All original ideas, some names (ie: Pear Pair) I have heard before but I have given them a different purpose. Please give credit and feel free to make suggestions! (this is currently the 6th edit)    New Plants: (55 plants)

   En-durian: (100 sun /recharge: sluggish /damage: normal /toughness: high /range: on contact 1×1) Health of a wall-nut but gives a 1 NDT worth of damage back to the zombie for each bite it receives.

   Sundewm: (125 sun /recharge: mediocre /damage: insta-kill /range: on contact 2×1) Produces single suns and will slowly eat the zombie once in range; must recharge before eating again; stops producing sun when eating.<cancelled>

   Artichoke: (200 sun /recharge: mediocre /damage: heavy /range: 3×1) Holds a single zombie in place once it gets close enough and gives it damage until it's head pops off.

   Poison Ivy: (150 sun /recharge: fast /range: on contact 1×1) Ground plant that can't be eaten and poisons zombies that walk on it; can be smashed.(poisoned status)

   Poison Mushroom: (25 sun /recharge: sluggish /range: once eaten) Poisons zombie that eats it.(poisoned status)

   Platano Macho: (200 sun /recharge: slow /damage: massive /range: anywhere on lawn 1×1) Flies around from tile to tile dealing massive damage to a single tile at a time during a limited time; attacks zombies closest to home first.

   Corn on the Mob: (same as Banana Launcher) Looks similar to Cob Cannon but takes up only one spot.

   Tormado: (150 sun /recharge: fast /damage: normal /range: full lane) Deals damage to a single zombie and pushes it back a tile.

   Nukkhini: (100 sun /recharge: very slow /damage: all the damage /range: entire lawn) Takes out all zombies and plants; plants become their original sun value.

   Pomegrenade: (150 sun /recharge: sluggish /damage: massive /range: on contact 3×3) Acts as a defensive plant with health of a Walk-nut; one bite before being eaten, explodes in massive damage in a 3×3 area.

   Lychee Leech: (25 sun /recharge: mediocre /damage: moderate /range: on contact) Plant on ground, zombie gets too close, it hops up, and latches dealing damage; double damage if it has any armor.

   Grapeling Hook: (50 sun /recharge: mediocre /range: anywhere on lawn) Plant under the chosen plant, touch and drag to where plant's new location is desired; can be eaten, single use and disappears after use.

   Mortango: (250 sun /recharge: mediocre /damage: huge /range: -2 tiles lane) Fires only long range explosive mangos that deal higher damage than Melon-pults but cannot hit zombies within 2 tiles in front of itself.

   Kwikiwi: (200 sun /recharge: fast /damage: very light /range: full lane) Steady stream of a seeds that are a third of light damage.

   Tumbleweed: (100 sun /recharge: mediocre /damage: moderate /range: full lane) Place it will on and off the screen continuously causing a pea's worth of damage to each zombie it touches; goes off screen and rolls back on and through the board on intrevals.

   Glow-shroom: (25 sun /recharge: fast /range: 3×3<) Glows green and illuminates a four by four area around it.

    Bassil: (50 sun /recharge: slow /damage: normal /range: entire lawn) Drops the bass and vibration materials break(glass using zombies); disappears after use; all zombies take 1 NDT worth of damage.

   Horseradish: (-Tile Turnip Mechanics- sun /recharge: slow /range: 1×1) Creates a tile that doubles the plant's action rate.

   Cilatrio: (200 sun /recharge: mediocre /damage: normal /range: 3×3) Fires in a three by three circular area around it with three branches simultaneously. If not, I'd be fine with Gloom-shroom coming back.<cancelled>

Lemonator: (250 sun /recharge: slow /damage: moderate /range: full lane+splash) Fires acidic liquid that splashes the front row of three tiles.

   Cashrew: (75 sun /reacharge: slow /damage: massive /range: anywhere on lawn) Plant that instakills an underground zombie.

   Spearmint: (250 sun /reacharge: mediocre /damage: moderate /range: full lane) Targets, damages, and chills zombies that remain in the back.


Cactus: (150 sun /recharge: mediocre /damage: moderate /range: full lane) Targets zombies that remain in the back.

   Thymewatch: (75 sun /recharge: very slow /range: entire lawn) Slows down all zombies for 10 secs.

  Cocoa Beans: (100 sun /recharge: slow /range: 1×1) Plant under plants to double their health; disappears after use; can only be planted once for the same plant.

   Hot Cider: (250 sun /recharge: mediocre /damage: moderate /range: entire lane+splash) Deals splash damage and instantly melts through meltable objects.

   Hoard Spore: (100 sun /recharge: very slow /range: on contact) Fungus that spreads through hoards on contact and makes them attack and infect their own over time.(requires time!)(cannot work in extreme temperatures)

   Succulent Stone: (150 sun / recharge: mediocre /damage: normal /range: full lane) Fires rock like projectiles worth a pea's damage; zombies simply walk over it since it just looks like a rock; can be crushed, immune to fire.

   Throwing Chives: (175 sun /recharge: mediocre /damage: light /range: 5×1) Medium range plant that's added under a plant and throws chives forwards and back 2 tiles in quick succession.

