The following article is based on the official game along with possible references of real time sequences. Also this was kinda aprooved of the Saga creater Lily8763cp, so wish me luck on my first shot. Characters will be displayed on the bottom.

Cover I made cause.


  • The sky is blue, and lawns are green, children are playing, and houses are fine (except for one).*
  • The screen zooms in dramatically towards that house till you see two little green plants*

???:Man it's been weird.

???:What, it's 0.00000001% hotter than usual?

???:No Sunflower, it's that the zombies hadn't unleashed a major attack ever since 6 years ago.

Sunflower:Huh, that is weird. Hey Peashooter, haven't you noticed after a random summer vacation some of our comrades disappeared?

Peashooter:True, but they'll never stay gone forever. Still, let's talk to Wall-Nut and Potato Mine.


  • Peashooter and Sunflower go inside to see Wall-Nut, Potato Mine, and a really big tarp.*


Wall-Nut :What?

  • The love couple tell the two plants what they thought earlier*

Potato Mine:I might've thought've that once or twice, but I was too busy reading "The Starch York Times"

Wall-Nut:And that newspaper has the main title "PLANTS ARE GONE! WILL ZOMBIES COME BACK TO SUBURBIA?"

Peashooter:Yeah, what's wrong with you Potato Mine?

Potato Mine:I don't know, but let's ask Crazy Dave.

Sunflower:Where is he?

Wall-Nut:Honnestly, we have no idea.

  • Tarp flaps off suddenly with Crazy Dave holding a screwdriver with pizza on a weird red van with booster*

Crazy Dave:GRAGGLE-BLOGFIGGLE! (Translation:Done! My time machine is done! AAAH HA HA HA HA HA!).

Sunflower:WHAT THE HECK!

Peashooter:What the **** is he saying?

Potato Mine:I think he said he made a time machine.

Wall-Nut:Crazy Dave, can we name it.

Crazy Dave:Grab-cake! (Translation:Sure!)

Peashooter:Sounds cool. Let's call it "Winnie".

Sunflower:Naw, that's just weird. How about "Penny"?

All of the plants:That's a great name.

Penny:*Initiating power*Greetings, I'm a time machine and also didn't have a name until you called me "Penny" I thank you.

Wall-Nut:Umm..Crazy Dave, why did you make Penny?

Crazy Dave:Gra-Tcoa-ungurta. (Translation:I wanted to re-eat this delicous magic taco.)

Potato Mine:That is just wrong. Hey, can we go back with you?

Crazy Dave:*Thumbs up*.

All the plants:YES!

Penny:Climb on a aboard.

  • All plants go inside Penny, then Crazy Dave activates the time machine and goes into the time stream.*
  • Meanwhile, in a graveyard...*

???:Ahh, the plants and the ridiculous Dave have travelled somewhere. Well, that gave me an idea...


Basic Zombie:Sigh.

  • In Penny's time traveling systems, the timeline says "ERROR"*
  • Penny then lands into sand and says this...*

Penny:We have arrived at Ancient Egypt, not even close to the present.

Peashooter:Well, the good news is, at least the time machine works with clothes. did the world get sandy.

Wall-Nut:Let's take a look...

  • The plants look to see their on a cliff*

Potato Mine:This is high up. Let's get out of her...AUUUGGGHHHHHH.

  • The last part was because Crazy Dave walked out and accidently kicked them off.*


  • The plants land on the sand head first with Peashooter burried completly.
  • Mummy Zombie comes by with a magical box*

Mummy Zombie:More plants to prison. Okay. 

  • Mummy Zombie lifts Sunflower, Wall-Nut, and Potato Mine up and put's them into the box*

Sunflower:*Bangs on her head*HUH! What happened! What the...who are you*pointing at strange cabbage plant*

???:Don't you recognize me Sunflower. I'm Cabbage-pult.

Sunflower:How did you get to Ancient Egypt?

Cabbage-pult:One day, I was minding my own buissness and then a rift came and swallowed me and some other plants.


Cabbage-pult:Others came with me. Not all of them are in here I assure you but I'll give you a list:Grave Buster, Repeater, Twin Sunflower, and Snow Pea.

Sunflower:So...what now?

Cabbage-pult:We're going to a special pyramid to be prisoned. I'm the last one along with Bloomerang, Iceberg Lettuce, and Bonk Choy.



.Sunflower:*Turns to see a plant with boomerangs, an iceberg lettuce that's blue, and a bok choy with fists.

Sunflower:Umm...OK. What happened to Peashooter? 

  • 100 yards away...*

Peashooter:Groan...What happened?

Where's the crew? I just need to nap.

  • Peashooter goes to sleep* 
  • 0.0000000000000000000000000000001 seconds later*


  • Runs really fast following footprints*
  • In the box*

Bloomerang:I think we're being deposited. 

  • The 7 plants fall into a cell with 4 other plants in it*

Iceberg Lettuce:Ouch. This hurts. Is this supposed to hurt?


Wall-Nut:Hey, isn't that Snow Pea?

Potato Mine:And Grave Buster, Repeater, and Twin Sunflower?

Sunflower:*Shaking leafs with Twin Sunflower*I'll explain.

  • After the explaining...*

Wall-Nut:That explains our mystery.

Cabbage-pult:What matters more is that we need escape this prison. My group already devised a plan. *Cabbage-pult's team tells Sunflower, Wall-Nut, and Potato Mine their plan which involves using Ra Zombie's staff to burn the bars*

Sunflower:I got a better idea.

