EMPeachy4 EMPeachy4 11 April 2017

EMPeachy's Adventures outside of the Wiki

Many of you might be wondering, where has your boy EMPeachy been this last year?? For someone who's been here since 2014, which is literally eternity, that's quite a long time. So let's unveil the mysteries behind these past twelve months....

  • 1 The Journey to the Object Show Community
  • 2 The Return from the Object Show Community
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So that's where I went... *shudders* A place where a boy of 14-15 years is considered one of the older people of the community. So there I was, discovering two shows called Battle for Dream Island and Inanimate Insanity, watched the heck out of them, and then entered into a gameshow created by one of the guys who animated BFDI, called Ten Words of Wisdom (Under the Y…

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EMPeachy4 EMPeachy4 16 August 2016

What's this? EMPeachy4 is back?

Title says it all really. Hi to all people who are new and old! I am back from my 4-month trip to the object show community and here to stay! (Most likely) How much have things changed around here? I'd really like to know!

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EMPeachy4 EMPeachy4 16 April 2016

PvZ Wiki RPG


This is a project I just thought up in the chat. It is an RPG about... guess what? This very place! You play as a new user, doing tasks for the wiki, advancing up the ranks and maybe running into a spammer or two! Who knows? A few of you may see yourselves in the game, maybe even playable!

We'll have more info as it comes.

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EMPeachy4 EMPeachy4 31 July 2015

No More Brains For The Zombies

Today, I finally got my platinum badge after a year and a half of strife! I may take a short hiatus now though.

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EMPeachy4 EMPeachy4 25 July 2015

Rate me!!!!!!!11111

Please rate me in the comments, I want to know how I can improve myself.

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