• I was born on September 5
  • My occupation is Roleplaying; SFM art, Traditional art
  • I am Female
  • Fairy27

    This is a continuation of the previous Wiki Activity update. At least related to it a lot. here for yet another wiki activity update!

    This one's a somewhat short one in terms of the blog content but lasts for almost 10 months in the activity update, actually.

    What's the reason? Simple, my school started. My activity will now be inconsistent with the time, I'll appear in a random hour for weekends and possibly onwards. But for weekdays? Expect that at night on my timezone, or never. During school days, I will go on the same path I did when I was a newcomer - not active in the wiki, except this time, I'll quickly look to PvZ game discussion threads for quick updates I see, or even saying those if not mentioned. My first school week this school…

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  • Fairy27

    The past has almost been forgotten... Oh, I don't even want to mention that anymore or it may happen again. for another wiki activity update of mine! Let's get to work here!

    You notice that I've been ignoring some threads I even followed and just focus on the others, especially the In a Locked Room series (just not the current episode well, ugh). In fact I stopped going to the PvZ Character Creation Wiki for days. Here's the short story about that. My motivation has been lost greatly since "that decision" happened, and it's bringing me down from coping up on what's happening now. Put salt to injury about it, I am now limited for few hours instead of being usually active in most hours on the laptop. I don't want to go to the wiki on mobile …

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  • Fairy27

    ...Even after some days I feel weak. Wait, that should not be said in the intro. Fairy27 here, and...things happened.

    That inactivity of mine was sudden, since I planned to be active few days ago, but never happened. Said inactivity has the same reason from the previous Wiki Activity Update blog of mine. Yup, the festival has a second part during the last few days. The worst part is, this time, I left my phone behind! I had to use my mother's tablet, even now.

    Shortly after that festival, me and my parents went to a hotel for a stay. Upon arrival there, though, I started to grow weak. And when I checked the wiki again tomorrow, the weakness grew way stronger when I saw the recent drama, notably seeing TULO's filled and top Wikia's Cancer blo…

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  • Fairy27

    Because I have not updated stuff hard in terms of headcanon-related stuff from mine, you can say this being a little surprise. Eh, not really. here, and you know the drill when you see the title. I guess I should explain...

    Normal Fictions were on the list beforehand, being in my userpage and will likely finish when their blogs are posted. Surprise Fictions are the opposite of that. Does not apply to Epic Quest fictions of mine, they'll differ.

    With that said, unto progression.

    The most part of this occured in October 2016, but the final end part of it is the near future right now, AKA when the July Update arrives in PvZH.

    Once upon the modern hero age, there was a lone carrot that was launched and space. Wait, what's wrong with th…

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  • Fairy27

    Update as of May 27, 2017: This is no longer applied. I am back on my hometown and will be as active as I normally am.

    Making this blog on mobile! That's a first in my wiki history! here, and this is my second Wiki Activity Update blog!

    "Wait, you're in summer vacation! What gives?!"

    Sure, but here's the catch around this week (can't confirm when I'll go back with my normal activity but should be starting today and its whole week). I'm not on the provinces I live in. I'm at a hotel with wifi which is strong, but using mobile, it's not my cup of tea. I'm staring at autocorrect and other issues.

    In addition, for the province or area I am on, I'm staying there, likely a week, with my family and relatives, due to the fact there's a festival my fat…

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