GamesterD GamesterD 30 September 2020

Plants Vs. Zombies 2 Saga:Pirate Seas

Here's the sequel for this story. It it'll come in parts cause I'm too lazy to complete it in one go. Also, read the creator of PvZ sagas here.

  • In Ancient Egypt...*

Peashooter:Crazy Dave, have you found Dr. Zomboss yet?

Crazy Dave:Wra ga bli bla bloo boo.(Translation:No, but I'm close.)

Sunflower:It's been a long time since Cabbage-pult and the rest went to the present to keep it safe.

Wall-Nut:You call 2 minutes a long time?

Sunflower:What? Singing a 1 minute song feels like an hour.

Potato Mine:Whethever, but I think this should take at least 4 hours...

Crazy Dave:Groop!(Translation:DONE!).

Peashooter:Great, lets go. Where are we going this time?

Wall-Nut:*Looking at the screen*A place with a skull biting a ship.

Peashooter:Oh that's goo...wait, wh…

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GamesterD GamesterD 30 September 2020

Plants Vs. Zombies 2 Saga:Ancient Egypt

The following article is based on the official game along with possible references of real time sequences. Also this was kinda aprooved of the Saga creater Lily8763cp, so wish me luck on my first shot. Characters will be displayed on the bottom.

  • The sky is blue, and lawns are green, children are playing, and houses are fine (except for one).*
  • The screen zooms in dramatically towards that house till you see two little green plants*

???:Man it's been weird.

???:What, it's 0.00000001% hotter than usual?

???:No Sunflower, it's that the zombies hadn't unleashed a major attack ever since 6 years ago.

Sunflower:Huh, that is weird. Hey Peashooter, haven't you noticed after a random summer vacation some of our comrades disappeared?

Peashooter:True, but the…

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GamesterD GamesterD 24 September 2020

If SSB4 Characters were in PvZ Heroes?

I was bored OK? When I was thinking of a new blog, I didn't want to do a saga this time. I thought, : "What other ideas were there?" Then I remembered Lily's "If Heroes were in Pokemon" blog. I decided to do the same, but vice versa. And instead of Pokemon, how about the game we know and love not as much as PvZ, but still an awesome game, Super Smash Bros. Enjoy!

NOTE: Humans or part humans will be on the plant side. Other characters will be on the zombie side. Also I will not be including tribes due to absolute mayhem when trying to find one for the humans. And there's no way I want to zombify anybody.

  • 1 Original 12
    • 1.1 Mario
    • 1.2 Link
    • 1.3 Samus
    • 1.4 Fox
    • 1.5 Donkey Kong
    • 1.6 Yoshi
    • 1.7 Kirby
    • 1.8 Pikachu
    • 1.9 Ness
    • 1.10 Captain Falcon
    • 1.11 Luigi
    • 1.12 Jigglypuff
  • 2 Melee Maste…

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GamesterD GamesterD 18 May 2020

Most Useful 10 Plants and Least Useful 10

This is now finished so here is my critisim for the plants of Plants vs. Zombies 2.

  • 1 10.Water Melon's Christmas Form
  • 2 9.The Thorny Scaredy-shroom
  • 3 8.The Flinging Cactus of Pure Darkness
  • 4 7.Starches Ancestor
  • 5 6.The Master of Thyme Itself
  • 6 5.Great Wall of Wall-Nuts in 20 Seconds or Less
  • 7 4.The Explosive Minecart
  • 8 3.Sanpdragon's Yeti
  • 9 2.Aeriel Deinier
  • 10 1.The God of All Plants(Seriously, This Was The First Plant Alive)
  • 11 10.Bugatarian
  • 12 9.Thunder Ain't Dangerous
  • 13 8.The Doubler That Gets Rekt By The Red Sting
  • 14 7.A Fresh Pile of Seaweed Devils
  • 15 6.BWB's Flower Pot
  • 16 5.Tri Pea Failure
  • 17 4.A Slightly Dangerous Toy
  • 18 3.I Don't Wanna Know How The Other Head Happened
  • 19 2.The Plant With A Lot of Nails On It's Gravestone
  • 20 1.Too Nice To Have a Food Fight
  • 21 Why Some Plan…

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GamesterD GamesterD 25 March 2020

Plants Vs. Zombies 2 Saga:Highway to the Danger Room

Didn't expect this did'ya? Here's the PvZ2 link, GW link, side story link, and the origins link.

  • In the time stream...*

Crazy Dave: Glibba gifftra blooty backoo traco poota!*Translation: I have found Zomboss going to the present and the taco!*

Peashooter: *Stretching out*Finally we can go home.

Sunflower: But what do you mean "going to the present."? He's not there yet?

Penny: It appears he can't get to present right now. If we hurry, we might get there before him.

Cactus: *Cracking here "knuckles"*Then let's make an ambush and defeat once and for all.

Chomper: *Looking outside*Is anyone else seeing a burger patty with a zombie face on it?

Cactus: Don't be so stupid you moron, it's just a hallucination.

Wall-nut: *Looking outside as well*Actually I…

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