   Pineapple-pult: (250 sun /recharge: mediocre /damage: moderate /range: lobbed full lane) Splash damage as well as pops objects.

   Chestnut: (100 sun /recharge: sluggish /toughness: high)All kinds of projectiles bounce back and also acts as a defensive plant.(great against wizards and mafia!)

   Spinner Spinach: (same as Umbrella Leaf) Spins and wards off incoming projectiles.(would replace Umbrella Leaf)<cancelled>

   Catnip: (100 sun /recharge: mediocre /range: 3×3) Zombie cats jump off zombies and disappear into the catnip.

   Flax Capacitor: (50 sun / recharge: very slow /range: entire lawn)Reverses time for zombies and plants by 15 secs.(now you know what is coming in what lane)

   Mosses: (100 sun / recharge: mediocre /range: entire board) Pushes all zombies to the either the top or bottom most row.

   Flortal: (75 sun /recharge: slow /range: anywhere on board 1×1) Orchid that creates a portal from one tile to another; must plang two in order to work (could be game mechanic).

   Icy Mint: (0 sun /recharge: mediocre /range: 3×3) Creates a 3×3 area that makes plants immune to fire.   OR  (150 sun /recharge: slow /range: entire board) Freezes all zombies for a short amount of time.

   Primerose: (75 sun /recharge: mediocre /damage: heavy /range: 3×3<)Remains a small bud that zombies simply walk past; after time that it takes for a potato mine to be primed, the primerose blooms and fires several shots in all directions. Disappears after use.

   Pear Pair: (150 sun /recharge: mediocre /damage: normal /range: full lane+full column) One shoots forward while the other shoots either shoots up or down.<cancelled>

   Sunflower Trio: (175 sun /recharge: slow) Makes 3 suns.(hope they don't make it)<cancelled>

   Rewheater: (75 sun /recharge: slow /range: 1×1) Revives plant that got eaten last on that tile.

   Cantaloop: (100 sun /recharge: slow /toughness: high /range: anywhere on lawn) Rounds up thrown imps, puts them in front of himself, and is also a defensive plant; health of awall-nut)

   Dragonfruit: (175 sun / recharge: slow /damage: massive /range: full column) Sets fire to a column.

   Okrage: (225 sun /recharge: mediocre /damage: normal-heavy /range: 90 angle) Sprays the front lines with high speed seeds in a triangular formation. (Pomegranate Machine Gun)

   Twirllips: (75 sun /recharge: slow /range: 2 full lanes) Switches the zombies in the lane Twirllips is in with the above lane.

   Pollenator: (25 sun /recharge: mediocre range: 3×3<) Creates a large area in which plants can survive the smog.

   Aguava: (50 sun /recharge: mediocre /range: 1×1) Creates a temporal puddle of water; also puts out a fire and disappears afterwards.<cancelled: Fruit taken by Lava Guava>

   Hate-zelnut: (75 sun /recharge: sluggish /toughness: high) Acts as a defensive plant and is immuneto love arrows.

   Machiaberry: (200 sun /recharge: mediocre /range: lobbed anywhere on lawn) Targets most dangerous zombies; stackable up to five per bush.

   Berry Bush: (175 sun /recharge: fast /damage: normal /range: full lane+) Fires a different berry into each lane for each Berry Bush added on; stackable up to five.

   Sticky Pickle: (100 sun / recharge: sluggish /toughness: high /range: on contact) Weapons get stuck in Sticky Pickle when it is struck by a weapon of any kind(loses health when struck); has health of Wal-nut.<great against Surfers!>

     Almounter: (75 sun /recharge: sluggish/ toughness: elevated+) Starts at elevated and builds up by ones for each second it isn't bitten. Stops building up in health once it receives its first bite from a zombie. Can goa bit past very high toughness.

  Sweet Pea: (175 sun /recharge: fast /damage: normal /range: full lane 2×1) Zombies hit by a sweet pea becomes "sweet" and all others zombies in it's tile will copy that zombie's condition; pea loses effect when lit by Torchwood.

   Plasma Pea:(250 sun /recharge: fast /damage: normal /range: full lane) Shoots blue fire peas and illuminates a 3×3+ area.

   Crabgrass: (125 sun /recharge: fast /damage: normal /range: 1x1) Damages zombies that walk or swim over it; can still damage zombies even when there's water over it.

   Cotten Cloud: (25 sun /recharge: sluggish /range: 1×1) When zombie steps on it, Cotton Cloud envelops it, floats back to start, and disappears.

   Sugar Cane: (50 sun /recharge: sluggish /range: 1x1) Zombies that eats it gets a speed boost and receives 5 NDT every second; effect upon consumption.

   Black Bean: (100 sun /recharge: slow /range: 1x1) Creates a black hole that instantly drags in zombies that too close; can pull in zombies from the lane directly above or below it; last for 5 secs before disappearing.

   Acorn: (25 sun /recharge: sluggish /damage: massive /toughness: elevated / range: 3×3) Explodes in massive damage when heated or hit by fire.

    Poppy: (75 sun /recharge: sluggish /damage: heavy /range: 1×1 to entire lawn) Planted and explodes in heavy damage when stepped on; spreads to surrounding tiles that aren't occupied by a plant; spreads in a ripple effect pattern.