Fooling Mushroom Fooling Mushroom 23 September 2018

one of The new plant will release in Chinese version of PvZ

_okay,this is the first blog I have written,I hope I won't have many bad grammars here.

  • Talk about Chinese version,I really like this because all the plants we can get by having puzzle pieces.
  • On YouTube,I've heard that in November of this year,PvZ2C will add 3 new plants,Battle Z,they said that.
  • About three brand-new plants,one of them has shown its appearance:Banana Tree
    • According to Mr.Fume-shroom,that plant has different appearance from the new one,and it has Blooming Heart's eyes,but eyes's color is lighter,it mostly has its ablitily just like what It does in PvZO.

_This blog still needs adding and fixing grammar_

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