Bonk Choy:What is better than this perfect plan?

Sunflower:We wait for Peashooter to save us since he's the only plant not captured.

Repeater:*Snorts*And how do you know that'll work?

Sunflower:Because he's right in front of us.

  • Sunflower points at Peashooter who is holding a torch*

Peashooter:Mind if I melt these?

Snow Pea:Just don't melt me.

  • After all the plants got out of the cell...*

Sunflower:Great! Now let's get out!

Peashooter:Umm, I don't know where the exit is.

  • All of the plants stare at Peashooter suprised*

Repeater:Than how the hell did you get in brother?

Peashooter:Penny teleported me in here.

Cabbage-pult:Who's Penny?

Wall-Nut:A time machine Crazy Dave built.

Cabbage-pult:Great! He built that so we can escape right?

Potato Mine:Umm...he actually built that to get a taco back.

  • The following has been removed due to extreeme cussing and stuff*

Twin Sunflower:Plants, we still need to escape this pyramid.


  • The plants eventually find an exit that's block with a tombstone*

Peashooter:Great. Now what.

Cabbage-pult:This. Grave Buster, bust those stones!

  • Grave Buster nods and "eats the tombstones"*

Wall-Nut:*Whistles*Great job Grave Buster! 

Grave Buster:*Gives some noise that sounds like "thanks"* 

Peashooter:All we need to do know is to get to Penny and get through this army of Egyptian zombies and...wait, what? 

  • All plants look forward and see 200 Mummy Zombies, 150 Conehead Mummies, 125 Buckethead Mummies, 150 Ra Zombies, 100 Camel Zombies, 90 Tomb Raiser Zombies, 90 Explorer Zombies, and 50 Pharoah Zombies*

Potato Mine:****!  

Sunflower:What do we do now?


Sunflower:Okay. CHARGE!!!

  • All plants charge at the zombies and get corneered in an alley in 10 seconds*

Peashooter:Well, goodbye world.


Peashooter:My last wish is to get our friends out of here.



Sunflower:*Points at zombies*Look.


  • Where the zombies used to be was a pile of heads with Penny on the top.*


Wall-Nut:Heck ya!

Cabbage-pult:Let's get outta here!

Penny:Umm...actually, User Dave isn't here. And Dave is the only person who can use me.

Cabbage-pult:*About to say cuss word but stopped by Iceberg Lettuce*

Iceberg Lettuce:What can we do?

Penny:Search for him. And take this.*Hands of a jar with a strange leaf*. Use this only in emergancies.

Peashooter:Umm..*takes the jar*OK.

  • A few minutes later in the middle of nowhere*

Sunflower:Suppose you don't know what this is?

Peashooter:No clue at all.

Bloomerang:Guys, look up.

  • On top of a hill is Crazy Dave in a cell with Basic Zombie as a guard*

Bonk Choy:GIT HIM!*Charges at Basic Zombie*.

Basic Zombie:*Sigh*

  • Gets knock into a spynx model*

Potato Mine:Crazy Dave, are you OK?

Crazy Dave:Wa Bla Blo Ar Ta Libbi Lamma Ya Ka!(Translation:No, I am not OK!)

Peashooter:Great, now all we need to do is get out of here.

Twin Sunflower:Ohh! A button. I'm going to press it.

Sunflower:Umm, I'm not so sure.

Twin Sunflower:Relax sister, what can possibly go wrong[Cautionary Note:NEVER say things like this]*Presses the button*

  • Suddenly the hill bursts out of the ground and all the plants fall off. What looks like a spynx robot with a zombie in a lab coat inside is the Zombot Spynx-inator.*

???:Hello you stupid plants.

Wall-Nut:Hey, isn't that Dr. Zomboss?


Dr. Zomboss:Yes, I am back to rule the world. But this time, it will be all of time since the Dawn of Time!

Bonk Choy:*Leaps in front of the robot karate chop style*DIE!

Peashooter:That's not...*Bonk Choy gets smacked into the ground 2 seconds later*...a good idea.

Dr. Zomboss:Goodbye!*Activates missle*.

Iceberg Lettuce:Run!

  • The plants try to run, but the missle hits the sand and block their way with tombstones*

Repeater:How long until Grave Buster can bust those things?​

Grave Buster:*Holds of 25 tendrils*

Cabbage-pult:25 seconds. We'll be dead in 5 seconds.

Peashooter:Not if I have to say it.*Takes out weird jat thing, eats what's inside there*

Sunflower:Wow, you have a helmet.

Peashooter:I do?*Touched his head which now has a helmet.* Cool. But know wha...accidently does the manover to shoot a pea only to shoot 60 all which it Zomboss*. Whoa!

Dr. Zomboss:*Wiping pea slime off*What is wrong with you. No matter. Minion, attack!

  • An army of egyptian zombies come only to be rekt in 3 seconds*.

Dr. Zomboss:CURSES! Now I have to kill those plants myself. Hey where did that Peashooter go?

  • Zomboss see's all the remaining plants but Peashooter*

Cabbage-pult:You'll see him right now!

  • Flings Peashooter whowas hiding behind Sunflower Wall-Nut, and Potato Mine. Peashooter crashes towards the Zombot and destroys it.*


Dr. Zomboss:NO! I refuse to believe that my precious invention was destroyed. Come Basic Zombie, we're going.

Basic Zombie:*Sigh*

  • The two zombies go in a blue sphere and disappear*

Wall-Nut:Now what?

Peashooter:*No longer wearing a helmet*We hunt Zomboss down.

The End.

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