on you. Now who are you?!!?

???: Since you're most definently screwed and I got honor, I'll just say this. Call me Nightcap.

Professor Brainstorm: Oh nice name. Take this!*Fires the ray gun only for the figure to dodge*Fast as you think eh. Well time to summon reinforcements!*Grabs a button and pushes, causing a portal to come that spawns a Goat, a Mountain Climber, and a Knight of the Living Dead*Go zombies!

Goat: BAA!!!

Mountain Climber #4389: Alright.*Attempts to hook Nightcap but fails*

Nightcap: Nice trick. But I have tricks of my own.*Nightcaps reveals a purple thing and throws it at the ground, summoning 8,235,245,767 Poison Mushrooms*Good Luck with that.

Goat and Mountain Climber #4389: AGHH!*Both zombies get vanquished once the mushrooms appear*

Knight of the Living Dead #892402: What happened?

Nightcap: Nothing. *Summons a tornado and blows away the zombie*What happened to your reinforcments again?

Super Brainz: We need no reinforcments! Charge!*Charges at the fungi only to be hit by a ton of toxin*RETREAT!!!

Electric Boogaloo: Whethever you say!*Both zombies run away as most of the fungi attack the two*

Professor Brainstorm: You idiots. *Looks at the wave of mushrooms*I think I'm done for.

Nightcap: *Death glaring at Brainstorm*You better get out of here.

Professor Brainstorm: Gulp. OK.*Grasps on something in his utility belt and thinks*Wait, I think I have a solution.

Nightcap: So are you going to leave the easy way or the hard way?

Professor Brainstorm: Nope. I'll do this.*Grabs button from his utility belt labeled "Sautee"and pushes which electrocutes both Nightcap and the wave of mushrooms*

Nightcap: OH GOD!!!*Starts to fall wary*

Professor Brainstorm: Heh heh heh.*Hears zapping noises outside and the dojo window breaks with Super Brainz and Electric Boogaloo coming out of there*So you got my solution.

Electric Boogaloo: You mean electricity? Sure! That's how we escar-goned those fungi.

Super Brainz: *Slaps his face*You're not a good punner you know.

Electric Boogaloo: Shut up.

Nightcap: *Starts to recover*He's right you know.*Get's zapped by Professor Brainstorm and Electric Boogaloo*

Professor Brainstorm: Shut up prisoner. You'll finally be our vengence for kidnapping Neptuna.*Get's hit by a walkie talkie*What the...*Sees Sunflower holding a wooden board*Don't you dare.

Sunflower: *Grimancing at the zombie heroes*LEAVE, HIM, ALONE.*Charges at the zombies*

Super Brainz: I got this.*Charges at Sunflower only to be knocked out by a blue figure going in high speed*

Sunflower: They're here.*The blue figure transforms revealing to be Wall-Knight. Green Shadow comes through the roof*

Green Shadow: Sunflower, you got it all wrong, you're not supposed to fight, you're supposed make sun.

Sunflower: But...

Wall-Knight: Hey zombies, get outta here, this is our territory.

Professor Brainstorm:: *Mutters curse word under his breathe*Fine, but we'll be back. *Summons a portal which he and Electric Boogaloo dragging the still unconcious Super Brainz walk through*

Nightcap: *Regains conscious*What happened?

Sunflower: Don't worry. You're safe now. We'll be taking you to the Plant HQ...*Whispers to Nightcap very quietly*Scaredy-shroom #65

The End.


  • Plant HQ, Suburbia*

Sunflower: *In the kitchen, which is very dark*Peashooter, where are you? Stop hiding.

Peashooter: *From above*I'm up here.

Sunflower: What the...*Turns on the lights to reveal Peashooter on the kitchen drawers from the upper shelf*How did you get up there.

Peashooter: I've been training you know.*Pulls out a Dark Ages book*You do remember me trying to get stronger with this don't you.

Sunflower: Yes, but I didn't actually think you would actually do that.

Peashooter: I did. You should learn to be stronger too. *Jumps from the shelf and hugs Sunflower*We both do.


  • Electric Boogaloo sabatoging Impfinity was due to the fact he has only appeared in 2 sagas, both being minor while Impfinity has appeared in many most which were major.
  • There're a ton of references to this story. Can't list them all though.
  • Super Brainz's entrence is a reference to one of his abilities in GW2.
  • I suggest you take an extra look at some character links starting from this epilouge. This is just the beggining.
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