GamerNerd i GamerNerd i 11 June 2019

World of the Wickians Chapter 3: Grate the Roof

If you missed the previous chapter, the link is here. Yes, we alternate who posts the chapters.

Alternatively, if you missed the pineapple chapter, the link is here.

Camwood broke the silence by throwing a cheesegrater at the trio without a word of warning. The three easily dodge it, unlike Jack’s dead ass, and charge right toward him. Vampy gets first blood after dodging yet another cheesegrater, biting the pile of wood. In language almost incomprehensible, the living bark howled in rage:

“Fine. You know what? Just forget it. It's obvious none of you care enough to actually listen, and want to treat me as the just the bad guy who derails threads and causes drama. I've explained everything about my opinions, and yet nobody even cares enough to …

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GamerNerd i GamerNerd i 25 May 2019

Trial By Fire? - A New Alliance

Okay, so...

The event in the previously mentioned game has already ended.

But I'm going to keep writing this story because I want to, dammit.

Here's a link to the entire thing, by the way. You can keep track of my progress as I go, and I'll be putting up each chapter as it's finished. Even though it's probably just going to be like 4 actual chapters.

I hit the ground pretty hard. On the bright side, I was two times as lucky as usual: I landed in the grass, and my scythe didn’t land in me. A pretty good start.

My back hurt. I must have landed on it pretty hard. Slowly, I got up and checked my surroundings. Everything seemed more vibrant than Askr. Not brighter, mind you, but more vibrant. Askr was bright. This place was more colorful than Niles’…

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GamerNerd i GamerNerd i 28 April 2019

Trial By Fire? - A New Gateway

I've been meaning to go back to Trial By Fire and Dei et Viri.

And I guess I kind of am with this but at the same time not.

Whatever, if you've been following a game called Dragalia Lost you probably know where this is going.

Frankly, life here gets boring sometimes.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s no shortage of action around here. Even if we’re not mobilizing for war, something is always happening. I had to stop a fight between the cats and dogs last week, which is a lot more dangerous than it sounds. But I digress.

Let me get this straight: interdimensional gates are nothing new. I mean, the Askran royalty I serve have the power to open those gates, and their rivals, the Emblians, are the ones who can close them but refuse to (for power, naturally). …

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GamerNerd i GamerNerd i 22 April 2019

The Doctor Is In

So I've actually had this thing ready for like a month now but I've just completely forgotten to put it into a blog here oof. A little backstory on this: I got into a discussion about anti-vaxxers a while ago and... Well, you'll see where I went with it.

Anyway like I said I want to transition to sharing via Google Docs but at this point I think I'll just give the link and copy-paste it since I know Docs links can be a hassle. Here's the Doc for this story if you want to see it there.

Now for the rest of you plebeians users who would rather not use the fancy new link, enjoy Aidan Takes His Kids to the Doctor V Infinite Triple Deluxe & Knuckles Featuring Dante From Devil May Cry + New Funky Mode.

  • 1 A Rare Case
  • 2 Unvaccinated
  • 3 I Diagnose You With the G…

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GamerNerd i GamerNerd i 30 December 2018

On Christmas Morning

Yeah, yeah, it's five days late. Who cares? Better late than never.

Also, I think I'm going to shift over to linking a Google Doc rather than posting the entire thing on the blog itself. Sometimes, finding the parts in italics just to put the wiki text on them lengthens what should be just a few minutes into almost an hour. Won't do it for this one yet, but if anyone has issues with Google Docs this is just a heads-up.

On a more serious note, I want to dedicate this to anyone who celebrated Christmas and/or New Year's this year in the absence of a loved one. Whether separated by time constraints, location, or, to connect to the story itself, death, sometimes a gathering feels empty without that specific seat filled. Personally, I'm thinking …

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